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  1. i would recommend getting the gm factory extended warranty only not the aftermarket ones that seem to always say say sorry that part or problem is not covered and you can look around at different dealers and have them beat the other dealers price when i have bought new in the past i have always done the extended warranty on one vehicle i bought 1 dealer said $1600 called around and got the same factory extended warranty for $900. which is the dealer i went with even though they were 40 miles away
  2. i am adding lighted tow mirrors on my W/T truck and wanted to ask ideas for running the wires from other people that have done it as the plug pin hole on the cab side looks small all ideas greatly appreciated
  3. i need a picture of the pin outs connector that has the pwr lock and window wiring where it is in a black rubber housing and has what looks to be a connector that attaches to the cab between the 2 door hinges anyone have or know where i can locate one TIA
  4. this company is highly recommended on this group https://boostautoparts.com/ i just ordered some mirrors from them and what i have seen they are high quality
  5. i have tow mirrors on my truck now but wanting to upgrade to lighted and turn signals all opinions greatly appreciated thanks PS if their are mirrors like this but cheaper please post a link https://boostautoparts.com/collections/tow-mirrors/products/2015-2017-gm-tow-mirrors-diesel?variant=43624462535
  6. i did a search on that and it looks like the transmitter by itself unless google is wrong which is possible
  7. i am wanting to add remote start to my truck 6.0 gas and wanted to ask recommendations on the best brand to go with as on my old truck i added an aftermarket alarm and after 6 mos of use it went bad and took out the bcm at the tune of 1k and i don't want that replay again TIA
  8. is the a/c? on i have this same sound and it is when my a/c is on but no noise with a/c off
  9. is canbus just for the headlights only or both? if i am ordering led lights do i need the ones for canbus for h/l only or must it be canbus for headlights and tail lights as i am not familiar with canbus thanks
  10. i am wanting to swap over to led taillights and headlights and i need to find out if my truck is or is not can bus also any problems if i add led headlights like a display saying i have a bulb out TIA
  11. i would connect it to where the main positive cable is attached that is where i have my 2nd battery positive cable and other high amp items attached on my service truck and never have had a problem
  12. also let me know if you have any questions as i did the mod to my w/t to run lights and other functions from
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