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  1. From here it looks like Go Rhino RB20's
  2. I have a '21 and no update either. I've gone to settings>update, but it says I am up to date even though I'm on version 153. Last weekend I took it in for the first oil change and asked that they update it. When I got it back it was not updated. The note on the service reports said it was already up to date??
  3. https://www.autoventshade.com/hood-protection/2021/chevrolet/silverado-1500 Select your vehicle and select color>color match
  4. In regards to the push to talk button on the steering wheel... are you pushing and holding?
  5. You got that right! Let us know how the wrapping goes and what film you end up using. This is one mod that's been on my list, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. Do you use CarPlay or Android Auto? Your best bet is to just use your phone. Download Waze to your phone and use CarPlay or Android Auto to project to your infotainment center. There aren't any apps you can download to your truck that you can't, or probably don't already have on your phone.
  7. My experience has been that if I turn the A/C off, the engine stays off until I take my foot off of the brake. That's true for as long as the red light lasts. I'm sure if I were to sit there too long, the engine would kick back on. ...but if my A/C is on, it kicks back on in 30 seconds or so.
  8. As a fellow American white boy, I am not offended.
  9. I just had my third long crank, no start at just under 5K miles. First was just under 100 miles, then around 2K.
  10. So, Lam... Qwerty, after the dashcam/mirror install and having sometime to get used to it... what are your overall thoughts on the Vantop HF612L? Is the display strapped to the mirror appear bulky or odd, or is barely noticable? Do you have any photo's of how/where you finally mounted the rear view camera?
  11. Like most, I use my phone. Apple Maps (sometimes Waze). It's always up to date.
  12. I went with the Boost Auto Parts wireless charger in the console. Easy install, plug and play, and it looks OEM. https://boostautoparts.com/products/2019-newer-gm-charging?variant=null It made more sense to me to have the charger on the arm rest/console lid. Like any wireless charger, it is slower than the cable, but it works and looks good.
  13. Thanks. I'll have to keep my eye out for the MVI full camera system.
  14. Chris, have you purchased the Intellihaul?
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