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  1. Mine is rusting QUICK under there. I was it a lot too. Did anyone ever get a TSB number?
  2. I like my 8 speed. But that's still a kick in the shorts being it's just one year later. Few years from now when people are buying these trucks used nobody will want the 8speed trucks. I doubt they're about to put me in a 20 with a 10spd with the same payment either. Sheesh.
  3. There. I said it. It's butter smooth. It's smart (compared to my old 6 speed which didnt understand what a hill was). It tows well. It hasnt let me down (big old knock on wood there). It isnt alway changing gear trying to make up its mind. The truck gets great gas mileage. The only fault is the occasional jolt between first and second when its cold. And it really is rare. There's so much negativity on here about the 8 speed I thought Id give it at least one thumbs up.
  4. More power never hurts but my 8spd is smooth as silk. If i could run the 6.2 on 87 and get it in an Elevation, I would have gone for it. Absolutely no regrets with my 5.3 though. Great engine.
  5. 2019 Elevation 1998 Kryptonite 27
  6. Yep. Zip tied mine to a brace under there, helped a lot. Drove me crazy too.
  7. Towed 5k lbs up a decent hill at 60mph today. Temp didn't budge. Ill keep an eye on it but its probably fine.
  8. Roanoke, IN build. 400 miles on 5.3 DFM. Lines seem kinda soft to the touch, almost squishy. But no signs of any leaks or yellow marks. The green line is certainly visible. Couldn't help but notice the front cross member has a big ding in it, and only primer around that. Can't see it with the skid plate on but sheesh lol
  9. Anyone else running just a touch over 210? My 2015 5.3 never did. Running a 2019 5.3 DFM. Seems to hover around 210-215 and that's without a heavy load or anything. Not too worried about it, just curious to see if everyone else has the same.
  10. The unfortunate part is any kind of pro-active action (add a hose clamp, use real oil lines with AN fittings, etc) will probably void the warranty. Gonna crawl under my truck tonight. 360 miles on it. Runs great....would love to keep it that way.
  11. Boy, You werent kidding. What a quiet comfortable ride. Funnily enough, I wound up with a Satin Steel Metallic one instead of white. When I saw them side by side I really liked it better. Can't wait to get to know my new rig! Thanks for the help everyone. What a great site.
  12. Picking up an Elevation thursday! Pumped. X31, Buckets. Ill miss the leather but it fits my budget and I love the monochromatic look.
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