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  1. X2 on the fuse. That's what I did my with 2012. So much nicer without them stupid sensors
  2. Right. Not expecting to keep the block at 180, even if it warmed/held it at 32* it would just be easier on it. Why beat the crap out of it when I can help it/hopefully live a long healthy life
  3. Is it common to have it crap out at 26700 miles? Probably explains my brakes. One time its like mushy (got to go down 1/3 way on pedal before you feel brakes) and then sometimes. I just touch the pedal and it's firm and plants me in the windshield
  4. Found my leak. It was right infront of my face.... It's up at the brake resi!!! Which shocked the hell out of. I'm use to seeing a vacuum assist canister up there. But mine. There is a pressure line and a return line that go up to a pump or idk what to call it. And it's covered in..... Oil. Hence where my fluid is going.
  5. Well it was -15 last night. -8 the other night. And where I go snowmobiling was -12 when we left. And I've seen it at -30 down there. Far as power to plug in. No big deal. We have a generator with us. And the light poles have plugs on them also where we stay
  6. After our recent cold snap here (-15*f last night) and where I go snowmobiling, I got thinking. Might be a wise investment to get a block heater, from looking online. Gm wants something like $185 for theirs. And a napa one is like $70.... Is the gm one worth the extra money. Or is there a good cheaper/more reasonable one? Thanks
  7. What I mean by oil/grease on it from service is the only stuff I see showing signs of grease is around stuff that is sopose to be lubed. I just ran to the local gas station and got a bottle of power steering fluid. This stuff is clear like water and fluid in the truck is doo doo brown.... What color is gm power steering fluid? Don't smell burnt.... But with the hood up and truck running at full temp you can hear a metallic sound coming from the pump which is leading me to believe the pump bearings are shot (just had a 460 mile trip pulling a trailer and the last 200 miles I had a strong head wind and -10*f temps so she was singing 3200-3400 rpm most of those miles) but I see no signs of oil around the pump..... I have to visit the dealer anyways since I'm due for the yearly state inspection, I'm wondering if the drag the on pump is great enough that it might have something to do with why my alt gauge is being weird the past 2 days.... Usually I'm 14.4 to 15 on the gauge depending on what's running and run time vs off time/power draws/ short run times. Last two days I can't get the gauge to go past 14, it's siting around 13.8 or so.... But after I put power steering fluid in the truck and started it. It shot right up to about 15volts..... Interesting thing I noticed. And you still can hear the metallic sound coming out of the pump
  8. Never checked it before. But when cold it sounds like a bearing (you can hear it 50 feet away) And it never did that before (last winter in similar temps)
  9. Ok. But. I did it off and cold (62* temp inside shop) and it's barely on the dip stick.... Where would the fluid go? I don't see any leaks. But everything has oil/grease on it from service
  10. Do you check the fluid level when it off or running??? My 2012 3500 6.0 has been making some light squeaking noises when it's cold. Once warmed I don't hear it. But. I popped the cap to check. I have it parked inside a warm shop. And when I cracked the lid. A lot of pressure came out. And it's barely on the dip stick (3/16" at most. Only 1/4 way to the add line!!!). Please let me know as I only have a month of warranty left!!!
  11. Wish winter would show up.... Was 60 today!!!! Shoulda got the dr650 out
  12. Nice. That gives me lots of ideas now. Mind showing where you have the switch mounted. And. Did you run a relay. Or just a straight wire from power source to the switch then to light? And what are you using for a power source?
  13. Will fit no problems. They are using most of the same rims from the 11-14's on the new 15's
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