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  1. I have AT4 with the 18's and just put on 18 Methods - they are a lot less costly than OEM
  2. I ordered these on 2/5/20 - initial ETA was 2/13/20 - now - back ordered - no ETA - so I wait! Going in on 2/21/20 for alignment since level kit and front UCA's went on, a couple to recall's and for fix to my kicker speakers in tailgate - which only work part of the time, add black exhaust tips and to add GM performance air box. I have 2019 AT4 carbon pro - so it came with cat back exhaust, so I wanted to add airbox to maximize airflow with OEM parts. Be nice when it is all done!
  3. Kit worked with my factory wheels - here is photo of my 18" - not planning on adding bigger tires until these are done. Link below to video where they discuss their kit. should work with all factory wheels. Link:
  4. I did the Ready Lift SST kit which includes front upper control arms to correct geometry (for AT4 and Trail Boss), spacers and spring perch adjustment along with 1/2" taller blocks in rear (3.5" vs stock 3"). Stock shocks are retained or you can upgrate to King/Fox/ICON etc. Not sure what folks are doing for standard trucks, sorry if that is what you are asking. Most level kits for AT4 and Trailboss to not included upper control arms, see this video to understand why they are needed: Link:
  5. I have 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 (crew cab 4WD) and put on Black 18” Method MR305 NV wheels and mounted my OEM 18" 275/65R18C Mud Terrain Goodyear® Wrangler DuraTrac® blackwall tires Mfg. Part #:MR30589060518 is the proper wheel in black for a 19+ GMC AT4. I am running Ready Lift SST level kit (which includes larger block for the back), which can be bought via tire rack (best pricing).
  6. Ready Lift SST leveling kit for AT4/Trail Boss - 1.5" in front and about 0.5" in back to level truck off. Includes new upper control arm for the front to retain factory geometry. Max tire zie for this kit - AT4 305 / 55 / 20 - Trail Boss - 295 / 65 / 20 - per Ready Lift - I still have stock 275 /65 / 18's that came on my truck . Before and after photos
  7. Truck leveled - Ready Lift SST kit - before and after - before front was 38" +/- (ground to bottom of fender flare) and rear was 40" - now 40 1/4" front and 40.5" rear - Added Black Method NV wheels 18" x 9" as well
  8. Door Part number is 84690478 - need 2 - one for each door Tail gate is 84680479 - this one is smaller
  9. That is how I ended up with an AT4 - on Trail Boss, I could not get cooled seats, 6.2L engine, rear cupholders, amongst other things so I moved on to AT4 where I got all the things I wanted. I understand at a cost as it was a more expensive truck.
  10. thanks that is awesome! I assume one part number is for driver side and one for passenger side - what about tailgate - is it driver side part number or passenger side? Thanks John
  11. The Kicker speakers came stock in my 2019 AT4 Carbon pro - the sound quality of the speakers is poor. My truck has 4,000 miles +/- and is 6 months old. They worked fine for 5 months- came on to my phone everytime tailgate was opened to expose speakers via blue tooth. First time I went to a tailgate event and planned to use them (after Christmas) they did not work. They were on - but no sound - we tried hooking up via usb cable - no go - deleted from phone, re-up'd blue tooth - no sound - tried other phones - no luck. Unhooked the battery - started again - no go. Tried them a few times over the weeks after - no go Went in for service and told them about the problem - opened up the tailgate and they immediately began working. They said they would look into it regardless - they could not get them to work, except via USB cable - would not on work on blue tooth. I tried them when I picked up truck - worked via blue tooth. Dealer is researching - but said no "loose connection" option - it is either they work or they replace the entire unit. So if they are not under warranty I would not get them. I am waiting to hear back from dealer on fix - they are following up and expected to get new unit in this week.
  12. What year is your truck? I see these on 2018 back - is yours a 2019+
  13. Looks great - plastidip on the GMC logo looks great- makes it blend. I also have dealer trying to sourcre the black AT4 emblems for my 2019 Carbon Pro - which came with standard chrome ones Any part number information or where you sourced them would be great to know. Thx for posting
  14. Here is my stock AT4 - 2" from factory - it sits at 38" +/- in front and 40" +/- in the rear - so 2" of rake. I have a Ready Lift SST leveling kit going on next week - so will post comparision pictures.
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