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Found 23 results

  1. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali with navigation, Bose and android auto/car play. Is it possible to upgrade to the 2018 interface that has the app store? I have a 2018 Equinox and enjoy the weather channel app and the extra settings options. I know the 2018 Denali has the same interface as my Equinox and was hoping I could update mine. If anyone has any knowledge on this and what module I need to change please let me know. Thanks
  2. Wanted to start a thread about advanced use of Intellilink (Mylink) software and get opinions/insight about open source, code, possibilities for customization, rumors of firmware updates, etc. The "claim" I've heard is that apps will be avaialable in the future, but it doesnt quite sound as simple and prolific as the google play store or itunes app store. There are some short threads about more specific issues like "custom ROMs" for android. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155965-mylink-radio-custom-theme-design/?hl=%2Bopen+%2Bsource#entry1384343 Does anyone have any particulalry cool "ah-ha" moments with useful intellilink features they've discovered, or ones they'd like to see implemented? Or things they aren't sure how they work. I for one don't know how they overlay the doplar radar on my weather/nav map, for example.
  3. So I can't figure out how to play a movie file on the MyLink system. I have a 2014 Silverado with the 8" touch screen. I called customer support a couple times and did everything they recommended and still no luck. I have MP4 and DivX movie files on the SD Card and when I try to locate them on the MyLink system it says I have no files on the SdCard. It will locate the music files and play them off the SDCard but no video movie files. The truck is in park and parking brake is set. Has anybody been able to play movie files on their MyLink sytem? Is there another way to play the files like off my Iphone or with the actual DVD in the DVD player? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. New to GM lineup... Coming from another brand (Ford with Sync) I was used to receiving semi-regular updates for the software... Does GM put out updates for Intellink? If they do is this something that only dealers can update? I looked on the GM owners sight and couldn't find any info. Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, So I made this account after reading thread after thread about the Intellilink system issues that people have been having. I literally JUST bought my 2014 GMC Sierra TODAY! The dealership I purchased it from is about 1.5hrs from my house and about halfway through the drive on the way home from the dealership, the touchscreen would not respond. It still would show volume and change the song title when I used the buttons, but when I tried pressing any of the touchscreen icons to do anything nothing would happen. On a rare occasion, it would lag and think I'm pressing it when I'm not. I got back home and immediately called GM Support. They had me "refresh" the radio, which was just turning off the truck for 5 minutes and turning it back on. It worked after that. However, about 2 hours later, I'm back with the same issues. It happens randomly when driving. VERY VERY frustrating. Has anyone experienced this?? I am not having any blackouts (yet, thank God), but just having issues with trying to press the icons on the screen and them not responding. ANY and ALL feedback would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks guys!! Adam
  6. I recently added all three of the thus-far available apps to my Intellilink. The only one that I really like...and I really like it is the Weather Channel App. I still have the 90 day free preview of Sirius/XM Radio (which I don't plan to continue), but I believe that the Weather Channel App is significantly better than XM Weather (although both are better than nothing). I take a couple of extended trips towing our 1991 Airstream travel trailer each year and when the weather is marginal, it sure is nice to be able to see the radar image and anticipate what lies ahead. A snapshot of the current weather for your present location (based on GPS), an hourly type forecast for the next twelve hours, plus the 5 day forecast and radar based precipitation (3 ranges) are all available. Also, it's very easy to add other locations of interest to you and pull up the same information for those locations. Take a look at some pictures that I took a few days ago to get an idea of what's available. Added mini-Icon for Weather Channel on Nav Screen. Snapshot of Weather at Present Location Short-term Forecast Five Day Forecast Radar Return Showing Light Rain on Closest Range
  7. Hello, this will probably be a very strange post, but I really don't know where else to go for help. My older brother has gone missing in Northern California. This is not a joke in any way. Here is a link to the law enforcement posting on Facebook. His 2015 GMC Sierra was found on the side of the road a few dozen miles from his home. His truck has an Intellilink interface in it (I believe that's what it is, the big fancy touch screen that comes stock). He never paid for GPS services, but I am wondering if there is any way to pull off a history of where the truck has been driven. The cops won't do it because there is no evidence of a crime being committed so they don't have the legal backing to do such a thing (if that makes sense). Regardless, my brother has been missing for 5 days now and my family is really trying to find out what happened to my brother. We have his truck in our possession. Would anyone be able to help me pull off the navigation history? This might be a huge help in letting us see what happened the hours before he disappeared. Thank you for any help. I apologize if I'm violating forum rules of any kind.
