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  1. I had RL UCA's on my 2019 AT4 for 10,000 miles before I traded it in for a 2020 and had no issues. Only issue is they are bigger in circumferance - so they are a lot closer to tire that stock UCA with same wheels. Here are some photos - so if you want bigger tires, you may need ot change out wheels as well. the photos are of the UCA with stock 275/65/18 Duratracs on Method 18"x9" NV wheels with a 18mm offset - the stock 18" AT4 wheel is 26mm.
  2. From the ground to the bottom of the diff skid plate is only 8" - that is the low point which is the front edge - it slopes up as you move back. That is with stock Duratrac 275/65/18's on Method 18x9 wheels. GMC specs for AT4 front clearance is 10.12" for AT4 and Denali - mnot sure where there measure too but you are giving up some clearance for sure. As you can see in the photos I have already hit a few things with the skid plate. I don't think 17's will work - they won't clear front brakes calipers on the truck. The Tie rod from BDS will interfere with wheel, unless you move wheel out with 0 ot negative offset. You can avoid 20's but 18's are probably as small as you can go. Front diff skid plate clearance 8" of ground clearance from front lower edge of skid plate w BDS 2.5" lift and OEM 275/65/18 Duratracs Front Caliper clearance on 18mm offset Method NV 18"x9" wheels
  3. I could be wrong, but my buddy works at K&N and he told me they make the filter for GM, just like the K&N filter in my 2015 Z/28.
  4. I have a 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro with tow mirrors - camera down the side works when I am towing only (trailer plug trips it). I read on 2021 it may also work without trailer - which would be nice - as you can see great down side of trailer. I have 24' that is 8'6" (102") wide and it makes a huge difference in visibility - when turn signal is selected, you just see that see that side on the entire screen.
  5. Why do you feel it is not worth the price tag? It is not cheap but the exhaust with the CAI offer fully factory engineered and backed parts, K&N filter, better sound, better flow and a new factory tune tying it all together. It makes a legitimate 15 hp and 9 ft.lbs. of torque over stock set up (link: https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/sierra-at4-off-road-performance-package) - so unless you want more sound - what is not to like, other than maybe the OEM pricing! Fully engineered OEM system that makes real power - that is a good combination in my book. I have it on my 6.2L AT4 and find the total package a pretty good deal.
  6. On wheels - had I known when I bought mine I would of purchased a wheel with 0 offset or a "slight" negative offset - would try to stay -18mm or less so they don't stick out too far. I just did not know and the supplier said your stock 18's are 26mm offset and these at 18 mm were be perfect and for the Ready Lift SST level kit I did to my 2019, the were fine - but for the BDS/Zone lift not the right offset. I always want to find the right wheel and avoid spacers or wheel lug extensions - but since I had the wheels and the stock 18's would not work for sure - I went with the extensions until I sell the OEM wheels, then I will get new one's with proper offset and then sell these to someone just staying stock or doing a level. Knowing where you want to end up, at the beginning, is important, otherwise you will buy parts you can't use as you progress. But live and learn . Good luck with your set up, truck will look great and Fox 2.0's will be very nice upgrade to stock Ranchos. Not bashing the stock Rancho's the GM engineers set them up very nice to meet the needs for most on road folks and for light off road duty, which most of these trucks will never see (just like the Raptors). They are a $90 shock, so they can only do so much - the Fox is a big upgrade, but you have to pay for that!
  7. I have 2020 AT4 with BDS 2.5" lift with Fox 2.5 adj. coilover up front and Fox 2.0's in the rear. I tow a lot - I use load level hitch and sway control to take care of tongue weight and sway issues. Air bags are not needed. If you have 1,200 lbs or less tongue weight this is all you need - if you go over that then you need to upgrade your rear springs with either a sumo spring (economical route) or a new Deaver spring 10 pack. The 2.0's are great in the back for towing - the 2.5's up front being adj. are great, as you can set for street, tow or off road. I typically stiffen up the front 5 clicks over my road setting. For everyday the Fox are awesome - they are firmer than the stock Rancho's but more compliant, composed and controlled. You can go one click off full soft and have great street ride, stiffen up a bit off road and have a great package off road as well. 10x more capable than stock off road. Overall I am very happy with the set up and I tow a bunch - typically 7k - 9k total load. I have found that Fox offers the most compliant shock, with King stiffer and Icon stiffer still. Here is a link to video on air bags vs load level hitch Link air bag vs load level hitch https://www.facebook.com/fastwaytrailer/videos/396362497739001/
  8. I have 2020 AT4 with BDS 2.5" lift (so 4.5" over stock). I have 2.5" Fox adj coilovers - Fox 2.0's in the back - stock UCA's. I don't have big tires. I did run into issues as I already had method NV 18 x9 - 18mm offset - I had to use 1.5" lug extensions to clear the tie rod. 20" wheels are "more flexible" as the tie rod will go "inside" the wheel barrell on the larger wheel. Their is a ton or "inboard" room for tire, if you clear the tie rod. You have more wheel well room, than my GMC - but that will be the issue on larger tires - some trimming is likely with 37's. I plan to get new wheels with -12mm offset and go with 33's or 34's if I can fit them. You can save a few dollars going zone over BDS - pretty much the same stuff, and if not going offroad a lot, it is all you need. I would say if you can upgrade to 2.5" Fox adj coilovers, they are very nice and you can dial in the ride you like. I have street, tow and off road settings I use. Super happy with the set up. Here are photos of mine and the various clearance areas FYI Note nice straight axel - no angles for CV's like level kits. Lots of inboard tire room 2 fingers up front when straight with 275/65/18 duratracs A bit more clearance at the rear Rubs in reverse at 2/3rds locks with stock 275/65/18's Not a ton of extra room No rub but no extra room at full lock
  9. Agree - That was the other bonus on my trade - the 2020 is $36 a month cheaper than the 2019 and residual was 2 points higher (63% vs 61%). $68k truck for $719 a month including tax (7.75%) tax rate - Was considering another Raptor (had 2014 and loved it), but was not really an eco boost fan - once I saw the lease vs buy numbers the AT4 was a no brainer! Added BDS 2.5" lift kit with Fox 2.5" adj. coilover shocks and Fox 2.0's in the rear - great truck, with great suspension with a V8 - very happy with the total package!
