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  1. Besides a few minor things, badges, antennae, dividers, etc., the first purchase... side steps.
  2. I recently installed the BakFlip MX4. I like it a lot. It is my first bed cover so I have nothing to compare it to, but the finish is high quality. Installation was easy enough that I was able to successfully complete it in the dark by myself. It creates a pretty tight seal... we haven't had any torrential downpours since installation, but so far its keeping the water out.
  3. Check you overhead console for the button with the door open icon. If that is off, the lights will not come on when the door opens...
  4. Yes, it will require a subscription.
  5. I found a few little drips inside my rear window after a wash this weekend. The first evidence I have of a rear window leak at 7,400 miles.
  6. ^^^I agree with this. The only thing wireless CarPlay has the advantage over wired is convenience.
  7. Same. Music skips every once in a while. Airplay disconnects sometimes out of the blue.
  8. I know its too soon to know right now, but I'm curious to know how much the lift alters you MPG's.
  9. I have the same question. Did you use headlight tint film? Light smoke?
  10. I don't know what was originally linked, but Boost Auto makes one... https://boostautoparts.com/products/2019-newer-gm-charging
  11. Nice... After your first post and providing the link, I purchased the same. I am quite impressed. We'll have to see how long they hold up. If they don't, I'll either get the OEM wheels powder coated or go with an aftermarket. But for now, these accomplish what I was wanting.
  12. Very well could be, with the cooler temps outside (if you call 73° cool) it could be the reason for the slight delay.
  13. Yes... all the time. That's what happens when warm moist air meets cold air or any cold surface.
  14. I've noticed that my truck now has a slight delay on start-up from when I push the button and I have not taken my truck in for the ECM update. I have had the no start issue three or four times and about three weeks ago, when this new update came out, I noticed my truck now has a slight, but noticeable, delay on start up. Could they be pushing this update over-the-air?
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