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  1. Trying to determine if my range disabler is functioning properly... I personally can't tell a difference when it is hooked up. Lights appear to be functioning properly... Most of the time it disables the auto-stop... But still feels laggy, and sounds like it's shutting off when i coast. I'm considering purchasing a OBD2 splitter to be able to hook up my ELM and monitor the active cylinders if that's possible? Is there a PID for # of cylinders that are active?
  2. I purchased a used range and it flashes the software version and appears to be working... But I'm pretty positive it's not disabling the dfm, and intermittently it will still autostop. I originally thought it was due to the older firmware version, so I sent it in and had range update it. Same results. How can I confirm its not working? I never really used it because I couldn't tell the difference. I just had to have 4 lifters and pushrods replaced at 4500 miles
  3. I feel like i'm visiting ****** hub when i use this site... pages load god awful slow because it's trying to load the 30 advertisements on each page... other's thoughts?
  4. I have a 2020 silverado LTZ 5.3 8 speed. When I have it plugged in it definitely disables the auto-shutoff stuff... But exhaust still sounds like it's going into 4 cylinder mode. Is there a screen on our console that shows how many cylinders are being used like previous years? EDIT: More investigation... Appears I have to send it into range and have them update the firmware. This device was previously used on a 2014 so I'd venture to say it's Atleast 5yrs old. Fortunately firmware upgrades are a free service. My current device is firmware 8.6. Speaking with Range technical support... 9.0 is necessary for the 2020s.
  5. Installed avs vent visors. Anyone have advice for the window pressure sensors reopening? I have to lightly close the windows so the sensor doesn't reopen. Thought I read in the past that these would learn?
  6. My 2020 LTZ has a single exit exhaust, wanting to upgrade to duals. Debating between a muffler with 3" inlet to dual 2.5"/3.0" outlets. I want to avoid losing low end power. Planning to use a flowmaster super 44 muffler, not a straight through. Any thoughts/advice is appreciated.
  7. Is there special software/equipment involved in creating custom tunes?
  8. Wow. Good catch. That's definitely a deal breaker to lose cruise.
  9. I'm finding misleading information. Is the diablo i2 i2030 compatible with the 2017s? or do I only have the i3 as an option?
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