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    2015 silverado 2500hd
  1. true but i just put some on my 15 and now they are even better than the factory ones
  2. i think mine used to be a farm truck and i took the regular bed off of it and put a service body on it these regular cabs are so very hard to find at least the good ones anyway
  3. i had the ceramics on a 07 2500hd and they seemed to do good and had better stopping ability than the ones that were on there from the factory jmho
  4. admin please move if not in the right area need opinions on this ranch hand grill guard if i should take it off or leave it on as this truck has a service body on it now and if grill guard is of no use i could get rid of some weight and hopefully up my mileage a point or 2 all opinions appreciated thanks
  5. thanks do you have any links to good hid that will work on my truck
  6. thank you is that true they are only good for a hundred hours seems kind of a short life for them
  7. anyone use these lights https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/low-beam-headlight-bulb/h11-led-fanless-headlight-conversion-kit-with-adjustable-color-temperature-and-compact-heat-sinks-5000-lumensset/4445/9995/?make=16&model=1507&scc_id=1400&ye my stock lights seem more like fog lights as they seem to be more of an amber color than the old h11 style bulbs that i am use to being at least a dull white tia
  8. AUX switch install

    the switch to use with 4 pin relays external relays is gm part number 84347196 it is an off and on switch also do not forget to use the gm diodes 12112422 to protect the bcm and other sensitive components this also depends on how your truck is setup and what options it has as mine is the base model wt version
  9. AUX switch install

    no feedback on lights but i still have the diodes to install hopefully they will not cause a problem with the switch lights and cause feedback issues
  10. AUX switch install

    thank you for all the help i got it all hooked up today i clipped the wires off the back of the switch and ran them to the relays and all works good now on to the next project getting mmy truck set up for working
  11. AUX switch install

    also what colors are the wires running from the X61A and go to the X50A. box
  12. AUX switch install

    what would be the pin number for the wires from the switch to the x61 box are they the same ones 1-4-14 and 20 is their a way to get to the wires from the front or would i need to pull x61 and add wires to the back also do you have a part number for the under hood box with the upfitter setup already installed tia
  13. AUX switch install

    best i can tell the spots for the upfitter relays and fuses in the under hood box are empty no terminals in them is their a way to tap in to the x61 to operate my gnd side of my 4 pin relays?
  14. i am trying to add upfitter switches and i need a wiring diagram for the wires and colors at the center switch bank and where they are routed after they leave the back of the switch bank all help and pictures is greatly appreciated tia

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