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  1. And yet you are the first to berate and belittle someone for their opinions....you are the definition of a bully, period. I have tried to have civil and useful discussions on here, and yet you will be the first to pick apart an opinion that isn't exactly yours for your own amusement. And yes, you did twist my words...and I deleted that post because I realized you are no different than some of the clients I deal with...the difference is the fact that I can ignore you without a single repercussion and the second more glaring fact that is I don't need to participate in this forum at all (I have nothing to lose or gain by participating), I do so on my own free will. How useful will this forum be after you drive some of the more knowledgeable members away? I'm at that point, and this very well could be my last post here because of you (this isn't the first time you have singled me out for one of your "rebuttles"). Have a nice day... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  2. What do you use your Silverado for?

    I daily drive mine, 90+ miles round trip. I use mine for hauling firewood, work around the house, towing the camper, etc...it is also the vehicle of choice for our cross country trips. I have a 2500, I don't think I could go 1500 the way I use mine...may even step into a 3500 the next go around. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  3. Yeah, I've watched those mile-o-meters...they start out like that and drop 2 to 3 miles for every actual mile traveled...hand calculate it. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  4. Absolutely, more filter area, cooler oil, better filtration...but... But then on begs to question, "who benefits from all this?". I did better filtration, better oil, UOA, etc...did it benefit me, or the next guy? Does the original owner ever see the return on investment over someone who does minimum required maintenance? 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  5. Put Truck To Work Recently

    Ehhh, got into (read: unknowingly made myself) a mess. Long story, but I reused some lumber to build my daughter a play set back in 2010, just found out the lumber that I thought was pressure treated (PT) outdoor lumber wasn't...deck boards and some of the structure was rotting out. So, I'm replacing all the non-PT lumber with PT...the lumber I had reused was from a pool deck the previous homeowner had constructed right before we bought the house (we tore the pool out, and therefore the deck). We foolishly assumed the PO used the correct materials...after seeing all the issues the PO caused elsewhere, I should have known better. So, $400 and three days later, the thing is back to safe again... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  6. Put Truck To Work Recently

    As far as the sag difference goes, the spring settled on the drive back under load because they could move...friction kept them in place during loading. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  7. While I agree 100%, I can't help but think of those poor neglected cars that get oil changes maybe once in their life. Those old filters are probably long since plugged and in full bypass, but when did they go into bypass? 5k miles, 10k miles, 30k miles? Probably too many variables to ever determine. Although I had a Gulf Coast bypass filter installed (in other words, the primary filter wasn't being loaded), I have ran conventional filters out past 25k miles without issue...one Fleetguard I took to 45k miles. They don't fail (as far as I know), but I would guess they would plug off at some point (especially in a spot-laden diesel). For what it's worth, the paper towels would come out crunchy and a solid mass from the Gulf Coast after significant miles because of the soot loading. That reminds me, I got to change oil this weekend! 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  8. The upper explosive limit (UEL) is exceeded inside the fuel tank, too much vapor, not enough oxygen. That's why electric pumps are safe inside a fuel-filled tank in the first place. As long as the electrical connector isn't shorting out, should pose no issue. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  9. Put Truck To Work Recently

    Hmm, similar thoughts? 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  10. Stock shock replacement

    I would think the 5100s would ride smoother than a 4600, but both would be stiffer than a set of non-Rancho OE shocks. My guess would be pretty much any good name after market I'd going to be stiffer in ride than the factory shocks... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  11. Rusted Frame Bed Problems

    Since you have it all figured out, I'm out... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  12. Rusted Frame Bed Problems

    GM isn't responsible, you are way beyond any warranty and aren't the original owner. If you bought from a private seller, get a lawyer...doubt you will have any recourse. If you bought from a dealer, take it back...it should have some warranty unless it was bought "as-is", get a lawyer. You really have an uphill battle, you had the option to have it looked at and/or walk away. Sorry if that isn't what you want to hear...it's nearly 20 years old, could almost be considered a classic in some states. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  13. Miles Lubricants

    That is good to know! 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  14. Well, I'm trying a new oil in an attempt to save some coin, and I just because I can. I found this on Amazon for $65/pail (5-gallons or 20 quarts). A bucket of their 5w30 synthetic will be here tomorrow... https://www.mileslubricants.com https://www.mileslubricants.com/product/show/24 Now before someone says why not stay with a Brand name like Mobil, Shell, etc.? In my opinion, this is no different than someone running Amsoil, Schaeffer, Brad Penn, Redline, etc. They are all a boutique oil, no difference. Its dexos1, gen2-certified: https://www.centerforqa.com/dexos/ So I'm going to start using it in my OPE, then in the 6.0l, then in the Equinox; as I see that it will do what it is supposed to do. Figure I'll send a sample to Blackstone for some baseline. I'm guessing it's similar to the typical "synthetic", being a refined dino oil. 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd

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