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  1. Do you have access to slag from a metal facility? I live in Saskatchewan and we have Evraz in Regina that you can buy slag in 0”-3/4” and to 2” lots of people use the 0-3/4” for making parking pads. Once you pack it and it rains a couple times, it sets up like asphalt. Also use it as a perimeter around buildings rather than crushed rock. Its really abrasive and rodents wont walk across it. i did a huge pad for parking trailers and vehicles on in my back lot. Also used it around my shop. i used the larger stuff in my maintenance free flower beds. It stays a nice blue/grey colo
  2. I bought the Kicker from GM, comes with the wiring needed. Plug and play. Goes under passenger rear seat in a nice enclosed box. takes 5min to pull out if I desperately need that floor space. Haven’t had that problem yet. it thumps pretty good. Cant get any better without a head unit upgrade. Which im told that the head units are extremely under powered and a $600 upgrade would make a world of difference but for me, with the stock bose system and kicker sub, it rarely gets over 2/3 colume control when im in a good summer cruising mood.
  3. And your posts are relevant of anything?? Everyone knows once you go to a 275/65-20, it opens up your options to different brands and types of 10ply tires by 5x. in order to have the selection of tires, you have to lift the front end slightly. OP, if you level your truck, you have the options to run a more common size. Most small town shops will have a 275/65-20 in stock in the event you need a tire or set on a road trip. No shops other than a GM dealer will have a stock size tire for you. They are about as common as a 16.5” rim diameter.
  4. You must lead a pretty lame life, to be able to troll sites and be a douchebag. Literally the post above mine has “torsion bars tightened a 1/4, with slight rub” So it takes about 1 full turn on the torsion bars to make the clearance needed. You have posted ZERO helpful info to the OP, so do yourself and everyone a favour, and sit on your keyboard hero hands.
  5. No, torsion bars slightly turned up. The truck looked like a cat in heat so rear end high. So i still have about 1” of rake so when loaded, its level and not nose high.
  6. 285/60-20 BFG All Terrains on my 2017 2500Hd with torsion bars turned up for a 1.5” front lift. My buddy put 305/55-20 Goodyear Duratracs on his 2018 2500hd with levelling kit. Zero issues there. By looking at mine, 275/65-20 should fit with no problems.
  7. This will be the first winter i will be driving my 17’ 2500 Duramax here in Saskatchewan more often. I typically only use the truck to go out west snowmobiling but now will be driving it more often to work. We are getting cold snaps of -38C now. At work the plugs are on 20min intervals. 20 on, 20 off. This truck is my baby. Was thinking of putting an engine oil pan heater on, while i was under there, thought what the heck, how about a trans oil pan heater too. i have the magnetic 200w that would work on the trans pan, and will grab a stick on one for the engine oil pan. that oil pan w
  8. Both driver and passenger are the same. I mentioned to them when they changed the drivers seat at 10,000kms for cracking leather that the cooled seats suck. The service advisor just sighed and said “i know” He came from the Dodge dealer that i used to buy my trucks from. GM interiors are years behind Ford and Dodge. if i could have a dodge or ford interior in my chev truck, id be one happy guy. theres just no difference in trim anymore with GM/Chev Ford and Dodge have leather in their entry level luxury trucks, then they have LEATHER in the higher end trucks. Not the
  9. Don’t waste your time. GM cooled seats are junk. Ford and Ram seats will blow right through your carhartt coveralls. The GM seats are merely just a computer fan making noise. id do a straight up swap with someone that has All Terrain solid seats for my perforated ventilated seats.
  10. Thanks. i have bed lights so have the switch in the cab for the mirror lights. Im going to wire them to that so i can toggle them on/off. i dont really want them blinding me as i walk up behind the truck and unlock it.
  11. I have a 2018 with 28,000miles. Same thing. At the back corners on a 45 degree angle to the center, its wrinkled and cracking. Dealer changed the seat at 10,000miles due to this and it was loose/rocking forward and backwards. the rocking didnt go away. And its all cracking again. Seats get AC Delco leather conditioner applied Every 3500miles. junk leather. Nothing compared to a ford or ram now. GM use to be the cadillac of trucks for interiors, now they at the bottom of the barrel.
  12. I am looking at installing these. how much of an angle does the light throw? Im mostly hooked up to my enclosed trailer but would like something to light up along the side of the trailer when trying to thread the needle in between other trailers In crowded hotel lots during snowmobile season. thanks
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