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  1. same here, mine isn't daily driven, so I don't mind doing some upgrades; just trying to convince myself this one is worth it in the long run.
  2. good deal, glad you got them to work for you. I definitely wish the oem liners came down and covered the entire frame rail. I got some plastic plugs to cover the open ends of the crossmember tubes since they were still exposed with the oem liners installed.
  3. That's kind of what I thought. That part doesn't sound very appealing.
  4. I love the look of the oem led headlights with the led strip drl's. Not a fan of the price of them though as I've been considering changing out my stock halogen housings for them. I am currently running lasfit led bulbs in high and low beams and really like them, but absolutely hate the fact that my low beams are running at reduced power during the day as drl's causing some flicker and I'm sure will reduce the life span of the bulbs. Most of the time I am good about flipping the auto lights off as soon as I start the truck so that the drl's do not even come on, however when my wife drives the truck she doesn't remember to do that. I've seen gen5diy has a wire harness kit that moves the drls to the parking lights that I thought about going with (would be much cheaper than changing over to oem led housings). My question(s) are in regards to the oem headlights. What kind of life expectancy is there on the led lights? What happens when they burn out? Do you have to buy a whole new headlight housing, or just the led module part? These are just a couple of things I thought about while considering making the swap. I have a buddy with a body shop that will get them for me at cost, so been thinking hard about pulling the trigger. If I do change over, I still have to get a $350 converter harness for them to work also; so either way I'd be hitting up gen5diy for either conversion harness, or at minimum the drl converter harness to move them to the parking lights (if I were to keep the halogen housings w/ lasfit bulbs).
  5. the oem liners come with little metal clips that are similar to a paper clip but for body panels is only way I can think to describe them. They slide over the liner and have a threaded barrel on one side that the screw threads into to hold the liner tight against the lip of fender and plastic mud flap. The new one you got looks much better.
  6. it looks to me like you just need to drill holes in the bottom of the liners and get some of the threaded clips for the screws to hold the liners in place once screwed in just like the oem liners. My 22' Custom didn't come with rear liners, I went ahead and ordered a set of them while I was waiting on the truck to come in from factory, that way I was sure to have them when I got the truck.
  7. Ok thanks, just wanted to double check. I’ll get a set ordered.
  8. Erick, so 2 of the bigger plugs in that pack of 6 for sure fit in the rear frame crossmember openings? The description list it as only going up to the 2019 body style.
  9. I have the oem liners; they do not cover the rear crossmember opening.
  10. I've been trying to find a set of plugs to cover the big crossmember openings that are visible in the rear wheel wells. Has anybody found some that fit? All I can find are ones for 1500's and older body style 2500-3500's which appear to be a slightly different size.
  11. Currently have lasfit led bulbs. I do like them, just really love the look of the led drl’s of the oem led headlights. I think the light output is actually better with my current setup with the lasfit leds. I am also running a Gen5diy harness for fogs that allows all 6 on high. I hate having my actual headlights as the drl’s. Steering wheel is on the list. I actually had bought one a few months back but didn’t realize it was the wrong color so had to turn around and resell it. Haven’t messed with buying another yet. Yes we were super bummed to not have our truck for the trip. I guess it got to keep a couple extra thousand miles off it though. Borrowed a Ram 3500 HD dually Diesel that couldn’t even tell our camper was behind it. That made me kind if regret not buying a diesel truck.
  12. no, I did those a few months ago. That was a whole other fiasco in itself with its own thread haha. I’m same as you, tried to like the black but just wasn’t doin it for me. I originally wanted to order black truck but we live on one of the few gravel roads left in our County so it would be filthy all the time. The Silver doesn’t look as dirty so settled for that instead.
  13. thanks. It’s been very frustrating to say the least. Thinking of swapping to oem led headlights next. Just gotta talk myself inti turning loose of the money for the swap.
  14. Well, long story here so I'll get to it. Back at end of June I drove my truck to work 2 days before we were getting ready to leave for a 2 week camping trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As I was leaving work a jackass ran stop sign and hit me in the side doing $6k worth of damage to my 6 month old/3,000 mile new truck. I was super pissed and sad at the same time. Dropped the truck off immediately to body shop to repair and borrowed a truck for our trip. Of course body shop had trouble getting parts so truck finally just got finished, a little over a month later. Luckily I saw the dude coming out of corner of my eye and sped up or he would have T-boned me right in the drivers door, but instead hit directly into the drivers rear wheel and bed. Wheel was cracked and sidewall of tire sliced, along with bedside damage and rear bumper tore up. I was able to get both bumpers upgraded to color matched instead of back to the plain old black. So my custom got a little bit of an upgrade. Sucked being without the truck for over a month and not having it for our trip which was the main reason we bought it in the first place, but oh well, it's now back in my hands and loving the new look.
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