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  1. Im holding out as long as I can to get mine fixed hoping a better solution arrives. I don't want a band aid.
  2. Aint that some ******. 9x out of 10 it sounds epic. Its usually the DJ's voice that makes it distort a little bit. Its weird
  3. I notice the quality of the sound go down a little bit when I switch from my bluetoothed iPhone back to Sirius. A little loss of clarity, mostly in voices. Anybody else notice this? Any way to tune it other than the sound settings?
  4. dont not, i repeat, do not use 42 or 5200 with any hopes of ever getting it off. Ittl most likely stop the leak, but if it doesnt the dealer will never get all the material off and youll be royally ****ed
  5. great color youll love the elevation
  6. Im holding off until spring to have the dealer take a look at mine. No rain here (usually) in the winter plus Im hoping theyll have a better plan of attack by then.
  7. Thats a great looking truck. I hate it when there's more cab than bed...looks like a tahoe that the roof fell off of lol. Mine is a double cab standard bed but its a dying breed. I bet my next truck looks like yours
  8. I had a 15 with 5.3 AFM. I liked it a lot at the time. I liked my 19 5.3 8 speed even more. Especially after the transmission clunk TSB was figured out. I really, really like my 21 5.3 10 speed. Butter smooth, definitely feels more powerful. My only gripe is the sliding rear window has a tiny drip that neither of the other two trucks has. Point is, until you drive something better, you’ll probably love any of them. They really are all great trucks. I would push for the 10 speed though. It feels ultra refined.
  9. still have them...make an offer
  10. i accidentally hit mine once. because of the hard cover and some snow/ice, it didnt open. 30 min later driving down a bumpy road, it DID open and with $10k of marine exhaust in the back. thankfully everything stayed put. i didnt realize it had opened until i went to back into the parking space at my destination. i hate that little button.
  11. I might be late to the party here...but Dealer gave me 35k for a wounded '19 Elevation. Had a carfax and a ruined bumper. Only 2k more for a cleaner, newer truck seems lame
  12. Black, 6in. Brand new. Truck had less than 1000 miles when I removed them. Perfect condition, all mounting hardware included. MSRP $750. $350 firm takes them. Ill deliver within 50 miles and can ship them.
  13. I’m leaning towards just having it replaced by a professional glass shop. I don’t want to deal with the dealer. They can only do what Gm lets them do. If I can do it for 5-600 dollars, it stings, but it’s worth it for a 50k truck. what boggles my mind is that GM just about forces to get the slider. Wouldn’t you think they’d stop pushing it by now? They gotta know it doesn’t work.
  14. Yeah I have those. That’s the problem. They aren’t really any smaller than what’s available aftermarket. Guess I’ll just roll with it for a while
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