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  1. We did a swap, he sent me his chrome at the same time I sent him my black. Nice dealing with a good guy. Thanks again Mike!
  2. Looks great Mike! I'm doing mine later today.
  3. Bedliner OEM GM Chevy Logo 6.5ft bed

    I wish you were closer, I'd take it.
  4. First Chevy

    Welcome to the family! Nice truck
  5. Transmission Finally Died

    Here's a pic of a pic of mine
  6. Transmission Finally Died

    My first car was a 1965 Impala SS, my Dad bought it for my in 1976 for my 16th Bday. It had 160k on it and I put another 75K on it with only a timing chain going bad. Wish I still had it, I did end up putting a 327/300hp in it a few years later as the old 283 was weak. Not all were junk. And yes I did tear out the powerglide by backing up and throwing it in gear to spin the tires, Good Times!!!!
  7. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    I finally did this mod last week, used diodes I bought from eBay. Love it, huge difference.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    I ordered a pair of the 5100s for the rear yesterday from amazon, can't wait to see the improvement towing.
  9. Need some advice with tuning

    I also have the Diablo with the Lew custom tune. Can't say enough good about it, it's the way the trucks should have come from GM. I love the difference!
  10. G80 3.21/3.41 gear break

    I found a lot of good info at East Coast Gears website.
  11. That really sucks. The world is full of a holes
  12. Centennial Bowtie and Chevy Trucks Legend Emblems

    I'll take them please
  13. That looks great! I'm intrigued , how hard was it? I may have to copy that, it looks so good
  14. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    I've got the Diablo i3 with the custom Lew tune. I can't recommend it enough. What was gained with the canned tune has been sooooo much more "enhanced" . The truck should have come like this from GM, any way I love the way my truck drives now and it will fly with no clunks or crazy shifting.
  15. Dump Truck got my windshield yesterday. It's a star the size of a half dollar. Should I replace or repair? I want it replaced and was wondering should I take it to the dealer's body shop for glass or get an independent shop do it. I would like to keep a "factory" glass and not a Chinese knockoff. Any one have advice and/or experience with this? Thanks! Bob

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