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  1. I've got a 2015 Sierra 5.3, and a 2016 Tahoe 5.3, and I saw the same thing on both when I replaced the air filters. If you find out what's causing it, please let me know.
  2. Chris, did the CHP give you any indication of how they found the person that caused the wreck? I'm impressed that they caught this individual, but am curious how they did it. I thought he/she was probably long gone and would never be found.
  3. Ugh, sorry to hear you're still having issues....you and your family have been through a lot with this ordeal.
  4. Congratulations Chris, that's a great looking truck! Have you recovered well from the ankle injury?
  5. Logged into my account on my.gm.com, and my 2015 Sierra is subject to the recall.
  6. I have a grille guard with mesh on my truck, and it is somewhat of a pain to clean the front of the truck. You have to reach behind the grille guard to do it, which obviously is more difficult, and slower than if there wasn't one installed. But I can get the front of my truck just as clean and bug free as if the guard wasn't there, with a little effort. And you also have to clean the grille guard which is usually covered in bugs. That being said, I live in an area where the local chamber of commerce advertises us as the "Deer Capital of Texas", so it's not a matter of if I'll hit a deer, but when.
  7. My truck came with the dealer installed GM storage bin. Removing it was the first mod I did to my truck.....I need the floor space when the seat is folded up, so it's been installed in the attic ever since.
  8. Jesse, now I'm depending on that rain this weekend. Problem for me is, you probably have a better chance for rain in the Houston area, as I'm west of Austin in the hill country. But the weather man is forecasting a "chance" of rain for my area. The town I live in gets it's water supply from the river that runs through it, and in 2011 the flow of the river almost stopped because there was no rain for close to four months. So I'm thinking about washing my truck this afternoon....
  9. If you washing your truck causes it to rain here in Texas (hopefully where I live), you will have my sincere gratitude!
  10. Same here....only way I can get consistent results.
  11. I just installed a Napa Gold 100255 on my 2015 Sierra 5.3, which is the same filter as the Wix 10255. It took some time to convince the guy at my local Napa that the 10255 had replaced the 57045 for applications that called for a 22 psi bypass valve setting. I've read that Fram is planning on updating the Ultra 10575 to a 22 psi bypass valve to satisfy the GM specification.
  12. The Napa Gold part number for this filter is FIL 100255...I installed one on my 2015 Sierra 5.3L yesterday. The local Napa store got the area manager to pick one up at another store and drop it off at the warehouse. The warehouse shipped it to my local store, but they're supposed to get their own stock in a week or two. I've heard that Fram is going to be changing the XG 10575 bypass valve to 22 psi, and if/when that happens I'll go back to the Ultra.
  13. My 2015 Sierra had slightly over 100 miles on it when I bought it, which concerned me. Turns out it was a dealer trade, and the other dealership was almost 100 miles away....not out of the ordinary in Texas.
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