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  1. I can tell you now that you will not be happy towing that large of a trailer. I have a Rockwood MiniLite that weighs much less and I'm happy but would not want anything heavier or longer. If you decide on gears go with 4:10, guys on the RV forums swear by them making all the difference in the world. Air bags will help but they do not raise your capacities.
  2. The first time mine did it was when my truck was fairly new, it scared the crap out of me so I bought an OBD scanner. I would not worry about it, when it stays on then it can be more serious.
  3. Our trucks are famous for the "misfire" code. If I nail it and hold it for a few seconds mine will do it some time.
  4. I traded my black ones for chrome from an inmate here. Easy to change and you should find someone willing to swap over in the for sale section. Shipping was under $20.
  5. Looks great! One question, how or what did you do to get the clearance between the pan and exhaust. Thanks!
  6. Here is my truck the other day. 95 outside temp running about 50 mph trans temp even with AC on stayed at 144 all the way home 22 miles. Just FYI
  7. I did the "flip the pill" mod a few weeks back and my temps dropped to about 146* average on a 90* day with the AC on. It is very simple to do and you can reverse it back if you want to but I bet you will love the low temps and wish you had done it sooner.
  8. I had my springs replaced under warranty but it didn't last a year before the sounds were back just as bad as before. Not sure if this matters but painted in big yellow letters "made in Mexico ".
  9. No, we had a family medical issue so I cancelled my appointment. I had the install set up at a shop in Raleigh, NC. I really didn't check out the Fredericksburg area too much. It seemed most shops concentrated on big lifts and such. If you do find someone let me know, if I keep my truck I might still do it. By the way I had ordered a Diablo tune and couldn't cancel, so I installed it and got a custom Lew tune for towing and it is sooooo much better all the time, also dropped AFM as well.
  10. How do you think I should proceed. Do you think it's a bad plug, coil or injector or a combo? Call the dealer and schedule I've got 59k so not sure if drivetrain or my extended warranty will cover the charges. I forgot to add, when I punched it last night it did it again, it happens when the rpms are at about 5k never any other time and it feels like a short lag when I hit it. Thanks for the info
  11. I did the "Pill swap" thermostat modification 2 weeks ago and I went from 190 all the time to 145, even in this 95 degree heat. I did see it rise to 175 sitting in traffic but it only lasted for about 2 minutes. I still haven't pulled my travel trailer yet but I expect temps to stay well under 190.
  12. I checked the code this weekend, it was a CO307. Number 7 misfire, only one code. This is the one and only time this has done this so I hope it was just this crappy tank of gas.
  13. I did get a tank of crappy gas a few days ago. First time I've seen this so scared me a little. Thanks Guys!
  14. Oil level fine and clean. I’m at work but will check to see if any codes thrown when I get home. It’s just weird AND scary that it was so few flashes. I’ll let y’all know if there’s any codes. Thanks
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