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  1. I now have over a 1,000 miles on the 6112/5160 setup and am very pleased. I think they need a bit of break-in so they've been getting better with every mile, they handle all bumps better than stock. My friend who has a stock Raptor was impressed with the ride over bumps - we were only on the highway. I also just towed my ~8,000 pound loaded toy hauler to Laguna Seca for the weekend with another friend and we were both impressed by how well the truck towed and how well the suspension handled things. I like the truck so much more now, drives better in every situation. GM suspension engineers should be shooting for something similar stock. I'd rather have a good suspension out of the box than a multifold tailgate for instance.
  2. I was talking to my friend about this after I posted the response you quoted and he pointed out that maybe the side to side roll that I think are softer front springs could be the result of higher ride height, I'm not sure. Another element that could be fooling me is that the spring and shock are matched better than OEM which achieves a better ride quality even if stiffer sprung. What I am sure of is that the ride is much better on our far from perfect roads, I've noticed that I drive a lot faster around town and now I need to be more conscious of it where before my truck would be uncomfortable and even unsafe in a few spots to drive even at the speed limit. I still only have a few hundred miles on it but the ride quality just seems to keep improving. My truck does have the NHT package.
  3. Your truck looks great. When we removed the stock fronts and installed the 6112 on the highest setting on my '15 Sierra NHT, we only had to disconnect the swaybar on both sides. It was surprisingly easy. I wonder what the differences are?
  4. I haven't done anything else to figure out my odd measurements but after doing more driving, I think the ride is getting even better. I noticed that my body subconsciously tenses up when it knows I'm about to drive over bumps that I hit everyday and the hits just don't seem as bad as they once did. I still have less than 200 miles on the 6112/5160 setup and I'm more pleased everyday. I think I read somewhere that the 6112 springs were softer than the OEM springs and I believe it. The truck does seem to lean slightly more in turns but it isn't bad. The truck now rides like I think a 4x4 truck that had a nearly $60k MSRP should ride. Money well spent.
  5. There's something strange going on and I might have to do some research before digging in. My passenger side front is just over 23" from center of wheel to the bottom of the trim and the rear is 24.5" so less than 1.5" difference. Driver's rear is 25.25" and front is roughly 22.75", maybe closer to 23" but still under. Passenger side has the front to rear height difference I had expected. I was under the truck looking at the rears to see why there might be 3/4" difference from side to side but I don't see anything. Blocks have the thicker parts to the rear on both sides. No visible gaps meaning something wasn't put together right. The nuts on the front shock shafts both look to have a very similar amount of thread showing but I was having a hard time getting close enough to get a good measurement with them in the engine bay.
  6. What's your measurement from the center of your wheels to the bottom of the fender liner front and rear? Center of the wheel measurement shouldn't be affected by wheel or tire sizes. I don't have the instructions anymore but was wondering if it's possible the guy who assembled my 6112s compressed the springs too much with the nut on the top of the shock hat preloading the springs and reducing the front ride height. Just a thought.
  7. Unfortunately I don’t remember the before measurements. I just measured again from the middle of the “M” in the wheel emblem and rear measured 2.5” higher than the front. Because I tow a fairly heavy trailer, I’m fine with the rake. Definitely not worth the effort to remove the taller blocks. I’m just surprised it isn’t closer to level. My truck is a 4x4.
  8. After installing my 6112s on the highest setting, 5160s and 3/4" higher rear blocks, my '15 NHT measured 37.5" front and 40.25" rear from the ground to bottom of black fender trim. If I had known I'd still have plenty of rake without installing thicker rear blocks, I wouldn't have bothered. I still had 2" of rake. As others have mentioned, the ride difference on normal roads isn't drastic compared to stock, I do feel slightly more isolated from the bumps. I had a chance to go over some speed bumps and those are way better thankfully. I haven't had a chance to go off-road yet but the speed bump performance gives me hope. My truck has about 43k miles and all original shocks still seemed to be in good shape.
  9. I just measured and got 37.5" front and 40.25" rear from the ground to bottom of black fender trim. I have my 6112s on highest setting and I swapped the rear block to one that added about 3/4" lift. I have an NHT so maybe I have stiffer rear springs that create more rear height? I definitely still have visible rake which I wanted because I tow a trailer.
  10. I finally was able to install the 6112s on highest setting up front and 5160s along with a slightly taller rear block yesterday. I haven’t had much time to drive it, only maybe 10 miles but it’s definitely an improvement over stock. Still rides like a truck, I have E load range BFG K02s at 50psi, but recovers quicker after bumps and the hits on bigger small bumps don’t seem as harsh. I haven’t had a chance to go off road or hit any speed bumps where I’m hoping the new shocks will shine. BTW, the wheels/tires don’t seem to look as small in person as they do in the pic. These tires have about 42k miles on them and I’ll likely go a little bigger with the next set. Truck has nearly 43k miles and the stock NHT package shocks were still functional.
  11. I have a small toy hauler that maxes out at 10k but is more like 8k when I tow it with a car inside - light car. I have the 6112 and 5160s but unfortunately haven't had the chance to install them yet. Hoping to get them on soon. I have a '15 Sierra 6.2 Max Tow with 42k miles.
  12. I was surprised by how much bigger they are than the 5160s I bought. Since these arrived late, I missed my window to install and can't now for about 2 weeks so I'll have more time to think about it. I bought the slightly larger blocks already so I'm still leaning toward the highest setting on the for the front. Still liking yours?
  13. My 6112s finally arrived 2 days late and apparently with inadequate packing material. These things sure are beefy.
  14. Overall my experience with Battleborn was positive, I’d buy from them again based on that. The main reason I went with Battleborn in the first place is that they’re a sponsor of this forum so I wanted to support those who support the forum. What do you mean about the warranty? Why would there be problem buying from Battleborn?
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