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  1. I pulled the assemblies off and took them to a shop and had them swap the the tophats. After watching the guy do it I felt it was money well spent. I’ve swapped springs on a small car years ago so I’ve had that life experience.
  2. I have 6112s set on their highest setting up front and 5160s in the rear and it the truck rides better than stock - I have a Max tow and standard bed so not sure how that compares with your truck. I also have E load range K02s usually at 65psi and the ride is still fine.
  3. I did keep the stock control arms. I know there's some debate about it but I think it will be fine. Now that I'm towing a tongue heavy travel trailer again, I wouldn't mind a little more rear height.
  4. I agree, it seems crazy to me that that rack would cause this problem. I was going to put a rooftop tent over the bed of my truck but maybe not after seeing this. Hopefully I’m just not understanding the the problem.
  5. Sorry you guys are having problems. I’ve had my 6112s/5160s on for nearly a year and am still happy. I rarely deflate my tires when not towing because I’m fine with the ride. Hope you can figure out the problem.
  6. I have those shocks, 6112s on the highest setting, and I’m on stock control arms on my ‘15 Sierra NHT. They’ve been on for almost a year now.
  7. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into the tool and GM tech sites. The job has already been done by the dealership, it was the only part of what they did that I didn’t pay for. My front differential fluid was cooked and they said it was a maintenance issue - I have 54k miles so it’s still under powertrain warranty. They said oil should have been changed at 40k but they never mentioned it at previous visits. My Powertrain warranty by time is almost up and I won’t go back.
  8. My 6112s seemed to get better with age. They seemed to need to break in some. I went from stock NHT suspension with 42k miles to the 6112s and 5160s and didn’t notice much initially but after a few hundred miles I noticed the improvement.
  9. My '15 Sierra with 54k miles is at the dealership for service and for the brake issue. They said my brake pump failed and it along with the belt are being replaced under extended warranty for those parts due to the recall.
  10. I just did the Seafoam intake cleaner and when pulling the plastic box between the MAF and throttle body, I found what seemed more like engine oil in the bellows just after the MAF. It looks like this box has PCV hoses on each end too so it's entirely possible that at least some of the oil I found could be some engine oil. It didn't have the solvent smell that I remember smelling in the intake airbox but who knows. The Seafoam product comes with a U shaped straw that you hook on the throttle body so it has a more direct path to the intake valves.
  11. Anyone know how you locate the TSB for this problem? I've seen in other threads there's a TSB but not sure how you locate it to share with the dealership. I'm hoping to take my truck in soon. Thanks.
  12. I have the same issue now too. While towing our travel trailer recently we started smelling propane when we stopped. With propane tanks on the trailer we were pretty freaked out. It’s still doing it with the trailer disconnected. Usually get the smell when we park after driving in the car. Smell outside the truck seems to be the strongest in the driver side wheel well. We have a ‘15 Sierra SLT 6.2 4x4 Max Tow if any of that matters. We still have a powertrain warranty so when we get home I’ll take it in and see what they have to say. I found another link the other day talking about a TSB on it.
  13. It is being used after the MAF. It has a straw that goes through the MAF and sprays on the other side. I‘m following CRC’s instructions to the letter. It seems to work, since I’ve been using it the stumbling on startup is gone. Im curious if anyone else is seeing this. I can’t be the only one using the product. I also don’t know for sure since I just found the stuff today, the Intake cleaner product seems to be the most likely culprit.
  14. I was changing the intake air filter today and noticed this oil in the air box. It has a solvent type smell, more so than engine oil at least. I do use a valve cleaner spray through the MAF before each oil change which I think is the most likely culprit. I follow the directions though and only spray when the truck is being held at 2500 RPMs so I would think it’s all being sucked in. Anyone else have this? I’ll be paying closer attention now and be better about changing the filter which I’ll start doing each time I clean the intake valves.
  15. No one will see them. They might be easier to notice if they get kicked out of place too.
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