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  1. Well there are several really. In my case, I was out of warranty so I chose the least expensive solution (disconnect the digitizer) but screen replacement (with an already attached digitizer) solves the problem too. Replacing the digitizer (the cause of the problem) while less expensive, requires a bit more work and skill level but again,fixes the problem. It's a DYI or Dealer replacement. You can also upgrade the entire system with an aftermarket complete unit. It's just a matter of money.
  2. Mine crapped out around the same mileage. If you have all your XM stations preset, you can control them via the left rocker on your steering wheel should you decide to just unplug the digitizer. It's free (if you feel comfortable doing things on your truck) but you give up the touch screen ability. It's not for everyone. I spend coin on lubricants and suspension parts/tires but I'm not interested in dropping money on a radio so.... I disconnected the ribbon cable to the screen and let the four winds blow.
  3. Digitizer on your touch screen is toast. You can either replace the whole screen (comes with new digitizer) or disconnect the digitizer itself from the screen. As stated above, there are several threads showing both procedures. Just a matter of how much you wish to spend.
  4. Your digitizer is bad. You can either have the screen/digitizer replaced either by the Dealer or yourself. An alternative is to disconnect the digitizer from the screen PC board. This will allow the screen to operate but with no touch capability. There are several recent threads showing all of the above.
  5. Sounds like your digitizer has failed. Several recent threads as mentioned above. Just scroll on down. Can't help with your seats.
  6. It is the digitizer, plain and simple. Since it is attached to the screen, GM replaces the whole unit. Replacing the digitizer can be done. There is a write up on this several threads back.
  7. I run the Michelins on my 2018. No snow where I live but plenty of rain. Sidewalls are a little stiffer and that works well when towing my boat or trailer. That stated, it still is a nice ride on the street.
  8. Into the second vid, at the 40 second mark, you will notice two ribbon cables visible. The smaller tan/light/brown/gold on the right is the digitizer ribbon cable you need to disengage. Note that after he removes the cover to the pc board/screen he rotates the screen and removes the large ribbon cable on top. This is not the correct cable. The second cable is the correct one. Again you do not need to remove the screen. Just secure the cable so as not to damage/short the pc board when re-installing the cover.
  9. Here's the vid on removing the screen (and other things). This vid shows the touch screen removal. You then want to unlatch the tan/gold ribbon cable and secure it. You do not need to actually disassemble the screen. The ribbon cable powers the digitizer. Plug in your wire connectors and power up the unit to check that the screen lights up but of course you will have no touch capability. reverse the steps from the first vid and you're done.
  10. The digitizer on the screen is the failed part. You can replace the screen (has the digitizer attached) or do what I did and disconnect the cable from the screen pc board. Your screen will look fine but you will no longer have "touch" ability. All functions (well most all) can then be accessed via the controls on either the radio or the steering wheel.
  11. Like others here, my 2018 suffered from the same actions. Following another member's lead, I removed the touch screen from the dash and disconnected the digitizer ribbon cable (brown) from the PC board. This identified the screen as the problem and eliminated the annoying and constant changing of both the touch screen and the DIC screen. I can still access most (if not all) of the screen via the radio control knob (right) and the steering wheel controls. This works fine for my use and I'm in no hurry to spend any money. Not a workaround for everybody but it was quick, free and works.
  12. Into the second week of the digitizer cable "unplug" and everything is back to normal. Kudos to Col GMC for the idea. As stated, most all controls work the screen though I continue to wade through the menus. Still, I'm in for the long haul in seeing how this works before (if ever) replacing the digitizer screen itself.
  13. Dash removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1LbnbqijD8 Screen removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9P6XKjM2bE Since I too suffer this problem, I'm going to remove the brown ribbon cable (seen in the second vid) from the PC board and confirm that the screen works sans the touch component. Run it like that for awhile before replacing the actual screen itself. Time will tell.
  14. Same issue here. Very frustrating. Hate just throwing money at it. Seems to come and go and I considered an aftermarket unit but I was hoping there was a definitive fix.
  15. Since you didn't watch the vid, it deals with removing exhaust pipe support points rather than connection points. That gives a little more flex in the pipe itself without loosening any pipe connections. I also installed a drain and have replaced 24 quarts of fluid over the last 10K miles. Call it a poor man's flush.
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