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  1. Can't beat a Whipple. We use them everyday.
  2. We do a ton of (marine mostly) Whipple installs where I work. There are hardly any downsides to a supercharged engine these days. They really run flawless.
  3. Maybe a hybrid diesel is a long term solution?
  4. I adore my truck. 21 elevation 5.3/10 speed. Zero issues with it. Ive always figured Id buy another right before I see no alternatives to having to buy some hybrid bs. With the way things are looking, Im betting its within 5 years. So that has me thinking, Ill likely be trying to stretch the life out of that truck as long as possible. Im an engine builder by trade, so im not afraid of digging into it 15-20 years from now. What does have me nervous is fuel supply. Where will we be? My thought is as much as Im not a diesel guy, maybe id be better off with the babymax long term. Diesel fuel is easier to make. Who knows, if they shut it ALL down maybe it could be converted to grease? Am I nuts for thinking this way? Im trying to avoid owning an electric vehicle as long as physically possible.
  5. I like the Pulsare so far. I wish it was harder to adjust the throttle response, I hit it a lot lol. Happy with it otherwise and no shudder
  6. totally different truck in L9....and no shudder. Cmon range. Do the 10spd!!!
  7. Ill pass that techlink along to the dealer thanks! Ill try L9 today too. Range still have nothing for the 10 spd?
  8. Feels like I hit a rumble strip on decel, usually around 15mph. Not everytime, doesn't seem to matter hot or cold. Not a brake issue. Im not convinced its a trans issue either. Almost thinking its DFM related. Took it to the dealer, they couldn't replicate. I took the service manager for a ride and could only get it to do it once. He didn't seem worried, but said he would document it. Any else?
  9. I consider myself lucky that mine only drips a small amount when its in steady rain for 6hours +. Until there's a rea; "fix" I cant see trusting a dealer to "try" and fix it...possibly making it worse.
  10. The small block Chevy is one of the toughest most reliable engines ever designed. Nuff' said.
  11. It was optional for a while. When I got my 21' you get 8 or 10 with the 5.3. My 19's 8-speed was rough until they did a TSB on it, was smooth after that. The 10 speed certainly makes the truck feel faster though.
  12. A friend of mine has a 2019 ram with the air suspension, I think it’s one of the stiffest riding trucks I’ve ever been in. My Sierra feels like a Cadillac in comparison. It’s funny though, a friend of mine put airbags in his Silverado and it rides stiff as a board now too. I assumed it was just nature of the beast
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