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  1. Mine does this intermittently since the last update on my android except it changes every time I get in the car, sometimes will be normal volumes others turned all the way down. Wont let me adjust the volume settings on my phone sometimes when it foes this also, very annoying.
  2. The tundra extended cab didnt even have all the same tests done, the crew cab fared much worse in the ratings I mentioned. The small frontal overlap tests represent very common types of collisions and are where the toyota really struggles. Your link literally just confirmed what I said. As for towing, yes people with light duty trucks do tow, but in general, people that are towing all the time buy heavier duty trucks, I'm not saying the mpg isn't important, but less important for this class of truck, which in general is used as often or more often without towing than a heavier duty truck. My buddy traded his tundra in for a diesel because without towing, he was getting roughly 13 mpg combined. Can you get better? Sure, but it is a very inefficient (by current standards) engine. And like I said on my 6.2 i get about 17-18, I'm relatively happy with that because I have a heavy foot.
  3. The small frontal overlap crash test for the tundra was bad, on the passenger side was horrible, completely collapsed into the occupants leg compartment. The ram and ford are by the far the best in crash tests, gm/chevy aren't as good as those, and toyota was pretty abysmal, but that is because it is a design that came out in 2007, it is on par with vehicles from that time, not from now. I get about 17-18 combined non towing on my 6.2, a tundra would be around 13-14. I would think towing numbers would be more important for a super duty or heavy duty truck, most people with light duty dont tow or do so intermittently. For me it's a non factor, I use my truck bed, but dont really tow anything.
  4. Got mine back from the shop. The safety tech is working again. Found out there had been an error code about the bcm that I didnt know about, never gave me a visual error on the gauges or anything, but they said everything should be taken care of now. Am still having issues with the infotainment, but they are intermittent so probably just going to have to live with them. Hoping all the brake and safety stuff is really fixed now, so far so good.
  5. Outdated in terms of design, safety (strength of the frame etc, horrible crash tests), horrible mpg even for a truck. They have everything there, it just feels old dated. I agree they are by far the most reliable, but they need to do some updates desperately.
  6. So I should expect to have a less reliable vehicle when I'm spending more money on it? All I was saying was that if i expect a $20k car to be reliable, then i certainly expect a $50k car to be reliable.
  7. I think everyone should be able to expect a certain level of reliability regardless of cost, but when a $20k Corolla has fewer reliability issues than a $50k + truck that is a problem. A lot of the technology on these top of the line trucks is available on much cheaper vehicles, quality control is the difference. So really, if I can expect good reliability on a much less expensive vehicle, shouldnt I really expect to have that when I'm spending more?
  8. Expecting a vehicle that costs this much money to work is a reasonable expectation. It's great if you have a vehicle that works well, but regretting purchasing the vehicle because it has constant problems is a pretty normal response.
  9. I have had this happen once, but also had it where it just decided to play over the air radio and either satellite radio or something from my phone at the same time and it wouldn't let me change it. Also had numerous issues with it just deciding it wont let me have any volume or changes the volume settings over bluetooth randomly when I get in the truck. Usually restarting the truck will fix it. For the first two issues, it took a couple hours foe the first and the second it was working again the next day. Lots of little issues like this and next to impossible for a dealer to fix them.
  10. Ford and ram will be similar, toyota not so much, there is no comparison on reliable with toyota, but they are so outdated, that is the trade off. I'm kind of in the same boat, but not as bad as the OP. Mine is in the shop right now to have the safety tech fixed from the previous recall, also having the new recall done. Evidently it had previously had the bcm code, so that is not reassuring. I haven't had most of the major issues, outside of the safety tech and parking sensors not working or going haywire, but I have had numerous issues with the infotainment system and tons of recalls forna vehicle I have had less than 3 months. I love the truck and am sure I will be fine with it after I get it back, just not a good new car experience in the least.
  11. Ever since the over the air update or maybe the recall, dont remember, whenever I'm streaming music from phone via bluetooth or usb connection, my truck has no decided it will change the volume settings on my phone each time I start the car. Anyone seen this? It will also not always let me make adjustments to the volume on my phone when it has changed it. This is a problem because sometimes I'll get in, it will turn down the volume all the way on my phone so I have to turn the truck volume way up, next time I get in, ita reverted to a higher volume and blasts my ear drums out.
  12. Check your state's lemon laws. In a lot of states they have a maximum of 4 attempts to fix the same issue until you can initiate the lemon law process and get your vehicle bought back. It isn't fun and takes months, but sometimes is the best option.
  13. They just issued a recall to fix this issue that recall caused. If they did the latest one and it's still doing that that doesn't bode well. I have my appt on tuesday, no safety features work except blind spot monitor. With all the stuff I've seen I'm almost afraid to drive it at this point waiting to see if the brakes will go out or not. Also since the over the air update for the infotainment I've been having issues with that where it decides to play whatever music is on at an entirely different volume everytime I start the vehicle. Loving GM right now.
  14. Same I had 5 fords and after having lemon lawed my last f150 and all the other problems I have had with them decided I was done with ford. Now I just have to worry about if my brakes are going to stop working on any of the 200+ miles of highway and texas back roads I drive every single day. Hate to say it, but done with American vehicles after this until they can get their quality back up.
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