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  1. Question on the dis-install, do you have to change settings back to stock? Or just unplug it? I’m gonna be ordering one for my truck, but want to remove it when I take the truck to the dealer for maintenance/state inspections and if I need any warranty work done.
  2. Gonna be picking up a pulsar lt at the end of the week after payday, and likely a cold air induction cai next week. Which will leave the final project, how to make this damn thing not sound like a sewing machine. Not expecting major gains, or wanting it to be ungodly loud being I get home from work at 2:30am, but want some sound and hear it when my right foot hits the rug. But don’t want to blow $1500 on a system, which leads me to my question. What is a decent muffler setup that still barks when you punch it. But also sounds good at idle and normal driving? Is it worth to have the resonators chopped and a couple dual tips welded back in its place? And do you ditch the flapper valve thing? Trying to YouTube a bunch of options and kinda hard to get a feel for the true sound from phone recordings. My thought as of now is a super 44 without the flapper, ditch the resonators and have dual black tips welded back in their place. Open to suggestions as it’s gonna be a 3-4 weeks till I get around to it.
  3. i just picked up a 2021 lt trailboss with the 6.2 yesterday, last one in the area on a 250 mile radius from niagara falls ny (well there was 2 others, but they were black). the dealers around here that usually have 200-400+ trucks, have 10, and most are base customs with the 4 banger. most dealers here are now msrp, minus rebate, and add back in dealer fees. the dealer i got mine from, was in the middle of no where, and had 3 up level truck, and took about 1k off the truck and then the rebate. but likely they last truck ill buy from that dealership, the finance manager was a royal richard being i had my own financing from my credit union, he did about everything he could to try a sell it if someone came walking in the door. even the salesguy wasnt happy with how his finance guy was.
  4. Well, I’m trying the reverse psychology method on it... , long story short, I can have the most “trouble free” items break, and stuff that should last 2-3x longer (prime example, my snowmobile which has one of the “most reliable” 2 strokes in the market, decided to blow a piston on the 2nd day of my trip this year....) I had a 6.4 hemi for a year, and it blew a lifter and pretty much totalled the motor. So yeah, I’m abit uneasy, but hoping I’ll be one of many who never seem to have an issue. Far as the premium fuel, it doesn’t bother me much. Premium is close to the price of diesel here, and I’m not having to buy def fluid anymore. Combined with cheaper maintenance. So a couple bucks a week won’t really be the death of me. I had a choice between two truck, both set up basically identical. Just one was red with a 5.3 and this one being silver with the 6.2, they took some money off this truck, which brought it closer to the 5.3 that was a dealer trade, so in the long term it made more sense to take the 6.2 and keep my fingers crossed
  5. Hoping I have good luck, I’ll be keeping up with the oil changes, plus it’s not going to be a daily driver. More of a weekend cruiser and winter warrior for pulling my snowmobile trailer and commutes on snowy days. So like my old truck, I was only putting 4-5k a year on it. I’ll drive this a bit more being it’s under warranty to find any issues. And in the mean time, pick up a dfm delete kit from Texas speed, so once it’s out of warranty I’ll take it to a local speed shop and let them make her into a true v8 without the multi cylinder garbage in the motor
  6. Well, I’m back, don’t know how I feel about it yet, didn’t need a diesel truck any longer (had a 2016 Cummins which was flawless through out my time with it) and I know ram/mopar is horrible with the hemis, ask me how I know.... and no way would I go ford, I was kicking around tundras and the silverados, and ended up pulling the trigger on a 2021 lt trailboss with the 6.2/10 speed combo, and rather loaded, be the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Pick it up in the morning. Mostly my biggest worry is the lifters/dfm junk. Which is why I almost went Toyota... hoping I don’t regret this truck, but she ran great on the test drive, and once the truck is in my driveway, I’m likely gonna order the pulsar disabler for it, and hope the lifters don’t die like I’ve read about (of course I know how forums works, the people who love their trucks and/or have no issues never post, it’s only the trouble ones that end up being posted. So here’s to nothing. Back to gm after 6 1/2 years at mopar
  7. X2 on the fuse. That's what I did my with 2012. So much nicer without them stupid sensors
  8. Right. Not expecting to keep the block at 180, even if it warmed/held it at 32* it would just be easier on it. Why beat the crap out of it when I can help it/hopefully live a long healthy life
  9. Is it common to have it crap out at 26700 miles? Probably explains my brakes. One time its like mushy (got to go down 1/3 way on pedal before you feel brakes) and then sometimes. I just touch the pedal and it's firm and plants me in the windshield
  10. Found my leak. It was right infront of my face.... It's up at the brake resi!!! Which shocked the hell out of. I'm use to seeing a vacuum assist canister up there. But mine. There is a pressure line and a return line that go up to a pump or idk what to call it. And it's covered in..... Oil. Hence where my fluid is going.
  11. Well it was -15 last night. -8 the other night. And where I go snowmobiling was -12 when we left. And I've seen it at -30 down there. Far as power to plug in. No big deal. We have a generator with us. And the light poles have plugs on them also where we stay
  12. After our recent cold snap here (-15*f last night) and where I go snowmobiling, I got thinking. Might be a wise investment to get a block heater, from looking online. Gm wants something like $185 for theirs. And a napa one is like $70.... Is the gm one worth the extra money. Or is there a good cheaper/more reasonable one? Thanks
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