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  1. i have the base stock am/FM radio and i am wanting to upgrade to a better unit what is a good brand and model number also i would need one that has built in GPS TIA
  2. i have had the same thing on my truck all i did was move the controller slide knob and it always cures the problem happens on mine about 2 times a year
  3. 94yj


    not sure if it is the same in other cities as it is here but their has not been one death mentioned that was not classified as a covid death seems in Texas the only one that kills is the covid also seems strange that the deaths are made by the politicians and not the medical examiner which i thought it was the medical examiners job to rule what the cause of death was
  4. another question for those that have done this was their any barriers in the way of where the cab lights mount up and does anyone have inside pictures of the roof mounting area as the body shop their might be a roof support in the way is this true?
  5. for 2015 2500hd cab marker light harness this would be the ones on the harness not on the lights themselves TIA
  6. thanks do you know if these are the same measurements that the factory lights are at?
  7. looks like oem is the route i will be going it seems the after market ones are not that good and i can drill a pilot hole and square out from there
  8. i am going to be adding the oem top cab lights to my truck and need to get the measurements for where to mount them does anyone have the measurements for the mounting holes for the 2 side lights and the center light TIA
  9. true but i would have to have the tool to do a 3/4" square hole which i don't have and the punch numbers are hard to find
  10. that is not good what kind of a warranty do they have and have you tried to get them replaced?
  11. anyone have these lights and what is your opinion on them also do you have to buy the wiring kit or can you just work around it? https://gorecon.com/product/gmc-chevy-15-18-3rd-gen-body-style-heavy-duty-3-piece-set-smoked-cab-roof-light-lens-with-amber-leds-complete-wiring-kit-sold-separately/
  12. great job and love the details but do you have a ling to the lights you used?
  13. please post a write up on this or pictures when you get this done as the place they have put the upfitter switches seem like they needed to be put in a better location like they did in the 19 down models but maybe it is just me
  14. by chance is this still available? as i am looking to upgrade my base stock radio please let me know thanks
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