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  1. Man this is really disheartening to hear. I drive between 800 and 1200 miles per week also, have to have comfortable seats. Dont want to buy ram because of the reliability, same with ford, had major issues with them. Buying a new truck in about 3 months really cannot decide what to do.
  2. Pretty sure it's the same shocks, but adjusted. No idea how much different it really is, but AOA and motor trend seemed pleased. Regardless, I wouldn't trade a 19 for a 20 because of it. You are better off replacing the ranchos with bilsteins or something else. Would cost less than what you would lose on your trade.
  3. Yeah I want the ACC too, that was a pretty huge omission for the 2019s in my opinion. Any improvements to the suspension are good though. Hopefully the tweaks will help with some of the issues with the ranches. If not, guess I'll upgrade to the bilsteins down the road.
  4. Saw this on motor trend also, they said the ride and handling were better as well.
  5. Just saw in motor trend and an alex on autos video that gm retuned the suspension and shocks for the 2020 model, supposedly rides a lot better and hopefully will help with the rear end hopping. Appreciate all the responses. I'm reasonably certain I'll end up going with an AT4 when I buy my truck at the end of the year.
  6. Just found out they did retune the suspensions for the 2020 models, doesn't improve the interior, but the ride is supposed to be significantly improved. The interior changes aren't until 2021 my and no one knows what they will be, although I suspect, like others have said it will be very similar to the new tahoe/yukon interiors, which no one has seen yet.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Feeling a little better about the seats, think an extended test drive is a great idea to see about the wheel hop, but doesn't sound like it is too bad.
  8. I had a 2017 f150 I had to lemon law. Never had any issues with rear end hopping outside of normal rwd biased fish tailing that happens with any truck or rwd sports car. That isn't a problem, I know how to drive a truck. I was referring to the numerous posts I've seen talking about the rear end hopping way worse than that to the point it is a safety issue. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  9. Getting a truck at the end of the year, my concerns with AT4, which is what I want are the rear end hopping and seat comfort. For those of you that have had them a while, are you having issues with the rear end hopping when it shouldnt? I've also heard from multiple people the seats are really uncomfortable. I drive about 200 miles per day, how bad are they? Thanks.
  10. I agree that they look bad. Yes they are simple, but they look for cheap and very dated. If these trucks were cheaper it wouldn't be a big deal, but they charge too much to be using stuff like that in my opinion. Still like the trucks overall though.
  11. New tundra is delayed until 2021 model at the earliest, some people are saying it may not come until as late as a 2023 model. I was going to wait on the tundra too, but will probably end up going with what you just got.
  12. Just curious from anyone that has one and drives alot, how are the seats? I drive at least 160 miles a day, seat comfort is very important to me.
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