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  1. Gear lube will leak past the splines. Most people put a 1/2" bead of silicone on the tip in the pinion splines. When you slide the yoke on it will distribute the RTV down the splines. Or you can RTV the back of the pinion washer/nut. I do both. Be careful to seal the splines, but not smear RTV down into the gear lube portion of the case.
  2. My 01 2500HD was sagging a small amount and was not level left to right, new springs are very expensive once you consider shipping. I added a set of air lift 5000 airbags. I put 5 psi in them, everything is much better, the ride was unchanged, it just gave a little lift to restore the springs to stock height. The springs just sag after all this time.
  3. I have a 1986 c20 454. I am trying to determine if the auxilliary electric fan is actuated by the air conditioner operation in addition to the high temp sending unit in the cylinder head. The fan relay has a green wire from the temp sensor going into it and a pink wire with black strip that appears to go into the cab. The wiring diagram is difficult to determine exactly where it goes.
  4. 2001 8.1 with 175xxx miles, mobile 1 5w-30 synthetic.
  5. I was having some exhaust work done and noticed some tcase fluid weeping out of the transfer case where the shift control unit bolts to the side of the transfer case. Is there a sensor port near there? Or something else? I installed the pump rub upgrade years ago.
  6. I looked at buying new springs, as mine have started to sag. They are spectacularly expensive (once you calculate shipping) Air lift air bags were ~$300 and do a nice job of assisting the slightly tired springs. Easy to install too, i run 5psi (the minimum they recommend) an they make a nice difference towing my boat. The ride quality was un-affected
  7. My 8.1 is doing this as well, i am fairly sure its a build up of rust and metal particles on the sensor head. I am going to clean mine and see if that fixes it. Some other searches i did seem to indicate that is often the case.
  8. Dads new 2019 Z71, 5.3l 8 speed had to be towed to the dealer yesterday during his 2nd week of ownership. He relayed this info to me. He said he pulled into a parking spot, shifted into reverse to square up his parking job, put it in park and shut off the truck. When he came back out the truck would not start. Called the dealer and they sent someone who tried some procedure to start the truck unsuccessfully. They towed the truck back to the dealer, and fixed it. They told him that the spot where the factory locktite was applied to the shifter cable was not fully inserted, and that the truck was stuck in gear and would not start. I thought these were all shift my wire? Is there some known issue or a TSB regarding this? He said it seems fine today.
  9. The 8.1 is rock solid and will last forever if maintained. They consume about 1 qt of oil/1-2k miles, this is normal for this generation bigblock. They may break an exhaust stud from time to time, most people dont even notice, and the cam position sensor was problematic in the first couple years 2001-2002. Mine has 170k on it and has been back and forth and up and down the united states and has never had an issue.
  10. should be a 14 bolt with the 11.5" ring gear. I would suggest airbags and you should be good. The 11.5" ring gear is the largest they put in our trucks, it is very, very, heavy duty.
  11. 2001 2500HD 8.1L gas My eyes are crossed from all the searching. I am looking to upgrade my power steering pump to provide more boost at low RPM, my steering effort is very high at idle. I understand GM has an 12 vane pump and/or a high flow valve? Does anyone know what the part numbers are? The rest of the system is in great shape and has been bleed with GM fluid.
  12. My emergency brake pedal does not return fully to the top of its travel when released, it pops up most of the way, but you have to lift it the last inch manually or it turns on the emergency brake warning light. The emergency brake shoes are fully releasing, just not the pedal.
  13. Rotors are warped. Put new pad and rotors on and it should be good as new. Use a lower gear when descending the mountains with a load on to minimize the potential for warping them in the future.
  14. http://heinwerner-automotive.com/ Your truck weight 6600+ lbs or more empty
  15. That only applies to the 1/2 ton axle gov-locks. The 3/4 and 1-ton 14 bolt gov locks are not prone to failure like the 1/2 tons are.
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