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  1. To answer your question, you don't need a deposit, or at least I didn't. I ordered a 2022 ZR2 silverado on 12-15-2021. We worked out a price for my trade, a 21 6.2 trail boss and Zr2 was delivered on 5-18-2022. The dealer told me he would guarantee my trade value till whenever the truck came in, and I could also keep driving the trail boss. They gave me $7,000 more than I paid for it on trade, and because I am a GM employee I also received the discount on the ZR2. It was a no brainer for me. If for some reason when the ZR2 came in, and I didn't want it, I could just walk away. If you want a new truck, order one if for some reason the economy tanks (which is quite possible) and you don't want it anymore, walk away. If it were me, I would try to work a deal and get your trade value guaranteed in writing while the market is still high.
  2. My neighbor has a 2020 rst silverado with the 3.0 duramax. He loves the truck and is completely satisfied with its performance and fuel economy. That being said, he test drove 2022 ZR2 silverado with the 6.2 and was shocked at how fast it was. He asked if it was supercharged. The 3.0 diesel is a great engine no doubt, but if your looking for a pretty quick and powerful truck anywhere in the rpm range, get the 6.2. This is a video of my 6.2 ZR2 racing a 2002 corvette.
  3. L9 does in fact disable the DFM system. I have the Borla S-type exhaust and it is very easy to tell if the system is active. When you come to a stop it can clearly be heard. When I put the transmission in L9 and come to a stop the engine doesn't make the sound. My 21 trail boss was the same way and when I had the Pulsar LT installed it also didn't make the sound.
  4. So we took a 1500 mile road trip to Myrtle Beach from Buffalo NY this past week. 2 adults 3 kids 7-15 yrs old. My 15 yr old son has a job and saved up to buy his first truck, a 1999 s10 zr2 in NC and we towed it home on a U-haul car transport. The ride on the way down was fantastic. The dssv shocks work so well. While cruising at any speed they soaked up any large dips or bumps in the road while always feeling stable and planted in the curves. Where I found they really excelled was while towing. The 99 zr2 and trailer had a combined weight of 6,000 lbs. The way the U-haul trailers are designed, most of that weight is on the tongue. The dssv's were phenomenal! No matter how fast I was going when I hit a bump or dip in the road the truck never felt unstable or loose. They soaked everything up! There were many times I would forget I was towing a trailer. I averaged 18.5 mpg on the way down, the bed was pretty much full with all our stuff. While towing we coverd 736 miles, averaged 10.5 mpg and had an average speed of 68.2 mph. I had the cruise set at 79 mph for a good part of the way, even while climbing Fancy gap and Flat top in Virginia and West Virginia. The 6.2 had plenty of power and easily maintained that speed up all the hills. It honestly never left me wanting more power. While towing through the hills I left the transmission in L9 so the DFM would be disabled. My only complaint would be the seats. After about 8hrs on the road my a** was sore. They are too firm for my liking, but better than the ones in my 21 Trail boss. I really do appreciate the new electric shifter as well. It is very convenient to just toggle it back and forth to switch in and out of D and L verses trying to move a column shift while driving. I also don't feel it took up any needed space in the console. We had plenty of room for all our devices and drinks. All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase and feel the ZR2 package is well worth the extra cost above a Trail Boss. Even if you don't do a lot of off roading. You will still benefit from a much better ride on road and the ability to tow a good amount of weight with confidence!
  5. My 2021 6.2 Trail Boss always had a tick noise. I never had an check engine light come on and it always ran flawlessly. My 2022 ZR2 also has the 6.2 and for some reason it us much quieter. No ticking noise at all. They both have DFM active. Who knows.
  6. Ha! I noticed that as well in the pics. It's good now.
  7. So, I like the look of polished SS or chrome tips. I appreciate the tucked up exhaust of the ZR2 and wanted to keep that but just add a little bling! I found these on Amazon and decided to give them a shot. For 15 bucks a piece why not. I tried to weld them on but the ss is just too thin. So I went with a 2.75 in band clamp and it turned out pretty good. https://youtu.be/Izm-hWLqc0M
  8. Nice! My ZR2 definitely doesn't have it. What engine do you have?
  9. Wow! Can you post up a picture of it on the dash? I'd like to see it.
  10. So I ordered my 2022 ZR2 silverado on 12-15-2021. The truck was built on 2-28-2022 and delivered on 5-18-2022. I paid one price increase due to the build date. Well I just received a check in the mail for 1153.44 that stated "refund PPR incentive not reflected." I texted my salesman and he told me that GM honored the price at the date I ordered it, and refunded me the difference. That dropped the total price of my truck to 61057.56 after my GM employee discount. If you ordered your truck before or during some of the price increases you should be getting a check.
  11. My '21 6.2 Trail Boss would eat 5.0's for lunch on the street light to light. It also felt faster than this ZR2, but I only have 1200 miles on it so it will probably losen up some. I would have been happy to keep the TB, but the dealer offered me almost 7,000 more than I paid for the truck on trade. I would have been foolish to keep it.
  12. Ha, I think the same thing! We are right around 600'-700' above sea level.
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