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  1. Checked my VIN but it doesn't show a recall. Maybe I have the newer version pump or my VIN hasn't been added yet so I'll keep checking/waiting for a letter. Like was stated above, yet another good reason to stay on top of maintenance dealing with a clean oil supply.
  2. Whether the engine design is flawed or not isn't the reason for shorting the warranty. If that in fact were true, we'd all be driving Nissan Titans. Best warranty in the truck world. Why aren't we (as in every truck owner regardless of brand loyalty) doing this? Please explain.
  3. Well the warranty in 2003 (my last truck)was 3 yrs. 36,000 miles. They increased the warranty (2007 ?) for two distinct reasons. First and foremost was to create the perception that they didn't build a POS and second to lift sagging sales due to the first. Well when sales didn't skyrocket (remain somewhat flat) they decided to reduce the warranty (2016?). The warranty for any object isn't based on how well it works but rather a marketing tool for sales. Why offer a huge warranty? To bolster sales. If it doesn't work, why offer it? This is Marketing 101 and that's why the warranty decreased. To think there is some hidden agenda there is Oliver Stone stuff. Marketing pure and simple. The product isn't really any different (life expectancy wise) from 2003 so why offer an inflated warranty unless sales reflect it works.
  4. Mark, I've stayed back on this but felt compelled to respond. I received my treatment at Moffitt in Tampa. It's a ways from you but I stayed on Campus for free at the Hope Lodge. It was nine years this July that I received my last treatment. I've lived a lot longer than anyone would have guessed. Point is, you never know. Good luck.
  5. Well I understand why you are amazed at my suggestion but what I find amazing is you state you can build/fix anything, have ridden in many 3/4 ton trucks, OWN many more and are knowledgeable of their design functions but the rudimentary aspect of proper tire inflation (of which you made no mention of) in relation to load being transported seems to have escaped you. I would however ask that you report back on the ride quality of the Bilstein shocks since I'm considering them in the future, if not for me then, for the rest of the Forum.
  6. I totally agree with you on all of the above. One could also add that the oxidation rate of both the tire compounds (internally) and the metal rims is reduced
  7. That is just a little outside. Think about it. Oxygen is denser than nitrogen (check on a Periodic Table) and if "plain air" contains both, then logic would dictate that plain air would be denser than just plain nitrogen since it contains both. Sound about right?
  8. Don't mean to rain on your parade but new shocks will not make a 3/4 ton truck ride like anything other than a 3/4 ton truck. The best way to improve your 2500's ride is to load up the bed and tow something big/heavy. That is what they were engineered to do.
  9. Sounds almost identical to my bone stock 2018 pulling my 5000 lb. boat and trailer in 94 degree heat on flat ground. I'm guessing until I change out the T-Stat, it will be the same.
  10. Roll n Lock. Not price friendly though.
  11. Guess I'm a loyalty guy. First Chevy was a 57 2 dr. sedan. Had several Camaros and one Vette. First truck was an 85 1/2 ton. Sold in 97 and purchased another 1/2 ton. Sold in 2003 and bought a 3/4 Duramax. After 15 years as a DD, I would trade it in on a 2018 but this time back to the 1/2 ton. It drives very nice compared to the Duramax when it was empty but when towing, that 03 rode sweet. That stated, I really like my truck, but if I hadn't joined this Forum I'd never have found out everything that's wrong with it. Lucky me.
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