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  1. Tonneau Covers

    Well I don't feel so bad with what I paid for my RnR. The Retrax people are real proud of their product also. As for the Swing Case. Wouldn't work in my particular usage but if their throwing it in (?) why not.
  2. As long as it doesn't cause poor shifts or collapsed lifters I ain't giving this styling cue another thought. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  3. I got you both beat. Mine are out on both sides. Wait, could be mine are the correct body design, eh? Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  4. Yet another interesting thread. Like the AFM thread, this one relates to a "lot of stuff" going on at any given time with the vast majority of the input relying on a human appendage aka the foot. And while I have neither the 6.2 L nor the 8 speed trans, I have found myself becoming more and more aware of the throttle control. Almost like "trigger control" only "squeezing" with your leg. When I pay attention to my driving technique, the truck runs very smooth. So far anyway.
  5. New Guy in Florida

    Where do you hang your hat?
  6. You are correct. My bad. The one on the driver's side is painted. So I'm like everyone else. No rust at this time though. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  7. Mine appear to be painted black. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  8. Well for me, this (in my short time here) has been the most interesting and informative thread I've read. I too agree, clean oil and filters are the lifeblood of the system.
  9. Scared of the K2

    Whatever became of the OP that started this thread? Maybe bought a Tundra?
  10. Mine is the same. With the cold weather rolling into Tallahassee and a fairly steep grade leaving my neighborhood I too experience that slight shudder early on. Clears up rather quickly. You should be fine.
  11. I read on the Range site that it sends a "message" to the ECU telling it "not to engage the AFM". That "message" could very well be "engage solenoids not"! or something to that effect. Anyway, whatever the message, it seems that the lifters should have a far greater chance of not failing from mechanical pin breakage due to part failure, as opposed to one caused by an incorrect timing event. I've tried to read and understand how the system works and it appears that a somewhat advanced algorithm is needed for the ECU to recognize all the parameters shown in the posts above and start the sequence. I'm guessing the engineers can design and the machinist build a lifter that works over and over and again and again if the oil pressure is correct and the fluid flows correctly. That stated, I think there is a much higher chance of failure in the electrical/computer/sensor signals that lead to a mistimed event. Just too many planets needing to be aligned over and over perfectly in an environment more unfriendly to 1s and 2s than a gaming laptop in a sea of Jolt Cola and potato chips. So I'm back where I started in wondering if the Range/tune disables the AFM, could it be causing other system problems down the line or.... What of the Range/tune fails itself after an extended period of AFM disengagement and AFM re-engages? Could there be mechanical failures caused by lack of cycling, like blocked oil passages or non-functioning solenoids? Who knows?
  12. Great question. Logic would dictate the AFM lifters should have an extended life due to the elimination of the rare chance of pin failure but... what about the device that is used to eliminate the AFM from engaging? I personally would like to know how that works (Range device/tuner) in shutting down the signaling process that actives the AFM to begin with and is there any possible problems to other systems in the vehicle as a result of that action. I'm thinking electrical/computer/systems type gremlin. Why? Cause I understand the mechanical but not the electrical trigger.
  13. Well this is about as good as I could get. It appears sealed up well on the inside of the boot and there is grease on the upper portion of same. I don't think any type of creature could enter at this point and no cold air could filter through. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

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