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  1. On the video TFL trucks put out the Zr2 looks to have the exact same front upper and lower control arms as the 2019-2021's and they have the same 2" factory lift as the trail boss. The only difference I saw was the rear leaf spring pack had a few more leafs in it. It seems to me that the DSSV shocks would bolt right in a 2019-2021 truck! It also would seem to me that the factory UCA's are tougher than we think.
  2. Your right. My bad. It was 3am. When I first watched this. I thought they were talking about the diesel.
  3. The first one must have been leaked. This one is still up.
  4. I have to say... the Zr2 looks sick! I'm happy GM used the DSSV Multimatic shocks, and added front and rear lockers, but only a n/a 6.2??? Come on there should have at least been a supercharger on there for sure!!! The interior is better that I thought it would be, but that console shifter is terrible, looks like something out of a Dodge. Also, I'm not too crazy about front of the non-Zr2 trucks either. Another thing I don't understand is why would GM put the 8 speed transmission behind the high output 3.0 diesel?? I would take the old version with the 10 speed all day long! Let me
  5. I have the GMPP aka Borla touring system, but if I hadn't got a smoking deal on it I was going to go with this muffler. Banks always makes top of the line products and I have no doubt this is muffler is no exception. It has a chamber in the muffler to eliminate drone. For 300 bucks it's much cheaper that the Borla and worth trying in my opinion. https://www.bankspower.com/i-955-exhaust-muffler-stainless-steel-3-5-inch-inlet-and-outlet-for-2005-2016-ford-truck-6-8l-6-2l-and-chevy-6-0l-6-2l.html
  6. Sorry it took so long my contact was on vacation. Your engine was built in Spring Hill Tennessee.
  7. I have a video of a cold start in cab and some steady cruising where I experienced drone with my old system and have none with the Borla Touring GMPP system.
  8. St. Catherine's in Canada does as well. Let me ask an engineer. It's stumping me. I'm just a lowly pipefitter!
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