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  1. I now have Method NV 18" x 9" wheels with 18/5.75" (offset/spacing) - (part number MR30589060518) - so this photo is not with stock 18" wheels - but there is about 3/4" of space left - so that is the room left to play with. Offset at 18MM for my Methods is 8MM less than stock 18's (26mm) - so at 0.7" vs 1.02" stock (positive offset) - that would suggest my Method wheel puts the tire 0.3" further from the the UCA. Looks like stock 18"s are 26MM offset and stock 20's are 28MM offset (not sure about either, but what I found on net). Ready Lift sight shows for kit - you can fit - AT4 - Max tire 305/55-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel- the zero offset should move the tire 1.1" further out from UCA than a stock 20" if my math is right so that would give you less room to play with a stock 20" wheel over a zero offset wheel - if a 305 is 12" across and a 275 is 11 inches across they would have the same clearance to the UCA on a zero offset and stock offste (28MM) 20" wheel. Lot of factors in play - with a stock 20" I tihnk you will be limited to tires that are 275-285 in width (11" section width). If you go on tire rack and look up tire by size you are interested in, they will have a spec option tab you can click on where you can see the diameter, width etc. Here are widths for K02 and Duratrak Goodyear For Example: K02 Duratrak 275/65/20 10.9" 11" 285/65/20 11.5" 11.5" 305/55/20 12.4" 12.4" Since I have about 3/4" of space from my tire to my UCA with 18mm of offset - I could go up from 275 @ 11" Duratrak or K02 to a 285 at 11.5" and still have 1/4" of space to UCA with my Methods - with my stock wheels I would be about 0.30" closer - so about 1/2" of space - so going to 285's would put the tires very close to the UCA's. So all about the offset of the wheel or adding a spacer to move the wheel out, to give more room for a bigger tire. Then you have to shift your focus to overall diameter, to see about rubbing of the larger tire - and what you will havt to trim, if anyting. Example Tire Rac K02 Spec Sheet : BFG K02: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=BFGoodrich&tireModel=All-Terrain+T%2FA+KO2&partnum=865SR0KO2V2&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes Hero-2-for-Wheel-Offset-vs-Wheel-Backspacing-Explained.webp
  2. I have the ready lift SST kit on my 2019 AT4 - worked fine with stock 18" wheels and 275/65/18 Duratrak's - here are photos of truck with stock wheels and clearance on SST UCA with that set up.
  3. Looking up parts - looks like one fuel tank for all 1/2 ton trucks - 26 gallons link: https://www.gmwholesaledirect.com/oem-parts/gm-fuel-tank-23138361/?c=Zz1mdWVsLXN5c3RlbSZzPWZ1ZWwtc3lzdGVtLWNvbXBvbmVudHMmaT1HSDE0NzQwNSZyPTEmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMTkmdD1sdHomZT02LTJsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D Sure GM figures - 300 + mile range on low end (no tow) and 500+ at 20 mpg - is all that is needed - they don't consider towing. And they save money only having to certify one fuel tank. Max tow should get 36 gallon tank - plenty of room under there on my AT4 for another 10 gallons, maybe more.
  4. I have 2019 AT4 - I get 13-15 around town and 15-18 on the road - I have 2" level kit up front - cost me about 1 mpg - still have stock 275/65/18 Duratraks - I have never had a tank where I exceeded 18 mpg, but have had 50 mile stretchs of up to 21 mpg. I have 6,500 miles on my truck and have averaged 14.3 mpg since day 1. That is 2 mpg better than my 2014 Raptor got, similar driving cycle. I don't drive for mileage, but if I did I think I could add a couple mpg to my stats.
  5. I have a 2019 AT4 with 6.2 - I get 13-15 around town and 15-18 on the road. I have averaged 14.6 mpg since the start (through 6,500 miles). I have 2" level up front (still have stock 275/65/18 Duratrak's) - raising the front further, which probably hurts me on mileage on the road. No question if you are in the gas a lot, mileage will go down quickly. I have never seen a tank over 18 mpg in the 6,500 miles I have on my truck, but have seen it for 50 miles sections here and there on the road. I suspect if I drove for mileage I could add a 2-3 mpg to my stats, but the 6.2 is so fun to jump on, you just have to do it now and then!
