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  1. Didn't realize there was a starter specific issue. Electronics yes for hard starting/no starting. Interesting.
  2. I didn't realize that GM had a CPO program. I have purchased my wife's last two Infinity models through their CPO program and have been satisfied (as of this date). I bought the latest one like you. Saw it online and drove 5 hrs. in the rain to pick it up. After driving it, I asked that it be brought inside and placed on the rack so I could inspect the underside and the Dealer obliged. One of the techs loaned me his flashlight so I wouldn't have to go back out to my truck. While this turned out to be a pleasant buying experience, I'll not drive 5 hrs for warranty repairs or service. Point is, Dealers are either good or bad and you take your chances. Infinity's CPO program appears to be what they advertise. Seems GM's isn't as bad as some make out. Good luck.
  3. I got that some time ago. Question is...your link in your first post is Ford specific. Is that the Dee Zee part you modified to fit your tail gate?
  4. Thank you for your response. I did confirm with Dee Zee that they do not specify a part for the assisted tail gate models but as you stated, the part # is for non-assisted tailgates so... Unless the OP states otherwise, I'll conclude that the link to the Ford # was either a mistake or that the model can be altered to fit the assisted tailgate models.
  5. OK, Since I didn't receive an answer to my questions above, I'll try a different tack. As stated, Dee Zee doesn't list a model for my 2018 with LT trim so since the link above is for the product to be used on a Ford pickup, is this the part one would use on their Chevy Silverado?
  6. Interesting. Mine did not change either. The date updated correctly (for leap year). I checked it was still on Auto. Just reset it myself. I do not have an On Star script.??
  7. Yep, UPR. Your photo may be deceiving as to your clearance on the oil fill. I purchased an "offset" funnel and that has made life much easier.
  8. Dee Zee site doesn't appear to have one specific to my 2018 LT trim. WT only. Anyone running this with say an LT or LTZ trim level? Did the WTs not come with a tail gate assist for that trim level? Thanks.
  9. A little tight getting a funnel in the fill hole when adding/changing oil. I loosen the mounting bracket on mine (different manufacturer) and swing it out for clearance.
  10. While I prefer my full size, both my sons drive Tacos (2013 and 2015). They do their own maintenance and since both are single, the interior size isn't a concern. The older one does have a crew cab but the younger drives the Access model. 70K on the 15 and still bone stock except for tires. 40K on the 13 and stock also. Neither has been to the dealer for any repairs since purchased and they have been good platforms for the boys (men) to hone their maintenance skills. Still, they are not for everyone and not for me.
  11. 28 page thread and we finally get to the good stuff. Shine! Then ya kill it with the 29th page.
  12. Is your steering hydraulic? That's where the hydro boost system gets its power, from the power steering pump.
  13. I used ammonia and water to remove window tint adhesive (along with the tint media itself). Not quite as flammable as gas/Goof Off and really doesn't dissolve anything it might get on in the back seat.
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