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  1. Check the orange wire in the steering column. https://www.plowsite.com/threads/broken-orange-wire-near-ignition-goes-up-gear-selector-lever.87409/
  2. Here you go https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/228184-2020-66l-gasser-dyno-pull/
  3. Parking like that may void your warranty.
  4. There is a small diameter orange wire that runs out of the turn signal/cruise control stalk and down the column they break near where the column tilts, repair the wire and the tow/haul will work again. It is a pain to work with the tiny wire, and it may be enclosed in a small black wire loom.
  5. Do not trust the computer to give you an precise accounting of your mileage. Hand calculation is the only way to precisely know your mileage. The computer can vary wildly. The diesel high country on my last trip of 3957 miles the computer showed 15 mpg, trip average, but the actual mileage was 13
  6. Had the same issue on my 2001 8.1 The current version of the power steering pump has a new lowspeed bypass valve design that gives you more boost at slow or no speed. Make sure you get the latest factory gm pump. Backing my boat up the driveway was a real chore, now its much better.
  7. Did you use OEM spark plugs? Is the 02 sensor the original one? If you used OEM parts and the 02 sensor is new, re-check the previous work the make sure that is not the problem. My 8.1 was doing something similar and new OEM plugs and a new 02 sensor fixed it.
  8. Again, i do not believe that is true. The 6.0 did not get significantly better mileage than the 8.1, nor did it have more torque.
  9. I dont believe this was the case. The big block got the same mileage with a 4l80e, 4 speed behind it, which is what the 8.1 suburbans came equiped with. My 01 2500HD has the 8.1/allison combo and now has 180k-ish miles on it and gets 10-12. I believe the motor was rated 345 horsepower. The new 6.6 small block is 410 horse, i cant see it having any problem with the 10/1000 allison
  10. I believe the differences are much smaller than you believe, the bolt pattern on the back of the engines is the same, the bellhousing internal dimensions are the same. The allison converter probably holds more fluid than the 6L90 and perhaps the lockup clutches weigh more, but the weight difference would be trivial.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by "2-3 times the size of a 6L90 converter" are you referring to the torque converter fluid capacity, or its dimensions?. The older allison 1000 and the new 10L1000 have the same "size" converter, both diameter and fluid capacity. I can easily see them offering it with the gas motor.
  12. The allison 1000 was used behind the 8.1l big block gas motor and the diesel. The new 6.6 is similar in power to the older big block, i believe the 10/1000 is more than appropriate for the 6.6's power.
  13. The 10 speed in the 1/2 ton is a completely different and light duty transmission compared to the heavy duty 10 speed in the diesel 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.
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