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  1. My '21 6.2 Trail Boss would eat 5.0's for lunch on the street light to light. It also felt faster than this ZR2, but I only have 1200 miles on it so it will probably losen up some. I would have been happy to keep the TB, but the dealer offered me almost 7,000 more than I paid for the truck on trade. I would have been foolish to keep it.
  2. Ha, I think the same thing! We are right around 600'-700' above sea level.
  3. Yeah, light to light on the street, the 6.2 in auto 4wd is hard to beat!
  4. Thanks! Unfortunately the ZR2 does not have sport mode. I was in 4auto with traction and advanced trac off.
  5. Actually the vette had a better reaction time. .6689 and I had a .9784. These trucks are terrible to launch. If you brake tq them they bog, and when you just release the brake and stop the gas there is a delay. I always leave when the last yellow lights up but you almost have to leave before it.
  6. Well I took the ZR2 to the local 1/8 mile track tonight. The conditions weren't ideal being that it was 90° and humid but she did pretty good. The only mod is the GMPP Borla S-type exhaust. My best time was a 9.62 and I was able to hold my own with this vette!
  7. I could be wrong but you have the 5.3. Which is only built at Tonawanda NY-T, Spring Hill TN-N St Catherine's Canada-K and Mexico which I believe is A. I'll have to double check.
  8. No, it's the s-type for the ZR2. The ZR2 has turn downs under the bumper and not through the tips. This was the only exhaust GM offered for this truck. The Touring has one big muffler and the s-type has one smaller muffler and a resonator right after it. You will notice it in the video.
  9. I just got the GMPP exhaust installed on my ZR2. Pretty happy with the sound. Much better than the Borla Touring I had on my 6.2 Trail Boss.
  10. I had a '21 Trail Boss and really disliked the Duratracs. They were horrible in wet weather and not that great in the snow either. I have always bought. BFG at2 tires in the past. They are pretty quiet and fantastic in the snow. I recently bought a 2022 ZR2 silverado which has the Goodyear territory mt's. I must say...they are sooo much better than the Duratracs thus far. Wet weather traction is really good and they are very quiet compared to the Duratracs when they were new. Time will tell if they stay that way I can't wait to see how they handle the snow.
  11. No more lift than the Trail Boss Ranchos. Im pretty sure the ZR2 is higher because of the larger tires.
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