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  1. I will, if everything goes as planned, we can be done with everything by the end of 2021. Short of another mortgage when we move, I hope to not have debt again.
  2. If it were something that I absolutely needed, it would be different. I got it just to keep up with the Jones'.. owing as much on my truck as I do on my house just rubbed me the wrong way after the "honeymoon" wore off of the truck (after the first week..)
  3. Well she's gone and paid off now. Carvana was a great experience. Paid cash on the barrel for a 2006 ford escape, feels much better to own it and be out from under that debt. The ford needs a few things, it won't be my forever car, but if I can get 2-3 years from it I'll be happy. 95k miles, needs all of the front ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links. 3.0 v6 so it needs a front bank valve cover gasket (oil weepage). Other than that just the typical ford rust. Wifes car, and my mortgage are the only debt left. Really can't wait to not owe anyone anything. Wish I would have never got this S
  4. Carvana is giving me 42,200 will be picking it up some time this week. I can't believe how easy of a process it was
  5. There's a country song about it, "lessons learned.."
  6. Thanks. Yea, ish happens. Get a new job making a lot more money and you start thinking hmmm what kind of stupid crap can I buy now... My sweet wife is too supportive sometimes of my dumb decisions, but it's alright. I didn't bankrupt us or anything. Owing more on a truck than I owe on my house is something that creeps in and eats at me nightly when I'm trying to fall asleep too haha
  7. Thanks for the mention of carvana and carmax, I have to admit they were completely off my radar, carvana offers 42,000. If I were to go this route, I could just totally be done with it and pay cash for a car on the marketplace or a local dealer that I actually trust. One thing that is an advantage for me is I'm not desperate to get rid of it. Im paid in advance through June of this year (i guess if you pay more than the minimum, chevy pushes out the next due date) so the matter of "affording" it isn't my issue with it, it's that I am dissatisfied with the product to the point that
  8. If I could find someone to pay me what I owe on it, I'd sell it outright and buy a different vehicle with cash. I got a truck thinking I'll need a truck, and low and behold I've not used it as a truck once haha
  9. I was blinded by the 0% interest/no payments for 4 months, and didn't do my research enough to see that had I taken the rebates instead I would be better off in the short term. That's the financial side of it. The reason I want to trade the truck isn't because of the financial side, it's because I purely hate the truck. Very dumb decision on my part, I traded a vehicle that I owned outright and thought "I'll treat myself to a brand new vehicle" Looking back on the day that I bought it, i really should have listened to my gut feeling that it didn't feel right. TL;DR, huge buyers re
  10. Where did I ever say I wouldn't buy used?
  11. What can I expect for trade value on my 2020 6.2 RST? Blue book is putting it at 40,891-43,544. Dealer where I bought the truck from said 37, i just can't stomach that big of a drop.. 55k 8 months ago, I just can't see how it depreciates 18k in 8 months. One thing I can at least say I've learned with this is I will never buy another new vehicle again.
  12. Got off work this morning and went to start the truck, it does its usual 6.2 "normal" squeal, i let it warm up for 2 min like i always do while i get my coffee poured and situated out of my thermos, throw it in reverse and the dash says "park assist off". I didn't touch the button on the center stack at all, so i put it back in park and shut the truck off to see if it would reset it. It didn't. Drove home with the system still saying "park assist off" (doesn't do anything when I press the button in the center stack). Got parked at my house and I walk around the truck, its raining and about 41
  13. yep.. I've just folded my rear seats up and headrests down. One of the many things i truly hate about this truck, wish i would have never bought it.
  14. I notice my truck takes a LOOONG time to cool down the air coming out of the vents, even when its only in the 80s.
  15. This is bullcrap. 2020 RST 6.2L 10 speed auto, still clunking in the rear end when coming to a hard stop (3-1 downshift). Doesn't do it when you just gently come to a rolling stop, so Im wondering if its torque converter related? $55k truck and this is just seeming to get more and more disappointing as the miles roll on. Im at less than 1800 miles too, btw.
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