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  1. This is bullcrap. 2020 RST 6.2L 10 speed auto, still clunking in the rear end when coming to a hard stop (3-1 downshift). Doesn't do it when you just gently come to a rolling stop, so Im wondering if its torque converter related? $55k truck and this is just seeming to get more and more disappointing as the miles roll on. Im at less than 1800 miles too, btw.
  2. I folded them down and folded the seats up, I don't need the rear seats at all but you almost gotta get a cab with 4 doors. I will try spreading them out a bit and swapping.
  3. Theres a little button on the grommet that you gotta squeeze in, then pull up on the headrest
  4. How many miles would you say it took? I also can't find this annoying rattle coming from the backseat
  5. Dang if you were closer to st louis id say lets swap
  6. Nah no contamination issues at the major chains. i use about 20 gallons a week
  7. Yeah I was too.. then with 16 miles on the clock driving home from the dealership I got the rock chip of a lifetime.. Oh well.
  8. Mine does it too, I have the 22" snowflake wheels. I thought it was normal for the large wheel with little sidewall
  9. So glad to hear Im not the only one. I don't have a HC, just a regular ol RST. I wonder why it only does it on the auto stop for me, but not cold starts or even warm starts for that matter. Im failing to see what is actually squeaking tho, is this an oil pressure issue to the valve train?
  10. Love my new truck, but it came with the option 22" chrome wheels, and while they look killer, I just feel like its contributing to the rougher ride than i'd like. Would I gain any benefit from stepping down to a 20", or would I need to go with an 18" to really notice the difference of the added sidewall? Theres a guy local that has brand new 18" takeoffs from his new silverado, they look decent in my opinion. Would like to keep the 275 or even a 295 contact patch tho, the 20" option i want is the GMC honeycomb from factory reproductions. Thanks for any input
  11. Dealer fixed it for me today, I had broken one of the wing clips so it wasn't lining up. All done now, I have learned my lesson on doing mods myself on something this new haha. Did install my running boards yesterday trouble free tho
  12. I don't get the hate for the DFM, I personally love being able to tool around at 21mpg and have the power there when I need it. I haven't put enough miles on it to really develop a hate for it
  13. Yeah man, i screwed around with it for 2 hours trying to seat the bottom 3 first, the clips on the wings are either moving or i have accidentally damaged them
  14. Im alone so im sure a helper would have made it a little easier. Im an OTR truck driver so I gotta wait another week to get it to the dealer. Im afraid im gonna break it if i try it again
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