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  1. Exact same model. In the office so I can't access my weight ticket. I agree with the use of air bags. Had mine in place before I purchased the trailer. Use them on the job. I agree, they give a better towing "ride" when inflated slightly. My trailer loaded is lighter than yours but I found that 15 psi gives a much smoother ride than 5 psi. My WDH setup routine is similar to yours. I'm using a Blue Ox Sway Pro with 1000k bars. I fully agree that if one tries to use air bags in place of a properly set up WDH, they will not get the correct results.
  2. IIRC the 22 is 26'-10" LOA Last trip she weighed 6458#. TV loaded with full tank of fuel was 6000# It tows and handles very nice. MPG hovers around 7 to 7.5
  3. The 5.3 pulls my 22MLE quite well. I did a trans thermo pill flip and changed out the water thermo to a 174 degree. Heading out west next month so I'll see what differences they make.
  4. Well I picked up the truck today and they did indeed replace the negative battery cable with associated ground wire. Seems to run fine at this point. There is a "bullentin" (their spelling, not mine) #18-NA-161. It appears they test for a voltage drop in the cables and found the negative cable with a higher than spec reading. Hopefully this will last a couple/three years before it goes nuts again. Rav, I've seen this vid some time ago. It will be my next maintenance project. Thanks for posting.
  5. Going to pick it up now. They replaced the negative battery cable and associated ground wire (s). I read in another thread that the cable had been suspect in the past due to high resistance issues that develop with age. Hopefully that solves my issue. The truck has been very good prior to this. Compared to some on this Forum, mine is mostly problem free. Must have been built on a Wednesday.
  6. Well the ol' 5.3L has been a very reliable ride since new and I had hoped it was one that dodged the at least some of the problems that are mentioned here but not quite. Truck running fine for 26,900 miles. I had recently completed a pan drop (and replaced with a drain plug installed) and filter replacement. While I was under, I pulled the thermostat and "flipped the pill". Running cooler and no leaks. I also replaced the engine thermostat with a Katech 174 degree model. Engine running measurably cooler though not cold by any means. That stated, yesterday I was loading trash in the bed and when I started the engine, the world went nuts. The gauges were cycling off and on, multiple warning displays on the DIC, chimes ringing, CEL lit and when I engaged the transmission, it entered limp mode. I drove a short distance and shut it down. Waited a couple of minutes and re-started. Same as above. Repeated the drive procedure only slightly farther and shut down. Lifted the hood, checked fuses, wiggled the battery ground cable and harness on the ECM. This time it started and everything ran normal but CEL was still lit. Drove it about 10 miles to the job site, took code readings and shut it down. Codes showed U0073 and U0101. Lost of communication, which makes sense. When I started it back up, back to abnormal. Repeated the drive procedure/shut down/wait until it returned to normal and took it home. This morning, it started and performed normal except for the illuminated CEL so I dropped it off at the closest GM Dealer. I'm not expecting much but it's still under warranty and I didn't feel like chasing gremlins and throwing money at them. I believe I read something here similar to my experience but a search really didn't come up with the exact symptoms. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  7. Ditto on the music (thumb drive). Mine too remains in the glove box.
  8. I'm doing a pan drop and filter exchange this weekend. Also using Red Line D6. Like HoosierZ, I added a drain plug to a new GM pan.
  9. I see slight flexing across the body of my Roll n Lock at speed but they all do it. At least the 5 I've owned always have.
  10. Didn't realize there was a starter specific issue. Electronics yes for hard starting/no starting. Interesting.
  11. I didn't realize that GM had a CPO program. I have purchased my wife's last two Infinity models through their CPO program and have been satisfied (as of this date). I bought the latest one like you. Saw it online and drove 5 hrs. in the rain to pick it up. After driving it, I asked that it be brought inside and placed on the rack so I could inspect the underside and the Dealer obliged. One of the techs loaned me his flashlight so I wouldn't have to go back out to my truck. While this turned out to be a pleasant buying experience, I'll not drive 5 hrs for warranty repairs or service. Point is, Dealers are either good or bad and you take your chances. Infinity's CPO program appears to be what they advertise. Seems GM's isn't as bad as some make out. Good luck.
  12. I got that some time ago. Question is...your link in your first post is Ford specific. Is that the Dee Zee part you modified to fit your tail gate?
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