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  1. Got this today and have my appointment scheduled... GM Program #: N192265660 Date Issued: Jan 07, 2020 Program Title: Rear Window Defroster Thermal Events - US Only - Exp. 1/31/2022 Program Description: Certain 2014-2019 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles equipped with a power sliding rear window (RPO A48) may have areas of high electrical resistance on the rear defroster circuit. This could be caused, in part, by mechanical stress from opening and closing the rear power window, intrusion of debris, and use of the rear defroster. Over time, this condition could generate heat that could melt the areas surrounding the circuit. In rare instances, this heat could cause a non-propagating fire, increasing the risk of property damage or injury. Repair Description: Dealers will replace the buss bar covers and contact cover. If the rear window or sliding glass assembly appears damaged due to an occurrence of high electrical resistance on the rear defroster circuit, they should also be replaced.
  2. Not on with DRL. You wouldn't see it anyway during the day even if it was.
  3. They're crediting my account for the amount of a bottle of PI to use on a future purchase as otherwise to send it separately they'd charge me for shipping. Works for me
  4. Yeah I shot them an email to see what they can do. I've forgotten to add the promo code on orders in the past when it actually has been active and they've still added it for me. I order enough stuff from them that I'm sure I'll be taken care of.
  5. Got the email yesterday, and I had ordered my stuff on Monday
  6. I never gave them any information when I bought my truck. When the 3 months were up service ended. No harm no foul. Told the salesperson I didn't want to sit with them to do the "welcome call" and that I'd do it on the way home. Never did it. No one is forcing you to give them your payment information.
  7. Well unless you go through the wash with your windows open I wouldn't worry about them falling out... I have the Weather Tech in channel ones on my 2018 and have had no issues in the wash.
  8. My guess is that there are far more 5.3's so that's why you would see more?
  9. Got mine through social media 2 months ago, so they were at least doing it as of then. Still worth a shot.
  10. Yeah I guess I should pay attention to which forum I'm in. It's still early
  11. I really need to start keeping a close eye on mine. I have a 2/2018 build date and haven't noticed anything obvious so far, but it's usually in a ramp or garage during rain and rarely in the rain. I'll start really checking the back after getting it washed then I guess.
  12. Yes different frequency on the TPMS sensor from 18 to 19
  13. The springs that come with the 6112 setup are beefier than the stock ones, so you definitely aren't losing any strength!
  14. So when we pulled the first "old" one out, my buddy's wall mounted spring compressor broke and blew parts all over the place. He's had it for about 25 years and a weld actually cracked and tweaked just enough to send everything flying. We didn't realize that we were missing a top piece, and the washer (pic of the washer from both attached) on the inside of the setup so when we put the new one together it pulled the rubber grommet through. Got a new top plate, figured out the 2 pieces we were missing and found them and then got everything put back together. Luckily he had another friend with a shop and we used his spring compressor to get everything set up on the new ones. Parts diagrams we were looking at didn't show the pieces we were missing, so we thought we had everything. And yes, stock setup is Z71.
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