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  1. Yea mine still does this but only under light acceleration. More like a rattle than a tick I guess. It is annoying. My 2019 5.3L didn't do this at all.
  2. I have a rattle sound under light acceleration between 1-1.5K rpm. Not sure if this is like yours. Not my video but sounds just like my truck, a 2021 6.2L (Turn up volume to hear it). It's driving me nuts especially on a new expensive vehicle.
  3. Mine does this too. May be ice accumulating on one of the front sensors. That or road grime.
  4. Does anyone else notice this noise when in 4 cyl or less than 8 cyl mode? Wondering if it is due to the flapper or flappers. Edit: Not my truck, found this on another thread, but sounds just like mine.
  5. Is this the exhaust leak type sound you are hearing?
  6. Unseen issues will continue to exist no matter how thorough an inspection but uneven body panels and out of alignment beds should not. Especially at 60-70K. I don't think that is a lot to ask for with any manufacturer.
  7. TSB regarding vertical alignment is here in case anyone needs it. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10181703-9999.pdf
  8. Found this TSB regarding bed alignment and it may help some here. I haven't taken it to the service dept yet. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10181703-9999.pdf
  9. Yea I have a rattle in that same area. I tried to locate it by putting pressure on different parts of the dash with no luck. It changes with different temps as some days there is no rattle at all.
  10. Yea regarding up and down mine is really close on the passenger side but off quite a bit on the drivers side as well. When I had the TSB done to correct the left to right, the I noticed the bed is now centered but it is not quite as wide as the cab overall.
  11. Yea it would be nice to be able to disable it. I would hate to accidentally open it on my closed garage door.
  12. Yea first time. Live and learn. The lifter sound may be normal not sure but I can't believe these leave the factory without at least a visual inspection. I had the bed centered but the service dept didn't think it could be leveled with the body lines of the cab.
  13. I am not impressed at all with my 2021. Bought sight unseen. Bed is not properly aligned (I guess no one even inspects these trucks as they come off the line) and also have engine noise that sounds like an exhaust leak at 1k-1.5k rpm under load.
  14. That sucks. I had a 2019 5.3L 1500 Denali that I recently traded for a 2021 6.2 Denali sight unseen (last time I do that). I wish I would had kept the 2019 as I had no issues with it besides the hard seats and the current used market made it very tempting to trade up. New truck bed not centered and is not level with the cab and exhaust leak sound at 1000-1500 RPM with 1K miles so far. Of course the dealer says it is normal. They always do as long as it still drives down the road. Quality control is not so good. I am already looking around at other vehicles and deciding what is it worth to dump this truck.
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