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  1. One day last month, my wife pulled into the garage from running some errands in her 2016 Tahoe, and mentioned that the AC wasn't cooling. I shined a light through the grill, and could see the oil spot on the condenser where they all fail. The local Chevrolet dealer estimated that it would cost between $1500-1600 for the repair, and the GMC dealer wouldn't give me an estimate. The Tahoe had the extended coverage on the condenser, but it expired in July. I called GM and they said I'd have to take it to a dealer to have it diagnosed before they could talk about giving me some help on the repair. I decided to have an independent shop I trust do the repair, and it cost me $1013. It would have been nice to know beforehand what GM would have done for me on the repair, but I decided to go the independent shop route to avoid what might have turned into a prolonged ordeal. I have the same condenser on my 2015 Sierra, and if (when) it fails, I think I'm going to attempt to replace it myself. I'm fairly comfortable with replacing the condenser, but not so much with charging the system. I've watched quite a few videos, but still have a a few questions. But I'm also not comfortable paying another grand for the repair, so it might be time to learn.
  2. The website is working much better for me this evening. Things are much less scrambled and I can see my unread posts buttons now. So it's much easier to navigate. Thanks!
  3. I hope so....it's painful to navigate.
  4. I thought maybe it was something wrong with my browser, but it looks like I'm not the only one with issues here.
  5. I've got a 2015 Sierra SLT with Cocoa Dune interior, and at times over the years I've occasionally noticed a very slight amount of blue on the edge of my seat from wearing jeans. When this happens I clean the seats and I've always been able to get the blue off. I haven't noticed it happening it in a while, so maybe that was when most of my jeans were new. I think my seats look pretty good considering it's a 2015, and If I had to do it over again, I'd still get the Cocoa Dune interior.
  6. I've got a 2015 Sierra 5.3, and a 2016 Tahoe 5.3, and I saw the same thing on both when I replaced the air filters. If you find out what's causing it, please let me know.
  7. Chris, did the CHP give you any indication of how they found the person that caused the wreck? I'm impressed that they caught this individual, but am curious how they did it. I thought he/she was probably long gone and would never be found.
  8. Ugh, sorry to hear you're still having issues....you and your family have been through a lot with this ordeal.
  9. Congratulations Chris, that's a great looking truck! Have you recovered well from the ankle injury?
  10. Logged into my account on my.gm.com, and my 2015 Sierra is subject to the recall.
  11. I have a grille guard with mesh on my truck, and it is somewhat of a pain to clean the front of the truck. You have to reach behind the grille guard to do it, which obviously is more difficult, and slower than if there wasn't one installed. But I can get the front of my truck just as clean and bug free as if the guard wasn't there, with a little effort. And you also have to clean the grille guard which is usually covered in bugs. That being said, I live in an area where the local chamber of commerce advertises us as the "Deer Capital of Texas", so it's not a matter of if I'll hit a deer, but when.
  12. My truck came with the dealer installed GM storage bin. Removing it was the first mod I did to my truck.....I need the floor space when the seat is folded up, so it's been installed in the attic ever since.
  13. Jesse, now I'm depending on that rain this weekend. Problem for me is, you probably have a better chance for rain in the Houston area, as I'm west of Austin in the hill country. But the weather man is forecasting a "chance" of rain for my area. The town I live in gets it's water supply from the river that runs through it, and in 2011 the flow of the river almost stopped because there was no rain for close to four months. So I'm thinking about washing my truck this afternoon....
  14. If you washing your truck causes it to rain here in Texas (hopefully where I live), you will have my sincere gratitude!
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