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  1. Yea I like the look of the black ones much better too.
  2. I ordered a pair of the plain black ones and am trying to come up with an idea for how to customize them. I never liked the chrome outlined ones.
  3. Nice looking truck. Were the side badge/vents easy to replace? I'm looking at changing mine to those.
  4. Wow that looks like shit. Can't believe they tried to get this by someone. What is the smeared stuff around the gouge or is that also more touch up paint?
  5. Well after turning off the trailer notification last night I got in the truck this morning and the screen showed lane change alert disabled and says I have trailer lights that are out. I unhooked everything and finally got the truck to clear the errors. Looks like I will go with the other plan to wire directly to 12V and not play with fire anymore.
  6. Thanks Ryno12 for the information I have never heard of this. I just turned it off in the trailer settings and now the lights don't flicker or flash at all when off. Either I got lucky or it was fixed with one of the recall/software updates. Anyhow thanks again.
  7. Looks like the running light source has some monitor/power activity even when powered off. Guess I will have to run power for the bed lights to the 7 way 12v constant and just remember to turn off the switch when not in use. Either that or run them constant with a relay to the factory bed lights.
  8. For some reason my LED bed lights that i installed flash every 5 or so seconds when my running lights are off (they are wired to be on when the running lights are on). I wired them with a CURT 56584 wiring harness to avoid cutting or splicing any factory wiring harness and used the running light wire and ground to power the LED bed lights. When I switch them on with the running lights on they also flash about 7 times then they finally power on normally. Does anyone have an idea why they would flash?
  9. Thanks for the info. Another project for me to work on.
  10. Nice, can you share how you ran the wiring and how you wired them to the trailer plug?
  11. I really like these. 20x8.5 Wheel Fits Chevrolet Silverado Sierra Blk w/Chrome GMC Truck Rim 5696
  12. I have the 2 lights that were factory installed in the rear of the bed but they are almost worthless for illumination. Anyone that has added additional bed lights, where did you wire them for power? I thought about just tapping off the existing ones but I don't want to throw a code. I have a set of magnetic 12V LED light strips, just need to power them.
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