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  1. The new ram has had 13 recalls in its first year. That doesn't include all the other known issues that aren't part of the recalls, such as poor air conditioning, various leaks, all sorts of infotainment issues that often prevent it from being used at all (they are telling people just to wait for them to come up with a fix for over a year). Transmission shudders and jerking, brakes squealing, excessive wind noise/whistling, etc. They are very comfortable and well thought out cabins, but definitely having major reliability problems.
  2. For the at4s specifically, they retuned the suspension, is supposedly much smoother and less likely for the tail end to kick out over certain kinds of bumps/holes.
  3. Just curious since these are out now, for those that have them, does the acceleration feel any better with the new 10 speed transmission?
  4. I guess I need to clarify something. I'm not talking about responsibility. Sometimes people are responsible for their accidents sometimes they are not. Regarding the use of this technology, it doesn't really matter. The point is that it can save people's lives. In some cases it can save the life of the person making the mistake, or as in the example I gave with the methed out driver, save the life of an innocent person that did absolutely nothing wrong. You talk about innocent people dying in drive by shootings (which isn't the same) and use the fact that people dont make a big deal out of that as justification for innocent people dying from accidents that could easily be lessened or prevented by inexpensive, readily available technology. And you quote scripture to try and justify it as well. I guess I just dont think people should have to die for mistakes that can be prevented because they are irresponsible or because they are simply human and make a mistake. This doesn't mean there shouldnt be any consequences. If someone is routinely causing problems or breaking the law, take their license, put them in jail, whatever is relevant in each particular case, but doesn't mean we shouldn't lessen their impact, or in many cases, prevent them from hurting or killing other people.
  5. Because you dont ever make mistakes? Please. Ignoring the fact that you have a really crappy perspective, I'll give you another example where this technology can help. A man high on meth was driving a big pick up truck on the highway at approximately 90 mph. Ahead of him, the traffic was completely stopped. He never once braked and his vehicle had no automatic emergency braking. The result is that when he rear ended the stationary sedan belonging to a woman that was doing absolutely nothing wrong was that his vehicle basically shaved off the entire top of her vehicle and killed her. His vehicle suffered little damage and he had minor injuries. If his vehicle had this technology it could have slowed down enough to save the innocent womans life and maybe avoid the collision entirely. I guess this was natural selection too because she didn't purchase a larger vehicle?
  6. What a horribly cold hearted assessment for something you only know a very small amount of details about. First, teenagers do stupid stuff. I did as a teen. You did too. Just because our mistakes weren't fatal doesn't mean it's just "natural selection" and should be dismissed as a disrespectful person. You dont know anything about this person or the argument. And while "you're sure" it happened the way you think, being that I actually worked on it and shared very few details about it here, I'll go with my knowledge on it. The accident did involve her losing control, but this was more due to her not reacting quickly enough because of her speed. Her vehicle wasn't all over the road. If this safety tech was on her vehicle it absolutely could have made a difference. Regardless, I'm not going to chalk it up to natural selection or act like she deserved it because as a teenager she made a stupid decision. And I never said this tech was to take over for people paying attention, but it definitely helps. The only opposition I've heard to this is that it makes people lazy and apparently they deserve it if they get in an accident. It's a stupid and heartless argument with no basis in fact.
  7. Wow, this is something else. My point is that stupid people do stupid stuff whether or not they have these safety technologies on their vehicles. Does it make some people lazier? Probably, but for the vast majority of people, these are just tools to help, not take over or absolve from responsibility. Most people that drive drunk will do it whether or not their vehicle has these features. Why? Because their cognitive abilities are impaired and this is true regardless of their vehicle. Maybe these people having automatic emergency braking or lane keeping tech will keep them from killing someone else. You cant cure stupid, but at least you can limit the damage done. And I'll give you an example of a really sad case I had when I worked in the insurance industry. A teen girl 17 years old got in a fight with her dad, took the keys to his Porsche without telling him and was in such a bad state of mind she ended up driving over 100mph partially into a concrete barrier. This vehicle did not have any collision mitigation technology as it was still pretty new at the time. The entire drivers side of the vehicle was gone, basically scraped off, including a lot of the driver. Was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. If this vehicle had the capability to brake on it's own like the newer vehicles you are complaining about do, the accident would have undoubtedly still occurred, but at maybe half the speed or less, and if that is the case she would have had a pretty good chance of surviving. This was a normal person that made a stupid mistake as any one could do. This technology can save lives, it's not a bad thing and while I'm not sure what evidence you have to support your statement that it makes people lazier, I've personally witnessed numerous circumstances where it has helped people or could have helped had they had it.
  8. So there is a huge problem with your argument. You are basically blaming all these issues on advanced safety tools in vehicles making people lazy or careless. They already were. There have always been drunk drivers and people texting and putting on their make up, having features in these vehicles that helps limit the damage they can cause is a good thing. Whether or not their licenses should be revoked is a separate issue. And here is another newsflash for you, as good of a driver as you think you are, you aren't. You're human. You get tired or distracted at times like everyone else. I'm sure there have been times you have nearly been in accidents that other people who were paying more attention managed to avoid. It's normal, no one is infallible. I used to work in the auto insurance industry. I've seen numerous circumstances where historically good drivers made one mistake one time or weren't paying attention and were severely injured or killed because of it. In many of these circumstances, had there been advances safety tech on their vehicles, while the accidents may have still occurred, it could have made the difference between walking away with bruises and a couple broken bones vs dying. Just because you are incapable of seeing the benefits here doesn't mean they dont exist. Hell some of this stuff may have prevented other people from hitting you without you even knowing it.
  9. There are a lot of people that like this tech, especially those that drive a lot, it's easy to get distracted after a lot of driving and this stuff is there to help not only keep you safe, but those around you as well. Most of it is optional anyway, as you know since you dont have it on yours, so what is the problem?
  10. As someone that has had to lemon law a truck, I would NEVER buy a lemon branded vehicle or buyback. You save some money but the nightmare and hassle of owning it will not be worth it. And from my experience with dealership service departments, I wouldn't trust that they fixed the issue.
  11. They announced several months ago they are redoing the interior for the 2021 model year. They have been consistently hammered by pretty much everyone about the interior design and quality of the new model and are definitely losing a lot of sales because of it. If ram hadn't been so nice, it wouldn't have been such a big deal but ram just set a new standard and the other companies have to improve their interiors to keep up. No idea if the strike will effect the timing though.
  12. I really didn't think I would like a HUD either until we got a new suv for my wife that has one. I hate not having it now when I drive my own vehicle. Think you just gave to get used to it.
  13. It probably had the base v6 engine, no one is getting that good with the hemi. Even with e-torque lot of people aren't even getting out of the teens.
  14. When its closer to time for me to buy (end of the year), I'm going to try and get one for an extended test drive and hopefully they won't be that bad. There are a lot of things I like about the sierra, i think it is actually more functional when it comes to doing truck things and definitely has a better engine/ transmission setup with the 6.2 liter.
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