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  1. That information is a great... Maybe not to my wallet, but that is the info I needed. Thanks
  2. Thanks for that info. Now I have 1 more thing to figure out with this kit to figure out before I put it on my mod list. Does it involve a camera in the 3rd brake light. If it does then it is out for me cause my headache rack (Magnum Low Pro) covers my 3rd brake light.
  3. FLY EAGLES FLY (I currently live in Patriots country and I am tired of hearing about Tom Brady)
  4. I stumbled across this OEM 3 Camera System. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2017-sierra-1500-three-trailering-camera-system-package-for-mylink/19353504-p-92291766.html It lists the following 3 required RPO codes DQS - I know this one is the mirrors, which I am upgrading to S40 S4Z What are the last 2 rpo codes (I know I don't have them on my truck)? I attached my RPO codes Does any one have experience with this system of cameras? Thanks
  5. Welcome... I agree loose the chrome
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