  6. That is a bummer - I was going to take my 2019 AT4 out and put it in tow mode to see if mine did it, guess I don't have to.
  7. I had a series of 2500/3500 diesel trucks when I towed a lot. Then kids sports kept us from using the toyss and boat much. So I sold the toy box and enclosed race trailer and bought a 2014 Raptor which was my daily. It was fine for the moto's on open trailer and for the boat which was about 7,500 lbs.. I sold the Raptor at 100,000 miles - not one issue with that truck, oil changes, brake pads once and one set of tires (in addition to original). I had to add Deaver custom springs and air bags to tow better, but overall was very happy with making the switch back to gas and half ton. Last July I picked up a 2019 AT4 Carbon Pro after the Raptor, as I am not a fan of the Raptor with Eco Boost and the GMC dealer offered me such a great lease I could not pass it up. So far it has worked great - sans the peanut fuel tank - my old Raptor had 36 gal from factory and all my diesel trucks I switched out the tank with a Transfer Flow, that were typically 50 - 54 gallons. It is my only dislike of the AT4 - tank is just way too small and no one makes "replacement" tanks for 1/2 tons - just bed tanks and I don't want to give up the room. I still have an open trailer and tow car to track and side by side to desert and dunes etc. plus boat - so nothing over 7,500 lbs, so works fine. But I am missing the comfort and convenience of an enclosed trailer, as everything you need just stays in there. Toy Box is nice for comfort and as we go more will want at least an enclosed car trailer. Toy box that will fit RZR 4 will be at least 24' so looking at 9,000-11,000 lbs or more with RZR, water, fuel etc. If I forgo the comfort and go for Aluminum car trailer 20'-24' I will be 7-8,000 lbs with RZR, but with car for track I will be closer to 9-10,000 lbs again. I agree with OP that once you go north of 7,500 lbs, the bigger truck is just a safer towing option. You only need to experience it once, the trailer driving the truck! For sure with a 1/2 ton and 10,000 lbs, if things go wrong you will quickly go from driver to passenger! Over the years have had a few white knuckle experiences and can tell you if you tow heavy and a lot - a diesel dually will be your safest option. I prefer to drive the 1/2 ton and it fits in the garage where the 2500/3500 won't fit in. For now I am going to see how much we are heading out with the toys for awhile and if we start going like we used to, then I would guess my next truck will be a diesel truck. In the meantime, the 6.2 10 speed combo is the best motor tranny combo I have ever had on any truck to date. It works flawlessly and the truck is great to drive! If it had a 36 gallon tank that would make it an even better package. Hope Triton or Transfer Flow make us a replacement tank!
  8. Here it is for $525 - nice thing is it integrates and works well with your phone, so convenient. But sound quality is poor in my view - I would not have gotten it after having one, if it was not already part of the Carbon Pro package on my 2019 AT4 (it was included in the carbon pro package in 2019, was not an option). link: https://www.gmpartswarehouse.com/oem-parts/gm-multipro-trade-tailgate-audio-by-kicker-19417163?origin=pla&gclid=CjwKCAjw8J32BRBCEiwApQEKgZ5LE5MhzLecnIk5-8skZvJtXxbXTS3pVHIFBAm-2CZ_RHjYFfHxGxoCsj0QAvD_BwE For less money you can simply get a portable wireless speaker(s) to run off your phone - they sound much better and you can use them anywhere. Link: https://www.techradar.com/news/audio/portable-audio/10-best-portable-speakers-1069079 Link: https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-outdoor-speakers That is what I would do - get one big one or few small ones you can link together - save money, better sound and more use potential. If you want seemless, ease of use, when with your truck the Kicker is hard to beat.
