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  1. Bottom side is finished in POR 15. Don't think I'm going to put anything else on top of that. Don't see the need. Next up is to epoxy prime the rest of it and do the body work on the sides.
  2. Well, I have failed at that, but here are some: All metal work to the bed done. Some body work still left. Bottom of bed coated yesterday. Will flip and do the topside soon.
  3. Clean it. You can likely get most of that stain out. Try Tuff Stuff. There are other products that may well work, too.
  4. I would NOT silicone it. First off, a 2014 is 6 years old already. I'd put a new light in it. If you don't want to replace it, get some 3M Ribbon Sealer and use that to replace the seal on it. It's a roll of butyl. When you need a new bulb, you don't have to cut and scrape it off...you can put a razor knife in the butyl and cut it, then it will "heal" back to itself when you reinstall it. Silicone is a mess if you have to remove it, plus it's not always forever. It peels loose eventually. Butyl is what rear windows used to be installed with. I am a water leak/wind noise/sunroof repair specialist and this is how I've done it for 16 years now.
  5. So, been back cutting, grinding and welding (if you can all what I do with a welder "welding") a bit. Making progress. When the bed is ready, that's by far the toughest part of this thing, which is why I decided to tackle it first. You see all sorts of project hot rods, where some gear head gets a body in rough shape and he's not much on body repair. But he knows engines, so he builds that first, and then it just sits there for years while he scratches his head on the body part, then he gives up and sells it all. So I am avoiding that...the engine is the fun part for me, and since I grew up in a body shop, I hate it, lol. Oh, and how did we ever live without plasma cutters? They are AWESOME.
  6. Ha, I'd love to. Still working on it. Bed is coming along nicely. Just don't have the time like I'd prefer, but if the weather here will cooperate a bit this winter, hopefully I'll smell some smoke this year. Worked on it this weekend. Got a good bit done. Also bought a cheapo plasma cutter to help with this part, and WOW....how have I not owned one of these before?
  7. So, an update: The bed rust has given me some problems, but I bought a used bed that was "repairable" for parts. Turns out it was just about in better shape than mine. I was so far into mine that I'm still using it for parts and fixing mine. Am well down the road to getting this bed finished now. Been hot here and I've been busy, but I'm determined to get this thing done so I can get to the fun and easy part of getting the mechanical stuff fixed.
  8. Had the bed sand blasted. Been chipping away at the rust repair since the weather finally broke here recently. We've had a record amount of rain the last 6 months or so. Slowly but surely
  9. Sort of what I was thinking. Since the relay energizes when you turn the key, that eliminates everything from the key to the relay. I eliminated the relay by swapping it with one of the other identical ones in the box. So it's from there to the starter, and I didn't think the actual wire itself would just "go bad" without at least a symptom or two first. Got a starter ordered, be here tomorrow. Not looking forward to that job.
  10. It started up the next morning. So no diag is possible yet. I may just take a guess at the starter. The relay clicked when you turn the key, so that tells me everything from the key cylinder to the relay is fine. So unless the wiring suddenly went bad with no warning from the relay to the starter, it's the starter. Not sure I'm willing to risk having her stranded again when that's almost certainly it.
  11. Okay, hoping to shortcut this diag process. 04 Suburban Z71. 6.0 LQ9, but that is irrelevant to this issue. Wife's ride. No crank. Plenty of battery power, that's not the problem. I know of the key cylinder issues. However: The starter relay clicks when you try and start it, but no sound at all from the starter. I think if the relay is being activated, that means the key cylinder and wiring in there is good, right? So if that is correct, I'm down to either the wiring from the relay to the starter, or the starter itself. There isn't much chance the wiring just suddenly died and no amount of tugging on it won't help, so I'm thinking starter. I noticed there are 3 different identical relays in the under hood box, so I swapped them and it made no difference. Am I missing anything?
  12. I can eventually, but it's cold here right now, lol. I can tell you the rims are 15x14. I don't remember the back spacing, would have to remove them to accurately measure. Slicks are 16x33, I believe.
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