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  1. With everyone staying home, I had the most empty Friday afternoon freeway drive of my life in Los Angeles. Went down to Torrence to get 5 gallons of methanol just in case I can't get it for a while. Turns out my guess of 20mpg was right on the nose (and this is compensating for the DIC, which always says your MPGs are better than reality).
  2. Sorry, I haven't driven enough freeway only miles in a very long time and don't exactly remember the mileage. If I had to go with my gut and best memory, I would guess somewhere near 20 though.
  3. 2017 Sierra 6.2L 8-speed My coolant reservoir is about an inch below the max line. Is it okay to just add distilled water to bring it up instead of buying coolant?
  4. Just seeing if anyone has any ideas before I really chase this problem down with data logs, hose connections, exhaust leaks, etc. I'm hearing a sputtering sound in the engine and then out the exhaust (kind of like the chopper sound) when I really get into the throttle. It's definitely gotten worse over the past week. 2017 Sierra 6.2L, Magnuson TVS1900, Alky Control Meth, Magnaflow 12909 muffler, flapper cut out, V4 turned off. Thanks for any input!
  5. I have a Maggie and an Elite Engineering E2-X. I'll send you a pick of how I ran it tomorrow...I hope I remember to keep my promise I have a 2017 6.2L though, so it'll look a tad different.
  6. And what's the new oil quart capacity on the 6.2L 8-speed?
  7. That's always been the problem - not worth getting oil all over my driveway. Thankfully, my new house has a great spot on the side of the house to do it. So the 6.2L 8-speed setup is easy to get to the filter and plug, and it drains easy?
  8. My free oil changes are all used up. Is it worth paying for an oil change on these trucks or should I do it myself? Meaning is everything easy to get to, drain, and replace?
  9. Sorry to be bother, but where can I view the video for the 8-speed?
  10. Not a problem, I totally understand. Please keep me in mind if you ever get to the point where you have to unload it.
  11. Can you do $30 shipped to 91406?
  12. Congrats on your new place. I loved Waimanalo...Sweet Home Waimanalo - Bu La'ia. But now I've got Waimanalo Blues (Pure Heart) that I'm gone. Check out those two songs if you don't already know them I used to live in Kaneohe before Kapahulu. Are you military?
  13. I have a 2017 Sierra SLT crew cab 6.2L with a Magnuson TVS1900 supercharger, methanol, and a tune (obviously). I swapped my muffler to a Magnaflow 12909. I did notice a slight decrease in low end torque as I drove it around after the swap, but got used to it after a few days. The decline was nothing significant, but I could feel a slight lag compared to what it used to be - very slight. By the way, where do you live? I used to live in Kapahulu for a long time...stuck in Los Angeles now =(
  14. I'm thread crashing here. Will 275/60r20 fit a stock height 2017 Sierra SLT? Stock size is 275/55r20. Thanks.
  15. I'll bow out and let you make the additional $10 from Shawn Rissler. If Shawn doesn't come through, let me know. I just need to know if those two used ones are going to be a problem with sticking open/closed and being stiff.
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