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  1. Far as I know, yes. I did try fixing one awhile back with what I said not to use...the Permatex Flowable Silicone. kept the spout as small as possible, and ran it over the top of the glass so it'd run down the back of it. Worked. Haven't seen that truck back in over a month now, so I'd say it fixed it. If it ever needs the glass replaced, the glass man will hate me, but that's "if". Next idea I'm thinking of trying is the liquid Flex Seal that comes in a quart "paint" can. Thinking of using a big syringe...maybe something like a turkey injector. I do belie
  2. Probably wet beneath the carpet. Once it gets under the carpet, it'll take months to dry unless the carpet is physically pulled up and dried. Most places that dry them will remove the seat (if necessary), prop up the carpet with a 4x4 or something, and put a fan on it overnight. Then hit it with Lysol when it's dry. If it's wet beneath the carpet and this isn't done, you can run your hand under it next month and it'll still be damp.
  3. You might pick up some gas mileage, too. Running cold makes them run a bit richer. Old tuning trick to put a colder t-stat in to richen them up.
  4. Not at the beach, no. Won't hurt, because you're going slow. It's terrible for them to run on pavement at speed with low pressure though. Lots more friction and it'll harm them eventually. Not to mention the extra strain on the truck with all that friction and the bad gas mileage it'll cause. So air down, then right back up when you get off the beach.
  5. Yeah, you can add freon to a system that's just a little low, but once you break it open you have to have a vacuum pulled on it before adding anymore. You can't add to one that has atmospheric pressure inside already, you'll never get enough in there to work. Plus, the moisture is terrible for the system. Get it evacuated and then charged. Typically the books will tell you to pull a vacuum on it and hold it there for 30 minutes before charging. Don't know if that's the case with these in particular or not.. I did have the condenser on my 15 Sierra fail a couple
  6. That's where I live. Wonder who they use for glass work? Is is the Southpoint store or the one on 64?
  7. Wow. Someone seriously dropped the ball there. So the glass company left it like that, or someone that works there?
  8. Interesting. There's nothing in the TSB about sealing the ones that appear on the inside, not that I've ever heard of anyway. Personally, I wouldn't feel just filling cracks like that with sealer would be acceptable to anyone's truck that I worked on. If it was an older "just do something to help me get by" type of job, then sure. But on a new(er) truck still under warranty? Nah, I tell 'em to put a glass in it and I've never heard of GM denying one. The 19 I looked at this past week had probably 8 cracks like that one in your pic. I didn't even bother with any se
  9. Strange, I've never seen any issue with getting the glass replaced. I just looked at a 19 this past Tuesday and declined to seal it because of all the cracks. They got it replaced with no issues. They can't expect you to live with the cracks in the interior that are easily visible to the naked eye. Those don't get sealed at all.
  10. Yep, they likely have loads of those glasses produced and sitting on the shelf. They're not going to NOT use them, so expect this to continue for awhile.
  11. Yep, the difference is this: This job pays 1.9 hrs by the TSB. A tech who's never done one, he's going to struggle to beat that time, which is the name of the game. So your mileage may vary, with regards to quality. Also, while the TSB suggests the Kent sealer, it also says that's basically just a suggestion and there are other products.....which essentially means "use whatever you want". Now it so happens I always carry the Kent and IMO it's the best choice....but other places might well use whatever silicone they have on hand. However, if they call in an outside vend
  12. They are a franchise. YMMV. Just depends on whoever the local dude is. Some are good, some are hacks. About like anything else, really.
  13. By far, the main issue with Explorer sunroofs as far as operationally, is the sunroof motor going bad. And it goes bad because of a water leak. Drains get stopped up, motor is in the left front, water spills over into the motor and kills it. The tracks themselves, I've only replaced a few. They really don't come in for the track itself being broke. But the motors, that's almost every other one with a leak.
  14. I replaced 2 F-150 sunroof tracks this afternoon, and an Explorer track to go with them. Explorers are pretty rare, but the 150's have loads of issues like this.
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