  8. I bought a 2010 silverado ltz and it came with a mylink radio with NAV, BT, everything works (truck was sold with pretty much every option so not sure why someone put this in) I did some research and it looks like this is common in buick enclaves/terrains, acadia etc. So everything works except the voice control in the radio and obviously when I make a call or try to talk no one can here me. (onstar mic works with onstar not radio I tested this by talking to onstar). What I want to know is, what pins would be for the microphone? I cant find a wiring diagram or a picture with a factory power plug that shows which is microphone. I just want to hook up an external generic mic. Im attaching some pictures so hopefully someone will see it and know. Links to images below (until I figure out how to add pictures within the post) https://ibb.co/capisQ https://ibb.co/jqvCmk https://ibb.co/mQA1e5 https://ibb.co/hVqdRk
  9. Hey guys. I've noticed some oddities, or maybe it's just normal function, with Intellilink, specifically when doing Media via SD card. I've experienced three different scenarios. First one is when a song is playing, sometimes I'll hit the Browse button and search for another song. What's strange is sometimes it'll automatically open the list of songs at whatever the current playing song is, and other times it'll just open from the very top of the list. I find this somewhat annoying. Second scenario, when Browsing for songs, if I don't give it any activity for a minute or two, it'll just go back to displaying the current song playing, other times it'll stay in the list of song view until I either click back or click a song. Third scenario - by default, the music is set to Shuffle. I was listening to a song by Jason Aldean and had a few others that I wanted to listen to by him, so I opened up the Browse button and planned on clicking the next song I wanted to hear by him once the current one ended. Interestingly.. instead of shuffling, it just went to the next song alphabetically, so another Jason Aldean song. I thought to myself maybe its a coincidence. The next song finished and again it just went to the next song alphbetically. So yea those are my scenarios. Anyone ever experience anything like this? I would say the thing I hate the most is that the Browse button doesn't always take me to the song currently playing within the list, instead it goes to the top alphabetically.
  10. Hey guys... I uploaded a video today going over all the details on the new Intellilink system on my GMC Truck. I hope it might help some learn some new tricks.
  11. This bears repeating: When using a USB stick for MP3s with Intellilink Infotainment, you must have a .jpg file on the stick for the voice command to search properly. I had a SDRAM card in my 2014 and 2015s, did not see one in the 2017 I purchased. (Z71 SLE with Convenience pack) So I transferred all my MP3s onto a 32GB Micro USB and put that in a tiny USB adapter, plugged in glove box. Voice commands did not work, searched a bit and failed, remembered this. Normal quick format is OK, but the intellilink indexing needs a jpg file in with the MP3s to work with voice. (the onscreen works fine without, but that defeats the purpose)
  12. So I have had my truck for just over 2 weeks now (2015.5 2500 HD Denali w/ Duramax) and love it for the most part. That said, I find the Intellilink system a little lacking. It seems cumbersome to navigate from one screen to the next and so forth, in fact, the system in my wife's 2011 Tahoe seems much more intuitive and easy to use. Maybe its just me. What isnt just me however, is the response time of commands given to the system. A few examples: If I press the steering wheel control to go to the next song or back up a few songs, there is a roughly 6-7 second delay before anything happens The navigation system seems to take a long time to get a signal on startup When pressing 'rear media' to toggle through the available inputs there is a 5 or so second delay from the time the button is pressed until the next input selection is shown (this is for the RSE system) If going to the home page to access a different screen that the one being used there is again a significant pause before the system repsonds to your input request. Overall, the entire system just seems sluggish. One thought I had was it may be due to my phone, I have several thousand contacts in my phone and if each time I start the vehicle the system sifts through all my contacts could that be what is slowing the system down for a while after initial startup? Anyone else having a similar experience? I used the search function in this forum and Googled the problem as there are obviously other GMC vehicles that use this system and to my surprise, this doesnt seem like a common complaint. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Any help guys? Its been working perfectly since I got the truck a month ago.. we had a bad thunderstorm the last two days and it hasnt worked since.. ill call someone and they cant hear me.. ill give demands and it says no voice recognized.. Its not just the phone either.. tried tuning radio stations, navigation, etc. doesnt hear anything.. any help? was going to disconnect the battery to see if that did it.. and if not, bring to dealer.. help would be great! thanks
  14. So my truck is at the dealer to have the radiator replaced under warranty, in relation to a TSB. I always get a loaner vehicle from my dealer and this time they gave me a 2016 Sierra SLE All Terrain. Nice truck, not quite the SLT All Terrain like my 2014. Well this one has the updated Intellilink system with Apple CarPlay. So I have been testing it out and playing with it. Few reactions right off the bat: 1. The latest MMI system is SO much faster than my 2014. Going between menu's is so much quicker. With my 2014, there is a noticeable lag when pressing a screen option. GM must have upgraded the hardware to include a better processor. Should have been the case in 2014, but live and learn I guess. 2. Backup camera seems to be a lot crisper than my 2014. 3. Apple CarPlay add's some nice features, I would see myself using it. But when it interupts my music to read off a text message, I get annoyed. Hah And finally here is a short video I made of the new MMI system. Enjoy.
