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  1. While I prefer my full size, both my sons drive Tacos (2013 and 2015). They do their own maintenance and since both are single, the interior size isn't a concern. The older one does have a crew cab but the younger drives the Access model. 70K on the 15 and still bone stock except for tires. 40K on the 13 and stock also. Neither has been to the dealer for any repairs since purchased and they have been good platforms for the boys (men) to hone their maintenance skills. Still, they are not for everyone and not for me.
  2. 28 page thread and we finally get to the good stuff. Shine! Then ya kill it with the 29th page.
  3. Is your steering hydraulic? That's where the hydro boost system gets its power, from the power steering pump.
  4. I used ammonia and water to remove window tint adhesive (along with the tint media itself). Not quite as flammable as gas/Goof Off and really doesn't dissolve anything it might get on in the back seat.
  5. Appears this is for the 6.2L engine. anything for the 5.3L?
  6. Just a little outside. Might want to try posting here: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/166-fullsize-truck-suv-1999-2006-gmt800-2007-2013-gmt900-platforms/
  7. I believe it was 1Slow1500 that responded to a post in a thread similar to this one stating that you need to learn to recognize the shift points when braking. I have your drive train (5.3L with a 6 speed) and have been practicing this technique of varying braking pressure during decel. I began with glancing at the tach to get feedback on the shift occurrence. Now I can pretty much judge when to lighten braking pressure during the shift. This seems to be what the transmission likes and makes for smooth slowing down or stopping. You are actually "driving" the truck rather than just riding in it. You may wish to try it to remove the harsh downshift.
  8. Kind of drifting off point but again a warranty, IMHO is a marketing tool. You first need to realize that the "Big 3" know very well the ratio between warranty repair costs and units produced weighed against the average first owner duration. If they felt that the additional cost to repair was offset by new sales, they would offer a longer warranty period. GM did just that several years ago and sales still remained flat. Why take on the additional costs if you are not getting any return. If one Is going to relate build quality to warranty length, then it is a very logical assumption that both Ford and Ram make the same POS truck too. Their warranties are all equal or at least they were in 2018 when I purchased. Just sayin.
  9. Checked my VIN but it doesn't show a recall. Maybe I have the newer version pump or my VIN hasn't been added yet so I'll keep checking/waiting for a letter. Like was stated above, yet another good reason to stay on top of maintenance dealing with a clean oil supply.
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