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  1. Did you have to run spacers with those wheels or worked ok with +18 with no spacers?
  2. Now that you have had it a bit of time - how do you like it? the good (size), the bad (if any) and the ugly (if any). Thx
  3. What did you do to black out AT4 and HD on doors? What did you do on tailgate? Did you order blacked out AT4 logos for doors and tailgate from GMC (I have them on my 2020 1500 AT4 Carbon Pro and like the look - planning on 2500 AT4, so was looking into same look for that) - what about the HD on doors? thx
  4. Thanks for the replies - sounds like great towing rig option! Always better to have too much truck when towing.
  5. Hi, I have 2020 GMC AT4 1500 with 6.2 - towing up to 9,900 lb capacity now - adding a hitch pull toy box that will be over 10k - so considering moving up to a 2022 2500 or 3500 HD. Like the look and features of the AT4 and the Ford Tremor. Looking for some real world feedback on the AT4 HD's that people are using to tow - what are you towing (tongue weight and total weight) and what is your set up - using WD hitch - sway control? Is wind an issue - do you get sucked into large trucks or vans as you pass (or they do). Good, bad and the ugly? Over on Ford Tremor 250/350 HD- site a lot of issues and they are not towing big loads - 7,500 lb to 9,000 lb hitch pull enclosed 24' trailer - lots of concern with sway control and being sucked into vehiches in neighboring lanes etc. I have some of that in my 1/2 ton AT4 towing similar weight - but with load range C tires and soft offroad springs and less than half the payload of the Tremor HD - so it sort of surprised me. So wondering if the AT4 owners are having similar experiences - versus the other SRW diesel options for towing Thx
  6. In stock configuration it is capable of reasonable trails at moderate pace. Stock shocks are pretty soft - so that will limit your pace off road (no high speed desert bombing). But it will go a lot of place just as delivered. Get out there and enjoy it and you will find the things that are limiting for the areas you drive. There are some good you tube video of stock trucks out there doing some fun stuff. Below is a good view of what to expect. TFF Trail Boss - 6 months of use
  7. I have 2020 GMC AT4 - rear sliding window - no leaks - I voted that one I had a 2019 GMC AT4 - rear sliding window - it also had no leaks - so OP can add that one. Of course I live in S.Cal where it rarely rains - but no issues from car washes or the rain we do have.
  8. I think that is just the angle of the photo and shadowing - looking at it bottom up in my photo and from top side down in RL photos. If you blow the photo of my old truck - the washer is right up against stock spring perch - you see no "indentations' Like the spacer has on the spring side (see photo below) So I just don't see it - but since the truck is gone can't go look and see!
  9. You could be right - it was installed by a very good race shop - but they do mainly Ford Raptors - so could have not gotten it right. But I would ask how do you determine from that photo the spacer is upside down? I looked at pictures on RL site and that appears to be the bottom - the top having indentations for the spring to seat into. And even if it is "upside" down you are talking about a difference in height of 1/2" or less - so that will not change the the axel angles of the CV's by much (if you go 2" vs 2.5" - 20% difference). One problem with that photo is the camera is not level, so you can really get a clear view of the angles - If you just look at the boot's and the that gives you a good idea of the amount of angle. CV angles will be based on height of level - more you go the greater the angle. Attached are photos from RL install instructions:
  10. You can run spacers to solve the problem - pending how much space you need.
  11. Reason for the note is the axel angels are more extreme than stock and the torque on the front diff when shifting at speed can cause damage to the front diff, as the shift on the fly of auto 4wd at speed generates a lot of torque on the diff - with the geometry being stretched beyond factory specs, you are at risk of damaging your front diff. You likely will not get it warrantied. When kit first came out they had customer complaints about grinding noise when using auto 4WD as it shifted in and out of 4wd and then ultimatly a few that toasted the front diff. So they added the note - to warn the customer . You face this same issue with any level kit - so it not just a RL issue - it is for any level kit that goes beyond factory specs. I found out after the fact from several reputable off road shop in my area that it was common knowledge that if you go over 4" in lift you need a proper lift kit with diff drop bracket (so TB is 2" and RL is 2" so on the edge). So if you use Auto 4wd with any level kit - you run the risk of damanging your front diff - does not mean you will - but it could happen and if it does it likely will not be covered under warranty. If you can get a proper lift kit from Zone or BDS or others that is more costly - you will eliminate this risk for about $650 (the difference in price of a RL SST vs a Zone 2" lift - no shocks). I ran my 2019 AT4 with RL SST kit for 10k miles - no issues, but I never used auto 4wd - I did use 4H with no issues. Zone - https://zoneoffroad.com/products/4-in-ifs-suspension-lift-kit-2019-2020-chevy-trail-boss-gmc-at4?variant=39266940878936 RL SST - https://www.readylift.com/at4-trail-boss-plus-2-0-sst-lift-kit-gm-1500-at4-trail-boss-4wd-2019.html Here are photos of my 2019 AT4 with RL SST kit - see the angle of the axels (sorry for crappy photo) - then a photo of my 2020 AT4 with proper BDS lift kit (2.5" - so 4.5" overall). 2019 GMC AT4 - Stock 275/65/18 tires - axel angles are pretty extreme 1 2020 GMC AT4 - stock 275/65/18 tires - note axels are dead level - better than stock
  12. If you have that capability you willh have a two plug openings next to the 7 pin trailer hitch opening to plug in the GM back up cameras. If you don't have those plugs I don't believe you can add after the fact. I had a 2019 AT4- dealer said it had that capacity - it did not - ended up trading it for a 2020 AT4 with tow mirrors that did have it - night and day difference towing having tow mirrors, side and rear cameras working - really nice to have if you tow a lot.
  13. After the install you will need it aligned - so if local shop can do that as well and they do lots of BDS lift install - should be fine - if not since dealer does BDS and can do laser alignment after - they may be easier. You will love it - I love my BDS lift!
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