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  1. You can have it done wherever you want, or do it yourself. Won't void the warranty, just use the proper oil/filter and you're fine.
  2. Did this swap a couple of weeks ago. Temp has only gotten to 158 once and when it did it cooled back down when the thermostat opened. I'll keep a close eye once it gets warmer here when I would notice the 190+ temps.
  3. Costs me $72 a year. I just renew each year for the $5 a month plus whatever other tax/royalty they tack on. If they won't renew me at that price at some point I'll cancel. I use it outside of my truck all the time in our house through our Sonos app/speakers.
  4. My parts showed up today and I plan to swap them out this weekend hopefully.
  5. Nice, just ordered the same for my 2018 last week. Not due for a little while, but ready when it is.
  6. I'm guessing it's just blowing the rest of the cool air through before it gets to the outside air. Usually takes about 5 min depending on how warm it is outside before it starts getting warmer. I've noticed that on mine.
  7. I get false signals occasionally and just hit the off when it happens. Annoying, but not the end of the world.
  8. I've just always put enough down and paid extra each month to never be upside down to start. If I finance a vehicle, I work to pay that loan off as fast as possible.
  9. I did the same this past weekend at 20K miles. Plenty fuzzy. I did it based on others experience on here. Easy swap and cheap insurance I guess.
  10. Tested mine last night after updating to 13.6 (11 Pro) and everything worked as it did before so the update seems to have worked for me. Again I'm in a 2018, but was having the same issue as those posting here and it hopefully seems to be resolved.
  11. I was thinking an update issue as well. Hopefully sorted out in the next update.
  12. I'm having the same issue in my 2018. Worked perfectly up until a couple months ago and now it's very hit or miss. I'll keep watching this thread to see if anyone has an answer.
  13. Same. Made it through 4 kids never forgetting someone in the back seat lol.
  14. I was unable to use points from my truck purchase online for parts. Had to print up the certificate and use in the dealer. I tried to use it through one of the online gm parts vendors to no avail.
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