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  1. One thing you can do - if you run the 4" lift vs the 2.5" is you can set the springs a 0 preload - which will reduce the height of the lift to closer to the 2.5" lift and you get the benefit of the longer shocks and added travel, but don't give up some of the gas mileage of lift - I figure you lose 2 mpg for every 2" of lift - tires seem to impact over 35" more than below - the lift of the truck putting it up in the air is the biggest impact on mpg. I also have a 6.2 - have 8,000 miles on my truck - 14.5 mpg average since day 1 - just did at 1,200 mile road trip - got 16.4, no trailer - so not bad. with trailer at 55-65 get 10-12 mpg - over 65 mpg plumments fast.
  2. BDS is one of the best options - I would get the adjustable coilovers in the front for more ride refinement flexibility (soft for street and firm for off road). Fox may have a piggyback coilover availabe for the rear, which would be an upgrade from the 2.0 in the current kit offering. BDS has been working on adding a 2.5" for the rear but don't have it up yet. My AT4 was 38" high in front stock - went to 40" with RL SST 2" level kit. My buddy has 4" BDS on his - he is at 42" - so full 6" from stock truck and 4" higher in front from what you have stock. I plan to get BDS lift once the 2.5" rear comes out. If you have stock 18's they won't work with BDS kit per BDS- Factory 17-18" wheels cannot be reinstalled due to tie rod end interference, stock 20" wheels can be reinstalled Link BDS: https://bds-suspension.com/product?ma=5&mo=1&ty=113&yr=2019-2020 Per BDS - here is what will tire will fit with 4" coilover lift kit - *Trimming may be required* Tire & Wheel Combinations 37x12.50 w/20x9/22x9 and 5.5-6.25" back spacing 35x12.50 w/20x9/22x9 and 5.5-6.25" back spacing 35x12.50 w/17x9/18x9/20x9 and 4.5" back spacing
  3. 2019 AT4 - 6.2 Carbon Pro Before and after photos below - similar measurements to you - I have OEM painted strips where yours are rubber - but about the same specs. Ready Lift SST - I was 38 before and 40" after up front and back 40" before and 41" after with new rear block added.
  4. This is trailer empty 4,500 lbs - 900 lbs tongue weight - 2.5" of squat - added load level hitch (1400 lb bars) and with it I got back about 1.5" of the squat - so only about 1" of squat with load level. Will likely add a Deaver overload spring pack soon as well to help carry the load. Fully loaded will be 9,500 lbs +/- but tongue weight will not go up much and may go down a bit with moving the car around.
  5. You make a good point - - was not aware of stock back spacing - but that being said if stock back spacing is 5.77" - then it should be a 38MM offset (8.5" wheels - -5.77" - 4.5" center = 1.52" or 38MM of offset)? Also the methods are 1/2" wider than stock in this discussion (9" vs 8.5") - so the section width of the tire measured of 11" is on an 8" wheel - and on a 9" wheel you will pick up 0.2" to 0.4" of section width - so you have to take that into account as well. End of the day only way to know for sure is to try them!
  6. Your math is correct - spacing measure in the photo is with Method NV 18" x 9" which are 18mm offset - the stock wheels are 26mm offset - so the Method wheels are giving me 6mm or 0.312" of added clearance (moving the wheel center away from the UCA). Backspacing is 5.75" Stock Wheel spec 275/65R18 113Q 8.5Jx18 ET26 6x139.7 Method Link: https://www.methodracewheels.com/products/nv-black?variant=349582491 - Part number MR 305 890605 18 - drop down menu of choices Link wheel offset: https://www.lesschwab.com/article/what-is-wheel-offset.html
  7. Here is my 2019 AT4 with RL SST 2" level kit and RL UCA - photos of clearance - with 275/65/18 Goodyear Duratrac's - about 5/8" clearance remains. I would say you lose at least a 1/4" and more likely closer to a 1/2" of clearance with RL UCA vs stock - but you get better geometry angles - that is the trade off. I could fit 285/65 - but 295/65 would be really close.
  8. I have 2019 AT4 Carbon Pro - with same RL SST kit - stayed with stock 275/65/18's - have been looking to swap out for BDS - been going back and forth 2.5" or 4" (so 4.5" or 6" overall) - shop tells me to get 4", set springs at 0 pre-load, will be great and not get full 4" lift (so 6" overall). Feel better overall ride and more travel - I don't really want to go over 4.5" for towing. I had inquired about remote res or piggy back 2.5" for rear - they did not have 6 weeks ago - what did you do for rear shock? Can you post photo of your truck now complete - so we can see the look. Thanks
  9. My first choice owudl be to add factory tow mirrors - dealer told me can't be done and retain cameras in mirrors, different wiring harness? Anyone done the conversion I would love to hear what was involved. Thanks,
  10. Try a seach - lots of threads on this - I went with RL 2" SST kit which comes with UCA's - Method 18" x 9" - 0 offset wheel - stayed with stock 275/65/18 duratecs for now. With 0 offset wheel I might get 285's or 295's on there - anything wider would rub on UCA. CV angles are more than I would like, but seems to work fine. Ride is same as stock. Only downside is RL recomends you do not use auto 4wd - as the engaging at speed puts too much torque on cv axels and can cause damage to front diff. Your get 2" from factory and 2" from level - so 4" of lift in front - CV's really should have drop bracket for front diff for anyting over 2.5" - so this set up is outside OEM specs and if you have issue, you will not get warranty if you go in with level on truck at many dealers. You can buy the SST kit for AT4/TB at Tire Rack for $510 - cheapest place you will find it - figure 4-5 hours for install, then alignment - so $1,000 +/- all in for level kit installed by 3rd party. Tire rack sst kit: https://www.tirerack.com/suspension/suspension.jsp?autoMake=GMC&autoModel=Sierra+1500+4WD&autoYear=2020&autoModClar=Crew+Cab&make=ReadyLIFT&model=SST+Lift+Kit&group=&cat=Lift%2FLevel+Kits For a nice level at reasonable price it is a good way to go, but you do lose auto 4wd - if you want to keep that you need to go with full lift like BDS that offers drop brackets for front diff and much better shocks - but you pay for that. Photo of truck, of cv axel angels at rest - wheels straight and clearance of tire to UCA.
  11. Copart seems to get most of them - looks like my number was off a bit - 75 confirmed kills in US - tracked on C5 forum link below. link copart: https://www.copart.com/search/chevrolet/?displayStr=Chevrolet&from=%2FvehicleFinder&searchCriteria={"query":["*"],"filter":{"MISC":["lot_make_desc:CHEVROLET"],"MODL":["lot_model_desc:\"CAMARO Z28\""]},"sort":["auction_date_type desc","auction_date_utc asc"],"watchListOnly":false,"searchName":"","freeFormSearch":false} Link z/28's crashed - https://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=428067&page=24
  12. Enjoy the Z very much as a weekend and track car. 1,801 total made about 100 +/- have been totaled, 135 +/- have headed overseas - so rare indeed. Here are a few more photos
  13. I post up a pic next time I have it loaded up - at shop right now getting power jack, winch and load leavel hitch all installed, so likely will have no squat at that point, but we shall see. Here is my heaviest car that will go inside - and with it and stuff I will be pushing 9,500 lbs.
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