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  1. I would assume he’s wanting the part numbers for the carbon trim pieces you installed.
  2. As someone else mentioned, you frame the existing emblem with tape to give yourself guidelines. Remove the old emblems, and line up the new emblem with the tape you put down.
  3. I just checked with a local dealer. Online an 8qt oil change is advertised at $69.99. The fine print excluded diesel. I called... $119 for Diesel.
  4. Which one do you have the extra of? I'm interested.
  5. You can also lift the tail gate by hand, just a few inches, and eventually the automation will take over and close it for you. I discovered that one by accident.
  6. There’s a bunch of different options out there to choose from. Anything will work, just make sure you select for your particular year/make/model/etc. I went with the Go Rhino RB20’s. Easy install. They bolt onto existing threaded holes on the truck. If you can turn a wrench and crawl under your truck, you can do it.
  7. Originally I wanted the SS but in the end I went with the Shadow Gray. No regrets at all. Love the color. I'm in still flip flopping on the badging. I'm can't decide whether to remove the Texas Edition, or change it to black. I already changed the Z71, but not sure if I'm liking it... Any thoughts?
  8. I bought this just a couple weeks ago. First thing I did was remove the dealer stickers. Then I added running boards, stubby antenna and window visors. I swapped the Crome z71 badges for a black & red ones. All the other badges were black already. I was contemplating changing the Texas Edition badge to a black. Now I’m 85% convinced to just remove it. Powder coating the exhaust bezels next.
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