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  1. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    I was surprised by how much bigger they are than the 5160s I bought. Since these arrived late, I missed my window to install and can't now for about 2 weeks so I'll have more time to think about it. I bought the slightly larger blocks already so I'm still leaning toward the highest setting on the for the front. Still liking yours?
  2. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    My 6112s finally arrived 2 days late and apparently with inadequate packing material. These things sure are beefy.
  3. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Overall my experience with Battleborn was positive, I’d buy from them again based on that. The main reason I went with Battleborn in the first place is that they’re a sponsor of this forum so I wanted to support those who support the forum. What do you mean about the warranty? Why would there be problem buying from Battleborn?
  4. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Pivot, do you have any pics of your truck from the side you can share? I have 37k miles on my '15 Sierra and my passenger seat rattles too. Still on stock NHT suspension but I have E load range KO2s usually inflated to around 50 psi. Thanks for the write up!
  5. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Something happened when my 6112s were being assembled with aftermarket shock top mounts and the top mount broke. Unfortunately, this ruined my plan for not having to go to a shop to have the parts swapped. This does give me another day or two to decide which position to have the 6112s set. I'm new to modifying trucks and honestly haven't spent much time underneath mine. In the case of using the 6112s to raise/level the front, it only raises the body of the truck but not the differential height right? Only bigger tires will raise the differential height? Thanks.
  6. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Something I just noticed from the Bilstein site is that the 5160s only have a 90 day warranty. I guess that's why they weren't concerned about the finish or adding dust boots. Edit: I just got off of the phone with Bilstein and they said the bodies of the 5160s are triple coated and should be fine where I live even though I'm close to the ocean. He said if I lived in the rust belt it might not be a bad idea to add some extra and it certainly wouldn't hurt.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Here's a 6112 thread already started, maybe we should leave this thread 5100s to avoid confusion.
  8. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Glad I looked for a 6112 thread before starting one. I also ordered 6112 front and 5160 rears from Battle Born. The 5160s arrived yesterday but I ordered complete, built 6112s so I can install myself without a spring compressor. I had Battle Born assemble the 6112s on the highest setting. I bought new block for the rear that will raise it by 3/4" so I should still have some rake for towing. I'll install everything later in the week. One thing I noticed about the 5160s is that the steel bodies seem to be machined but with no coating, I'm wondering how long they'll take to rust.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm starting to think that since the 6112s have finally started shipping and being installed maybe they need their own thread. When giving feedback everyone reading needs to know which Bilsteins you're talking about.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm starting to rethink the spring perch ring height on the 6112s I ordered. the top setting is only .6" higher than the 3rd position and one of the few reviews I found said they're supposed to ride better in the higher positions. My thinking that if I want more rake after install, I can add a larger block in the rear which would be cheaper and easier than having the front ride height changed. I wish I could find more reviews.
  11. Bilstein shocks thread

    I love your trailer, it's so cool. I had the thought of trying something similar to take my car to the racetrack but I ended up finding a used smaller toy hauler that fit my needs with less effort. I ordered 6112s built as complete coilovers along with some 5160 rears from Battle Born today. I"m having them built to the 3rd from the top position. I'm looking forward to getting them installed next week. When the magazine article about the install comes out I'll be sure to share a link.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thanks for the info! Because it's been soooo many pages in this thread, how much lift did you get on the 3rd ring of the 6112? I think I'll try to pull the trigger soon. I got the go ahead from a magazine I work with to use the install as a story so that should speed up the process.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    Did you add any extra height to the rear of your truck? I have a '15 Sierra NHT and was planning to get the 5160s but wasn't sure if I would need extra height to accommodate the longer shock. Thanks.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Have there been any reviews of the 6112s installed on a '14-'18 GM 1500 truck? As we go forward and we talk about our new shocks, can we all specify which Bilsteins we installed? Thanks.
  15. Aftermarket Brake kit

    I don't know if they'll fit a '19. I do know there are some very fast Miatas, like faster than Porsche GT3 fast, running the Stoptech BBK with excellent results. Maybe they've improved since you last tried them? I would definitely try Stoptechs before Wilwood. I no longer have 20" wheels on my truck so Brembos aren't an option. Realistically I'll upgrade pads first and see how they do.

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