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  1. I installed fogs on my 22' 2500 Custom a few months ago. I ordered a set of the oem style fogs off Amazon, and then went with the harness kit from Gen5DIY. The fogs were same ones for a 1500. I wasn't thrilled paying that much for the harness from Gen5, but it was nice with it being built just like an OEM harness with relay and only took about 5 minutes to plug it in and have the fogs working. Plus using their kit added the option of all 6 on high lights. The hardest part of install was the top inside screw on the foglights; it's damn near impossible to get to.
  2. I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks. Was going to look into upgrading steering wheel to the leather wrapped one as well, so can have them price all at once.
  3. Kind of what I figured 3point. I planned on adding some mdf board to the sides to extend it. I didn’t realize it curved up in the back though. Could possibly cut that extra carpet material and reuse on the side extensions so they blend in better. I definitely want to do this sometime, maybe this summer when we’re not busy camping or kids at ball games. Thanks for posting that picture!
  4. Ah cool, doesn’t sound bad. Post up if you end up extending yours 3point0.
  5. digging up kind of an old thread I know, but what all was involved with install? I have this same storage tray under the seat of my crew cab from factory and I feel like I've got a lot of wasted space since it doesn't come all the way out under the seat. Was thinking about pulling it out and trying to extend both ends to push the overall tray out further. Haven't looked out how it actually mounts.
  6. I didn't see an answer yet, but may have missed it. Did anybody ever mention what color the silver trim color is? I'm looking at swapping steering wheel and door panel trim. I'm fine with all silver to match the current dash and steering wheel trim.
  7. I installed LASFIT led bulbs on mine back in December and love them. Low beams H11 and Highs H9. The only stock halogen bulbs left on my truck are the taillight bulbs; didn't see the point in changing them as they are fine (did change the back up lights though). I also have harness so my fogs, highs and lows stay on when high beams are on; very nice.
  8. Wanting to change the boring black door panel inserts to match the silver trim pieces on steering wheel and stereo surround. I saw on another thread on here how to remove the door panel inserts, so I'm good there, my question is what is the silver color and pieces actually called to look for the door panel replacement inserts? My truck is a 22' Custom, so it has that dark silverish color trim pieces on the dash. I've seen others talk about just vinyl wrapping the pieces, but I don't know how well that would work on the steering wheel and dash pieces, so thought I'd be better off just getting the door panel pieces to match them instead. TIA for any help.
  9. I'm looking for a set of exterior door handles for a crew cab 19-22 body style without smartkey buttons. Wanting to take a set to painter to have colormatched. Thanks.
  10. Got my set yesterday! Sorry no pics of then installed yet; still cold here so waiting to install.
  11. Sounds like a plan. Now I’m curious to see how they are changed out. Mine are just the plain black, but would be nice for them to match center console and steering wheel trim. Dangit this site strikes again; something else I’ll be looking into changing now.
  12. I wonder if you can change out those door trim pieces? That is odd that it doesn't have same trim throughout.
  13. following as well. I'm wanting to do similar and tie usb port into back of jumpseat between the rear vents so my kids have access to ports in back seat. Only other option I've found so far is to get the headrest tablet holders that have usb ports on them through GMPartsDirect website.
  14. dangit, I can't decide what color combo I want to go with. If only there was a black background with silver letters instead of the white they'd be perfect for my Silver truck. Any possibility for that option in the future?
  15. Yep, I really need to get going on this as we have some long distance trips coming up this spring and summer. The kiddos will need some power in the backseat for theirs and wife and I’s sanity.
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