  9. Here is AT4 with Ready Lift SST kit - which included UCA and new rear blocks which are about 1/2" taller - without the new blocks it was about 0.25" nose high - now about 0.25" rake to back - not noticible. Concern with level kit is that truck comes from factory with 2" lift - it is commonly known that lifting beyond 2.5" will put the geometry out of spec for cv axel angle - why all good 4" lifts (wihch is what your AT4 will be leveled - (2" factory and 2" +/- to level) have drop brackets for the front diff. Ready Lift on their site notes they "don't recommend use of auto 4wd". So you lose that feature for the above reason - I have used my truck in 4wd high without issue, but you are taking a risk with 4" of lift kit without drop bracked of cv axel and/or front diff damage. So buyer beware! I posted a photo below of the truck on flat ground, so you can get an idea of cv angles with "no" articulation - not ideal. But it does look good! Photo with stock wheels - new blocks were not in - photo with black methods blocks were in. Before level kit After level kit - new rear blocks in CV Axel angles with tire on flat ground Truck with Ready lift level kit - without Ready Lift level blocks in rear - about 0.25" nose high - barely tell
  10. I usually go to Costco - if I can't I go to Chevron or Shell. Costco buys gas from all the refineries that have Top Tier brand gas, they also consistently have the best prices. In California we have 16 refineries - No. Cal has 5, central CA has 4 and So. Cal has 7. If you shop by region - Chevron or Shell in N. Cal, Chevron or ? in S. Cal (likely Costco). Overall Big Providers are: Chevron - 10.3 M gallons per day Tesoro - 8.9 M Phillips 66 - 5.2 M Shell - 3.1 M Torance - 3 M By Region So.Cal Chevron - 5.4 M gallons per day Tesoro - 5.4 M Torance - 3 M Phillips 66 - 2.8 M gallons of gas per day Paramount - 1.7 M gallons per day World - 170 K gallons per day Valero - 126 K gallons per day No. Cal Chevron -4.9 M Tesoro - 3.3 M Shell - 3.1 M Valero - 2.9 M Phillips 66 - 2.4M Central CA San Joaqun - 300 K gallons per day Greka - 190 K Phillips 66 - 60 K Kern - 26K
  11. AT4 uses Rancho Momo tubes - not the Rancho twin tube like on the Z/71 - they are a good quality shock and comparable to a Bilstein 5100. There are better shocks for sure - but it is not "garbage".
  12. I have a 2019 AT4 Carbon Pro and am very happy with the truck - 6.2l and 10 speed is awesome set up. Truck has every feature I could ask for except a decent size fuel tank (26 gallons is at least 10 to small). The ride is really good for what it is. can't comment on the ride of denali - but I am sure that suspension is really nice. Overall looks I prefer the AT4 look - I came out of a 2014 Raptor, which I loved - I just could not get on the program with the new Raptor eco boost motor - so went AT4, plus incentives and lease made it far cheaper than new Raptor. Does everything I need and more, very happy with the truck. No bad choice!
  13. check transfer flow as well - they make something - have been talking to them about doing a larger replacement tank for 1500 chevy/gmc - 26 gallons is way too small, especially for 6.2L. So far they have not done anything except bed tanks for the 1500. Link: https://www.transferflow.com/shop/ I used their replacement tank on last 3 diesel trucks (2500 or 3500) and loved having 58 gallons +/- on on the main tank. We towed boat 550 miles on vacation without stopping, as the kids kept saying, no we just want to get there - 8 hours and you jump out nad your legs don't work that well, right off!
  14. Here is a picture of my 2019 - after level and adding Method 18x9 wheels - I now have the black AT4 emblems that come on the 2020 and the black exhaust tips as well. Picture is from before they went on. My 2019 came with the cat back exhaust and I added the OEM air box. Truck is awesome! Put in a few photos of now and one when first leveled with stock wheels. Probably going to switch from a level kit to full coilover lift kit from BDS in the near future, to correct the cv axel geometry in the front and improve the offroad capability of the truck. As is, great on the road (good ride etc.), but only good for 10 mph or less offroad in any kind of terrain - my 14 Raptor with fox coilovers was very impressive on and off road - hoping to get to that same level with the AT4 with BDS lift and Fox coilovers.
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