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  1. Thanks for posting your setup! Question for you.....on the last page of this thread is a black trail boss that basically sounds like he did the same 2" front 1" rear ready lift kit. He says hes running a 35" tire, hes also running a 20" wheel but with zero offset. I just dont understand how a 35 is fitting?Thanks for you input! Trailboss +1" lift with 35 x12.5 x18 - Page 2 - 2019 / 2020 Silverado & Sierra - GM-Trucks.com (gm-trucks.com)
  2. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic. I want to buy a set aftermarket wheels. I wanted to see if I could fit a 20x10 wheel but I'm having a hard time finding any. Does anyone know if a 20x10 wheel that will fit and what offset to be looking for? Also with tires.....I have the 2021 trail boss. I'm planning to add the Ready lift leveling kit....It will add 2 additional inches in the front and 1" in the rear. Does anyone know the absolute biggest tire I can fit on the truck?
  3. I’m interested. I have a 2021 trail boss. Does my truck have to have this option for these to work?
  4. Will this work on my 2021 trail boss with 6.2? If so I’m in
  5. There is no exhaust leak sound.....It just sound like a 4 cylinder like a honda or suburu with an aftermarket pipe on it lol. Just sounds weird....Im going to do the pulsar lt as suggested above.
  6. Damn that looks good! Could you post up some measurements to the fender lips please? My truck stock is 39.5" front and 41" rear curious where you ended up? Thanks!
  7. One more question/observation here. Please feel feee to correct me if I’m wrong. To my way of thinking all of these leveling kits are all going to do the same thing to the control arms. Let’s just use 1.5” leveling kit. If it’s a spacer at the bottom at the lower control arm, preload spacers in the spring seat area, spacer in the upper shock mount/frame cup, taller shock, new adjustable coil overs or a combination of any of these.... It’s still shoving the lower control arm down to get the lift. The lower control arm is connected to the spindle and the spindle to the upper control arm. So the upper control arm is getting pulled down the same amount as well....putting the upper ball joint in a bad angle. I’m not doing any leveling kit without upper arms....not worth the ball joint failing and folding a wheel up under my truck. I’m not super fond of the angle and stress placed on the CV axels but at least if one of those fail I’m not looking at catastrophic damage to my truck. I can still stop and steer my way to safety. I like your bilstein spring and shock package I just think you should put some upper arms on your rig also.... just my .02 cents
  8. My first buying experience on this forum. I purchased some Z71 fender badges from Transient. Great communication, lightning fast shipping, and they were exactly as described....100% satisfied.
  9. I’m 39.5 front 41 rear. I have right at 2k miles and haven’t hauled anything in the truck yet
  10. Thanks for posting the pic and the update. Did everything turn out the way you expected? It looks good for sure and your upper control arms look beefy as hell
  11. You have definitely been doing your homework....Great job! I think that all makes good sense
  12. Im going to do this same setup....where did you purchase your shocks and what is the specific part # please? When I'm trying to find these I cant find any for the trail boss
  13. Yeah....I dont use it either was more worried about someone else driving my truck. Im not going to worry about it. Did you watch the youtube video from readylift on this kit? GMC AT4 Chevy Trail Boss Lift Kits - ReadyLIFT - Bing video
  14. Alright man.....appreciate you taking one for the team! lol Funny I talked to the customer service gal at readylift also on Friday lol. I was not super confident in her and her answers to my questions. After looking at almost every leveling kit out there this was the one I originally settled on I just wasn't fond of the "no auto 4wd" So then I wanted a full lift kit but after pricing everything out in that regard and looking at a 10k investment. I want to save an plan for it. Common sense tells me all the leveling kits with arms or with out for that matter might have the same auto 4wd issue. So Im back to this kit as well. I will be joining you soon. I agree with you if you set the strut package at the same height you should be equal-equal. I think Im going to keep my factory shocks on for now. Let me know how you like the bilsteins.
  15. That’s awesome! I need to look into that grill bowtie you have. Can you post a day time pic and a night time pic please? Did you do anything with the little Z71 emblem on the grill? On the exhaust tips....I figure the plasti dip will only last so long. Since I like the look I will change them out for the GM ones a little later.
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