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  1. Update from my previous post: the rear glass was replaced last week. Im decently happy with the results..no scratched paint, no water leaking. Just need to take it back to my to tint guy and get it retinted.
  2. First time posting here..but let it be known that this issue is still on the 2023s. My truck was built early February of 2023 and took delivery in late February. A few weeks back noticed water on my rear seat, cleaned it off and though it was because i opened the slider after it rained. A few days later same thing, but didnt open my slider. Then this past weekend washed my truck only to discover it was leaking on both sides. I took it to the dealer today and they confirmed the rear glass. They're going to replace it completely. Only this is, the replacement is coming from Canada..and they expect it in 2 weeks. My truck has less than 3,000 miles on it.
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