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  1. 3.08 to 3.73 gearing swap

    Thank you very much! I'm calling in the morning so I hope I can get it done soon. bob
  2. 3.08 to 3.73 gearing swap

    I need to find a shop to do this in central Virginia and soon. We want to buy a camper that weighs around 7k so 3:73 it is. Could you share the cost please to give me something to gauge it by? Also how long did it take from the time you set up install until they did it? I hope to find someone reputable in the Fredericksburg area. Thanks, Bob
  3. 3.08 to 3.73 gearing swap

    I so want to do this to my truck. Please share all the details when you get it back. Thanks, Bob
  4. That is one clean throttle body! Nice job on the can too. Bob
  5. I pull a 5k travel trailer and always use tow-haul. Also most of the time put it in 5th.
  6. Can't make this up, but wish I could

    I've had my '15 three years today. It has almost 42 thousand miles, the only issue I've had is a broken rear leaf spring. Dealer replaced both, no more issues. I love my truck, yes the trans drives me crazy from time to time but I average over 20 mpg all the time and even with the crappy Goodyears it drives and rides great. I had an'04 Colorado that had 140 thousand trouble free miles that I sold to a friend who still drives it trouble free. A '95 Silverado that was trouble free for 153k miles except for a throttle position sensor. Hope you can get some type of resolve with your truck. I would never own another GM if I had your issues. Bob
  7. New 2019 Silverado video

    I want to see some chrome on the front end. Yes, I'm old
  8. Is the newer 5.3 enough engine

    Good Advice FreeAmerican! By the way, what state park is that? It sure looks familiar. Bob
  9. Chevy legends calendar

    I got mine about a week ago and it's very, very nice. Told a friend about it but he says no way I'm giving "them" my vin. I just can't understand stupid.
  10. 6L80 external filter DIY

    Thanks for the info! I'm not going to worry about the tstat, just read about a lot of guys doing this mod. I pull a 5K trailer and never have had high temps. Bob
  11. 6L80 external filter DIY

    Great job! Question, could those of us less talented take tube 14 and cut and modify that and use rubber hose to tie into the same filter housing you used or am I asking for trouble? Also I'm thinking of modifying the tstat. I saw where you reverse the insides and the bypass runs fluid straight to the radiator which in turn keeps temps much, much cooler when towing. Am I crazy for thinking about doing this too? Thanks, Bob
  12. Tire upgrade time

    I've got 41k on mine (stock goodyears) I also want to go with the Michelins when the time comes in the next year or so. I hope you get some helpful responses. Bob
  13. AMX guy is correct. I meet quite a bit of cars and trucks early morning and they blind me. I also noticed most of the older cars just leave high beams on all the time until they get flashed. My 2cents

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