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  1. i am trying to buy one for my new work vehicle and the company i work for is wanting to buy 14 trucks and all the gm dealers in a thousand miles are not helpful they are blowing us off like we are walking into or calling a dodge dealership asking for a gmc truck and we were told they will not order any trucks either it seems like gm got out of the 3500hd reg cab business
  2. where did you mount them as i am wanting to add a Hadley air horn on my truck all ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated
  3. just an update my truck has the rpo code g80 in the glove box and also by vin but it does not have the g 80 locker design it has the Eaton limited slip aka eaton no spin and has clutches so beware not all g80 rpo codes are the same at least in my 2015 the true eaton does not take additive but the limited slip has clutches and requires the friction modifier to be added
  4. my rear end locker looks different than that one but by vin and all the part number i wrote down from what was on the ring and pinion and bearings all return to a g80 per the gm parts dept but and one gm tech / shop foreman that has been with gm for going right at 50 years said their was 2 versions of the g80 one is like you pictured in the link and the other one which i have is a Eaton no spin 14 bolt 10.5 ring gear but still marked as the g80 what happened to axles back in the 80s back that were simple
  5. JMHO all i know is it worked for my purpose and the vin number on my truck shows it came with the g80 and the axle shop has been in business for over 35 years and is an Eaton service center amongst other major axle manufactures and like i said before i had them add the additive on every right turn the rear end was acting like i was on rocks and and now on right turns the axle is quite as it was when it was new
  6. for those that maybe having problems like i had i called a shop that does not do anything but axle repairs and they said the g80 has clutches in it and i had them add the additive and my rear axle is back to normal with no problems with it now
  7. thank you it is greatly appreciated on the info
  8. i had a shop change the rear end oil in my 2015 silverado 2500hd and i don't think they added the friction modifier to it when they changed it as my rear end is acting funny and trying to lock up on right hand turns my question is how much of the friction modifier does it need in the rear axle how many ounces please let me know asap thanks
  9. i just had a shop do mine and i have the 3/4 square punch i now do not need if you like message me thanks
  10. i have the base stock am/FM radio and i am wanting to upgrade to a better unit what is a good brand and model number also i would need one that has built in GPS TIA
  11. i have had the same thing on my truck all i did was move the controller slide knob and it always cures the problem happens on mine about 2 times a year
  12. 94yj


    not sure if it is the same in other cities as it is here but their has not been one death mentioned that was not classified as a covid death seems in Texas the only one that kills is the covid also seems strange that the deaths are made by the politicians and not the medical examiner which i thought it was the medical examiners job to rule what the cause of death was
  13. another question for those that have done this was their any barriers in the way of where the cab lights mount up and does anyone have inside pictures of the roof mounting area as the body shop their might be a roof support in the way is this true?
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