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  1. I did get a tank of crappy gas a few days ago. First time I've seen this so scared me a little. Thanks Guys!
  2. Oil level fine and clean. I’m at work but will check to see if any codes thrown when I get home. It’s just weird AND scary that it was so few flashes. I’ll let y’all know if there’s any codes. Thanks
  3. I passed a car this morning, (went around) so I gunned it while I had the chance. Afterward I looked down and saw engine light flashing, scared the crap out of me but before I could do anything it stopped. Any ideas? Thanks! Bob
  4. Diablo i3 = Junk

    I agree the tuner itself is cheaply made, but I could not be happier with Lew and the tune in my truck
  5. Here's a related issue here in Virginia. My trans temp has not been over 150 degrees since last September, so no flow to cooler. I have done two drain and fills during this time and I just realized that all of the fluid in the cooler and lines have sat there all of these months and not mixed with the fluid in the trans and torque converter. Eliminating the t stat will allow the fluid to "mix" during cold weather and has got to be better for the tranny. Also no shifting issues at all for the last 5 months, so why do these trans "need" to be so hot when they cannot get there in the winter. Bob
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    I think the shock housing is aluminum, so no rust just corrosion.
  7. This is a great idea for a thread! Love the pictures, will take some this weekend and post.
  8. We did a swap, he sent me his chrome at the same time I sent him my black. Nice dealing with a good guy. Thanks again Mike!
  9. Looks great Mike! I'm doing mine later today.
  10. Bedliner OEM GM Chevy Logo 6.5ft bed

    I wish you were closer, I'd take it.
  11. First Chevy

    Welcome to the family! Nice truck
  12. Transmission Finally Died

    Here's a pic of a pic of mine
  13. Transmission Finally Died

    My first car was a 1965 Impala SS, my Dad bought it for my in 1976 for my 16th Bday. It had 160k on it and I put another 75K on it with only a timing chain going bad. Wish I still had it, I did end up putting a 327/300hp in it a few years later as the old 283 was weak. Not all were junk. And yes I did tear out the powerglide by backing up and throwing it in gear to spin the tires, Good Times!!!!
  14. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    I finally did this mod last week, used diodes I bought from eBay. Love it, huge difference.

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