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  1. My truck came with this installed. While I wouldn't have gone out of my way to add it myself, I have to say it looks pretty slick.
  2. $33 refund check for me as well
  3. Got rebate for financing with GM and refinanced. No loss of bonus cash... So unless you have a contract that explicitly states this, I have had the same experience as others on here that it is just the dealership blowing smoke up you know where.
  4. Oil Fill Tube

    Anyone have any updates to this for one that fits the 2018 at the proper angle (i.e. upright) without modification?
  5. I had an issue just between 275/60/20's and 275/55/20's. With the 60/20's I think the torque converter had issues as when stopping and going up hills I had excessive vibration. When I went back to stock size all vibration went away and the ride is much better.
  6. Bridgestone Dueler AT. Just too stiff and bumpy for my taste.
  7. Just pulled those off my 2018. There were no issues with rubbing on the stock suspension. I removed them because I didn't like the ride.
  8. Pulled off my truck after 4K miles to put stock size on. Like new condition. Asking $600 for the set, tires only. 10/32nds + tread remaining on all tires. Don’t want to ship them, so MN Twin Cities area only. Can send more photos if needed
  9. Have you always driven a truck?

    Learned to drive and took my license test on an 83 Suburban Diesel. Shortly after had a short stint in an 85 Bronco. Then wasn't in a truck again until I bought my 04 Silverado. Sadly after nine years in that I totaled it and wasn't in a truck for 6 years until I just bought my 2018 a couple of months ago.
  10. Just refinanced mine after making only 1 payment. I would have done it sooner, but needed the title before refinancing. The day the title came in the mail I finalized the refinance. I was also told to wait 3-4 payments by the dealership so they don't lose whatever incentive, but with the crazy 7.24% GM rate that's not my problem. I got a 2.74% rate through my credit union and don't feel bad in the slightest ditching the GM loan. I have near perfect credit and it's ridiculous the rates GM has just to get the incentive. Cut 2 more years off of the term, and plan to pay it off 2 years early so all good in my book.
  11. You can do your own maintenance no problem. I do and will after the 2 "free" ones.
  12. I'm not in Rogers, just happened to find the best deal there at the time I was looking. It's actually about an hour from where I live.
  13. I picked up a new 2018 LTZ Z71 a month ago for 14K off of MSRP. What closed the deal for me was when I was finding used 2017's with around 25K on them for the same price I paid. I finally got back into a truck after totaling my 04 6 years ago and can't believe I waited so long! Love the truck.

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