  15. Has anyone been able to use the "Projection" feature of their infotainment system to watch a movie. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra with the 7" touchscreen. I can connect my iPhone 5s and appleplay works but I cant figure out how to project a movie. Yes I have read the manual, please be specific about how your doing it so I can tell if my system is faulty. Any help would be great thanks.
  16. I have my Motorola Droid Maxx paired up to my 2015 Sierra Denali. When my phone receives a text message it will sometimes show a bunch of random letters and symbols, and then the text message contents right at the end. Haven't been able to pinpoint what's happening, not sure if it's my phone or the Intellilink system. Anyone else have this issue or something similar? The code didn't match any know codes for GM, so I'm thinking it's related to my phone?
  17. Hello all! Recently I have been looking into upgrading my 4inch radio (io3) to an 8 inch screen with possibly io5. I have found that gm-navigation has a kit that is plug and play that will upgrade my radio to the 8inch. I was wondering if anyone else has taken this route and or knows someone who has used a kit from this site. Im not big into aftermarket because, in my opinion the buttons are way to small, and good ones with carplay are roughly the same price (pioneer). Thanks in advance! Here is the link to the kit: http://gm-navigation.com/gm/gmc-navs/2014-chevrolet-silverado-factory-navigation-system-92.html
  18. As I'm sure many of you folks are aware, they're adding a "projection" option to the 2016 Silverados and Sierras within Mylink/Intellilink. Do any of you know if it would be possible to add these features to a 2014-15 Silverado via a software flash, HMI swap (as some people already do to upgrade to nav), or other means? Any info or insight would be appreciated. I don't care much for factory navigation, but having Google Maps on my truck's display would be awesome.
  19. Okay, who else on here was confused as to what kind of navigation system your truck has installed, or avaiable. I was told I had a Navigation System. When really, I only have OnStar Navigation. Which in the typical description of a navigation system, it is not. Anybody feel like they didnt know what they were getting in their $50,000 truck?
  20. **PLEASE HELP** 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 - Intellilink favorites tabs display station number vs. station name (i.e. "XM114" instead of "Fox News Channel") The service dept at the dealership and GM Customer Service have been useless on this effort, telling me the only solution is to manually type in the name of each channel... SERIOUSLY??!! Hopefully someone out there can help me with this, and I truly believe this is a simple firmware issue, because consider the following: 1. I had a 2013 Sierra Denali (old body style) and favorites tabs displayed the STATION NAME 2. My wife drives a 2014 Acadia Denali (w/ Intellilink) - her favorites display STATION NAME 3. My 2015 Yukon XL Denali (w/ Intellilink)... Favorites tabs display the STATION NAME None of my other vehicles required manually inputting/changing the station id. I anxiously await someone's hopeful solution to this because I don't even bother changing stations in my truck. Quinn
  21. Just wondering what software versions yall have, I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything. The main reason I ask is because I saw a video in one of the threads showing how to setup the power folding mirrors, under the comfort and convenience settings, mine seems to be missing those options. My truck is a 2014 Sierra SLE All Terrain, software version is 23174395.
  22. From the album: Radio

    Pandora would like to communicate with the GMC IntelliLink: Ignore Allow
  23. Hey all, Ordered my '14 Denali two weeks ago. Still sitting at 1100. Dealer said engine on constraint and look at 8-12 weeks, which is perfectly fine. My question is...I listen to Pandora almost exclusively. Due to the CRTC BS I use a VPN connection to the US and then launch the app. Works great. Anyone know if I take the truck to a US GM dealer if they would be able to re-flash it to re-enable Pandora, text to speech etc? I know there is an aftermarket programming company, I am not really interested in that. Cheers
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