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  1. I've used 3M automotive adhesive remover, even available at wal-mart. I'd be careful about putting different solvents on the paint that are not intended for automotive paint use. Be careful not to create swirl marks with a rag, microfiber only.
  2. +1 on 303 Aerospace protectant. I use blackfire leather cleaner on the seats and 303 on the hard plastics. The UV protection is supposed to be good and with the black plastic on the wheel wells of the GMC, and the interior dash are the most susceptible to fading.
  3. not sure what burns "cleaner" means. EtOH has no sulfur so no SOx emissions, burns cooler so less NOx, but increases many other tailpipe emissions like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and methane. http://www.afdc.energy.gov/pdfs/technical_paper_feb09.pdf There is detergent/additive added to petroleum fuels at the pump, multiple O2 sensors, engine knock detection, etc. now that incomplete combustion and coking doesn't seem that much of a concern relating to spark plugs and engine gumming. If GM engineers were worried about burning cooler, they wouldn't have designed a DI 11:1 compression ratio engine i would imagine either. The HP bump is apparently from the way EtOH burns throughout the entire piston stroke, rather than just at the top of the stroke. If you need the HP increase, go for it, it just comes at a sacrifice. The downsides of EtOH are the added cost to make your vehicle capable to handle corrosive alcohol, EtOH affinity for water, especially in a large vapor space (empty gas tank), and energy dilution. thats before you get down the rabbit hole of how inefficient the whole process is. If you role in the tax subsidies to the cost of ethanol/gal it would be totally obvious its not economical, or ecological.
  4. Also, this: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bymodel/2014_GMC_Sierra.shtml Government seems to agree/admit to the ~26% mileage reduction. E85/Regular for 5.3L 4WD ---->> city 12/16= 75% hwy 16/22=72.7% combined 13/18=72.2%. average all of those because not enough significant figures (no decimals provided): 73.3% or a 26.7% reduction according to EPA. multiply your 87 octane price by 73% and that's what the E85 price must be below to break even. at $3.50 a gallon thats about 95cents
  5. I posted on the chemistry of E85 previously: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156625-e85-fuel-economy-in-the-toilet/?p=1392701 To be clear, unleaded can mean anywhere from 0-10% ethanol. I'm assuming you're not talking about ethanol free (E0), and you are talking about 87 octane E10 (most common/cheapest). On a btu/gal basis (what you pay at the pump), E85 has ~26% less energy content/gal than E10. At $3.30/gal for E10 87oct, this would require E85 to be $2.43/gal or less for break even. A data set of real world comparisons would be a better tool, but this estimate is based on chemistry.
  6. Much more descriptive, detailed, and helpful price analysis than just "$XX,XXX OTD". You got a great deal, especially w/ using EMPLOY. Congrats & enjoy
  7. Costco=Supplier price and a $500 cash card from Costco, this deal was only through Jan 2. You had to turn in a certificate with an Authorization number and pin (supplier authorization the dealer runs). If anyone's experience was different from this it would be valuable to hear about it so others might gain from it. No one is crying over your price, just trying to help others buying here.
  8. I don't totally understand how leases work these days, but...1k under invoice is a great deal if you're buying. 3% holdback is only $1500 on a loaded SLT so you really did well on approaching dealer cost (hard to tell what other incentives they have for volume from the manufacturer, etc. so i assume invoice-holdback to be their cost). people getting 10k+ off are using GM points or have stacked their rebates smartly. Rebates don't cost dealer anything so thats why i say listing clean truck price (or +/- relative to invoice is even better) & rebates separately is more informative to people than OTD price.
  9. I'd say fair is right around invoice. Good deal is under invoice. Was my first new vehicle as well, trying to pass on my research hours so they don't go to waste after I bought.
  10. Ok, I looked at the window sticker for this truck on the dealer website. Invoice price should be about $42777.3 on this truck. Supplier price is then $42927.3. That is 3103 off MSRP. Assuming that 5k off from the dealer includes at least 3k worth of rebates (ie; presidents day, consumer cash, trade assistance, gm loyalty, etc.), you are already better than just the 5k off. Ideally, you agree on the clean truck price of about 42800 or less, then apply the rebates, then apply any GM points, you should be able to get into the 38k range pretty easily i would think, with just rebates, not including GM points you may have or trade. Also, troll the chevy build site and use the browser refresh (F5?) technique and browser cache clearing (or private browsing) described in this forum and you should be able to get a $1000 private offer to pop up for you to use too as rebate cash. Good luck
  11. No, i'm saying it's supplier pricing minus qualifying rebates. The 5k off sticker is just to get you in the door and confuse you until you get to sign the papers. Always determine price first, then deduct rebates, then deduct GM points once you in the finance department signing the dotted line. If you split that 5k off into a pie, the majority of it is likely manufacturer rebates, and a small sliver is a dealer rebate/discount (maybe $500-1000) On the other hand, you could go in and try to negotiate below supplier if you know what that number is, and you don't tell them you have supplier pricing eligibility. The formula i listed above can tell you what supplier price is, and you can verify by asking the dealer to look at the invoice.
  12. Corn lobby in Washington has a big impact on the ethanol mandate. Lots of rich corn farmers in the last 15 years. US is swimming in so much ethanol because the RFS mandate is in gallons of ethanol, not a % of US gas consumption, so there is literally not enough gas to put it in at a 10% dilution as our consumption goes down each year /w better MPGs and fuel prices. EPA is trying to extend to 15% dilution and Automakers have pushed back. Its very energy & capital intensive to refine ethanol to get the last 5% or so of water out after the azeotrope, significant drying and use of mol-sieves, not very straight forward fractionation, not to mention corn is one of the most water inefficient crops out there, so corn based ethanol is not as "green" as it's marketed as. E85 is not a wash if it costs the same or MORE as 87 octane E10, there is at least a 25% mile reduction built in. E10 vs E0 is still a problem with water absorption/small engine/marine and it DOES have less BTUs/gal than E0
  13. slightly wandering off topic but see my post about chemistry of ethanol here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156625-e85-fuel-economy-in-the-toilet/?p=1392701 Unless you need the HP for something, E85 is a waste of money and a scam. Energy dilution with a corrosive substance by government mandate.
  14. Many dealers advertise a price $Xk off MSRP that INCLUDES all rebates, even ones that aren't stackable. see my post #162 on this thread for Simple pricing calculations. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/154033-price-paid/?p=1402669 It outlines how you calc invoice pricing, which is the base point for SUPPLIER pricing (Invoice+$150) and EMPLOYEE pricing (4% under invoice). Invoice = Base x 93% + options x 88% + $1095 destination. All rebates you are eligible for are usable with Supplier pricing. 5k off seems low in general if it includes rebates. If it does not include rebates, then it's a good deal. Supplier took 3500 off my truck, so 5k off pre rebate would be very close to EMPLOYEE pricing.
  15. Anyone notice any difference in engine sound after the 14008 update and 13300 sub-update for AFM? My Engine seems louder/grittier at low end, did notice a little more pedal response at low end too. With the louder/grittier sound, the v4 drone is a little more noticeable too. 5.3L, all stock. Any similar observations?
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