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  1. Slightly stiffer than stock on regular roads, but totally smooths out the bumps that were rough on the stock fronts. It corners much better as well because there is less of a lean through the corner. I also have the 5100’son the rear that I installed a few weeks ago. A couple of better pictures are attached.
  2. Stock height. A couple quick pictures attached. Had to pull apart ball joint etc. and use a massive pry bar to get the A-arm low enough to get it up in there.
  3. Got everything sorted out and the Bilsteins on. A pain but worth it.
  4. On top underneath between the cap and the bump stop?
  5. Only 8K miles on the original mounting plate, so it should not have failed? Either way I'm just going back to the stock ones before my luck goes bad...
  6. Was installing them on my 2018 last night, and it blew the top of the strut mount right out! Had the top bolt secured and let the pressure off the spring and boom! Luckily we were not in the line of fire although it was just a night for bad luck. My buddy's wall mounted spring compressor broke on the removal of the stock one to get the mounting parts, and that spring went flying as well. Once I get the new mounting plate, the stock ones are going back in. Too paranoid it's going to blow out again although I haven't seen anyone with this same issue.
  7. They push them because they are big margin money makers
  8. I put the Ceramic Boost they sent me on my truck over the weekend. Easy application and it looks great so far.
  9. They're about 2 weeks out as stated. I ordered on the 29th, and they shipped yesterday exactly 2 weeks later.
  10. I had the same experience yesterday. About 4 hours after I sent the request, I had the build sheet in my email.
  11. It's habit. The couple of times I've gotten rentals or loaners with keyless ignition I've had to make a point to remember turning them off. I've never forgotten to turn off one with a key, but that's all I've used for 30+ years. I'm sure if I had a keyless ignition all the time I would quickly get used to shutting it off.
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