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  1. In Michigan there’s 72 month 0% financing. That’s free money; hard to beat. (I think it’s good thru 12/31).
  2. Looking at buying an RST as I’m not too big on chrome. The only issue is, I can’t find one with the power folding mirrors. Is that a special add on package or just not avail in the RST trim level At all? My “ultimate” build would be: - RST trim (color matched bumpers) - BOSE - front bench (so I can have 6 people on board) - heated cloth - heated steering - power fold mirrors (especially if I could get those in the tow mirror version like on the 2500), and I think any trim level on the 2500 has power folding option. - 3.0 baby Duramax - crew cab with 6.5 bed
  3. I just notice the 2017 GMC radio/dash/temp control does not have its unique red color scheme/theme like it use to (at least my 2015 features the "GMC" red theme). So, does it mean the GMC and Chevy now have the same infotainment system (I'm sure it has always been the same "programmatically" but one was called Chevy Link (blue) and the other one was Inteli Link and red)? I kind of liked the red theme as it matches up nicely with the GMC logo...
  4. I have upgraded my truck with a set of MICHELIN DEFENDER LTX M/S. 70,000 thread life and great grip in rain, ice, snow. They do not look "aggressive" but the wear great and ride real nice and quiet. Discount tire has them $250 a piece or so... Not sure where you live, but these tires are something else in snow and ice. On my way to Discout Tire I had to switch it to 4x4 with crappy OEM Eagle Goodyears. On my way home I was fine in the 2 wheel drive mode and we had a bunch of new snow and ice...Discount usually runs specials and promotions. I got $200 off on my set...
  5. I think this a 2014 problem only as the 2015s use a different antenna. I had a 2014 for 13 months before it developed the leak. It looks like a little bit of the marine grade 3M sealant would do the trick, however the headliner needs to be dropped to loosen up the antenna screws and to do the job correctly! A $0.01 gasket can cause a $1000 repair bill easily...I read bout some people having so much water going down the A pillar where all electrical connections were getting fried with all the water getting inside...
  6. Per my service manager, they do not even know if you specific truck is due for an update, until they plug it in. I guess software updates are not considered a recall. From now on, with every oil change I will be making an appointment to get the software updates...I know after the last update, my truck locks and stays in the V4 mode much more and my Pandora playback is much more stabile.
  7. FYI, took my truck in Monday for a 2.5 hr software update. The update took care of the "radio" slow performance, rear camera freezing as well as "performance updates" for the ECU. Also, I ordered a set of the head lights that are on the way. Not sure when they will be in but it is nice they are going to be replaced. I can notice immediate improvement when changing Pandora stations... +++ Interesting thing is my dealer did not know as to what software or hardware had to be upgraded/replaced until the truck was plugged into their computer. I guess all relevant updates are now downloaded real time from GM. My service manager said some models were also eligible for a complete head unit swap. (It was not the case with mine) Plan on spending at least 2 hrs just for the software update. Will be reporting on the head lights upgrade once it happens...
  8. I traded in a 2014 Chevy Double Cab 4x4 Z71 with 18" on a 2015 Sierra CrewCab 6.5 Bed 4x4 20" wheels. 3.42 rear end on both trucks, no lift, no level. The Sierra, so far, is not getting as good of a gas milage compared to the Silverado. I only have 1200 miles on it, and we had a very cold February that did not help with the overall fuel economy. I also noticed that the 2015 Sierra does NOT stay in the V4 mode as much as the 2014 Chevy did for me. Not sure how much heavier is the Crew Cab with the 6.5 bed vs the Double Cab w/ 6.5 bed. 275 wide 20s vs 265 wide 18s are probably adding to the loss of mpg as well. On the the same stretch of highway and same driving condition my Sierra is at least 1-2 mpg more thirsty than the Chevy was. Now, I should probably give her some more time to break in...in a month or so when the summer blend rolls in I will have a more accurate picture. P.S. Before I traded the Chevy in I took a 300 mile trip using E85 in 4x4 all the way and I still got 16mpg! It was 10F deg outside/worst blizzard ever. I thought those were good numbers for ethanol and 4x4 locked in HI all the way.
  9. I had the Solid Fold on my 2011 RAM and it always leaked. As I got it from Amazon they shipped a replacement, however it was still problematic. I spent hours with the Extang tech support and they kept on sending different weather stripping components. In my case I gave up with the fixes and traded the truck in with the cover... In my case it always leaked at the rear most hinge. I'm not sure where the water was coming in from, but all my tools/tool boxes that were sitting to the rear of the cargo area would get the water dripping from the top. Now, I have the Trifecta and it is bone dry. A local shop told me to lift the whole thing once a year and spray some silicone spray on the gaskets all the way around to ensure good water seal. The Trifecta may not provide the "physical" protection of the Solid Fold, but in my case it kept the bed 100% dry this winter.
  10. I threw some numbers on a spreadsheet with the following assumptions (current fuel prices in Michigan): Gas $2.25 Diesel $2.75 30,000 total miles with 50% towing Gas engine 10mpg towing 16mpg empty Duramax 15mpg towing 21mpg empty At the end of 36 months fuel cost: Gas: $5,360 Duramax: $5,500 I'm not sure if we are talking lease vs. buy; but in this scenario a gas truck would have slightly lower total cost of ownership over the 30,000 mi lifespan. Also, a gas truck (1500 or 2500) should be way cheaper than a Duramax to buy or lease. I did not factor in oil changes, insurance cost difference, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, additives, etc ***The price differential between the gas and diesel in MI tends to be around 40-60 cents per gallon. The higher the price of fuel goes and more towing mile are put on, diesel truck will be cheaper per mile (excluding all other costs such as maintenance and acquisition price)
  11. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/gallery/album/3128-2015-blackmomba/ This is a piece of 2 inch wide felt with a sticky side on the back. Works great. Had it in my 2014 Chevy and not in the 2015 Sierra. Can't hardly see it...
  12. I just keep the holder always opened and put the lenses part inside while the temples stay outside. Before I place them there I just fold the temples so they grip the edge of the compartment. They never fell out, nor do they obstruct the rear view mirror in my case. Not sure if this will work with every design...I will try to post a picture or two.
  13. My 2014 Chevy would do this especially when filled with E85. The same applies to the 2015 Sierra. I guess it is "by design" as my truck always starts up via the OnStar App. I guess if something was wrong the remote start would give up...
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