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  1. Yea, it's pretty wild. I have not been back to the dealer yet, trying to do a little more diagnosis on my end. The oil is very clean so I'm curious if it's being pushed up there during an oil change or if it's from driving. Need to get a few more miles on before I decide. I'm not doing anything crazy during an oil change though, just pouring a 5qt jug into a funnel with a .5-.75 inch opening at the end. Most daily driving is relatively light foot, it spends lots of time in V4. But then I also tow 5-8klb trailers a fair amount, so it gets worked.
  2. Can you pop your air filter box open and see if there is oil in the airbox? Mine had the same transmission issues, the MAF was coated in oil.
  3. That was short lived. New filter is coated and air box/duct is full of oil (only been about 800 miles since new PCV and cleaning the oil out). Will have to make another trip in
  4. Dealer said PCV valve and replaced. Also did the radiator. ?
  5. Here's an old oil analysis I had done when my oil smelled strongly of fuel. Seems like winter time has high fuel dilution because my truck doesn't warm up well and summer is fine. I have started to ignore the OLM, as long as I'm not approaching 0% and change my oil in Nov. and March (Only do about 7k miles/year). Try to get the fuel out of there before I start towing in the spring. Both samples I have sent in after winter have high fuel. Sample at end of summer and 5k miles is perfect.
  6. I've got to take this in for the latest brake recall and possibly a radiator leak, so I will definitely report back once I do. Been waiting to go until I confirm the radiator leak.
  7. Anyone else see this on their truck? 2014, 5.3, 26k miles. Decided to check the air filter and found it oil soaked and the airbox has a lot of oil in it. Something I should take in or clean it and leave it? Don't want to pay their $99 fee to be told it's normal, but I do have a Chevrolet extended warranty. Also, I will not be adding a catch can, so we don't need to go down that road.
  8. Just got results back from my 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3 UOA. ODO is 12,527. Miles on oil sample 4,308. OLM at 44%. Truck sees a decent amount of towing (5k lb boats) and then is a DD for the 12 mile trip to work. Fuel dilution was at 4.5% and I had just towed a boat 80 miles about 300 miles before the oil change. Oil was Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20 and Purolator Boss filter. Thoughts on this analysis? Sev3 - UOA - Copy.pdf
  9. Hi everyone, Looking at 2007-2014 Suburbans with two bench seats so the vehicle is set up for 8 passengers. I am concerned about the center seat (of the two benches) because there is no headrest there. Can anyone do me a HUGE favor and give me the dimensions of the seat backs for the second and third row bench seats? So basically from the top of the seat back (not including headrests) to where the back of your butt would be. I want to see if the kids would have their heads against the back of the seat or if they would be over top of them. Thank you so much!
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