  10. I keep ratchet straps, mechanics gloves, zip ties and my key bag (storage, trailers, toys etc.) in the rear seat back storage compartment on the drivers side. In the passenger side I have manual tie downs for moto's, mechanics gloves and some room. Under the rear seat I have OEM jack, tow strap, trailer hitch receiver with u clamp for tow strap, u clamp for tow strap, pancho, shovel, 24" breaker bar, socket and extension to fit lugs, trailer hitch receiver, blanket, store bags, jumper cables, micro fiber towels, Nitrogen bottle regulator and wrench for securing it on bottle (which is in bed). Most of the time in front of rear under seat storage I have 3/8" and 1/2" torque wrenches in their own cases, a soft side tool box and a soft side bag with 20amp cordless drill and 20 amp impact gun. In the passenger door behind driver I have a battery Norco battery jump starter (or can be used to charge phones or computers etc.) . Other that that is all clear back there - well except for the front windshield sun shade - LOL After looking to see what I had I am like, do I really need all this stuff in here? But then its storage right and if you need it, best if its stored where you are going use it!
  11. I have a 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro - 6.2l 10speed - I tow a 24' enclosed car trailer - 7k-9k lbs is typical. Truck, motor and tranny combination are great. I needed to add load distribution hitch, sway control and would recommend upgrading from duratrac load range C to a BFG K02 in load range D or E if towing a lot. When you get in the wind, there will be some sway, more in the Trail Boss/AT4 due to the added height and softer rear springs. I tow in S.Cal - so we go up and down a lot here - so towing milelage is 8.4 mpg combined +/- going hard. On flat ground maybe 9-10 mpg. With the small fuel tank, not much towing range. For towing 6 times per year, if its working I would probably just keep what you have - but you never know what kind of deal you would get, but with patience and diligence you can find them. I had a 2019 AT4 Carbon Pro with 10k on it, wanted to get tow mirrors and rear cameras for better towing visibility- was trying to figure out how to swap mirrors - ending up finding a deal where I traded for a 2020, got tow mirrors and it only cost me $600 - went from 10k miles to new. Took a number of months to get that deal and lots of dicussion via email - but found the deal and glad I got tow mirrors. When you get to the point of towing across the country you can't beat the modern diesel 2500 or 3500 with 10 speed (or Ford 250/350) they make short work of towing and get better mileage. Plus the added weight of the HD diesel trucks increases your safety when towing. At some point when thing go wrong, you don't want the tail wagging the dog, so bigger is better for your tow vehicle!
  12. I have 15,000 miles of driving on 6.2: 10 speeds in AT4 - 2019 (10k), 2020 (5k) of which 12k miles is towing 8k-9k lbs. Went from 2019 to 2020 to get tow mirrors. Both trucks shifted like butter and worked perfect. 10 speed really shines for towing over 6 speed. I would not buy 8 speed when you can get the 10 speed that offers more range and overall is a smoother shifting tranny!
  13. My buddy removed the 2" rear blocks on his 2020 AT4 to level - ended up adding back 1" blocks a few days later, but has had no issues since (8 months of driving and counting).
  14. Bottom line on the numbers is they are selling a ton on new trucks! I love my 2020 AT4 and loved my 2014 6.2L Raptor before that. No problems with AT4 - Raptor went 100,000 miles, 2 sets of tires, 1 set of brake pads and a bunch of oil changes - that truck was bullet proof! Like to have a V8 or big diesel - so my next truck if half ton will be GM and if diesel will be GM or Ford. Ram just doesn't do it for me, sans the TRX - now that I would buy if I could get one at MSRP! Toyota would get my money if they step up with a modern truck, motor (V8) and tranny and all the luxury and amenities of the top 3 before I would consider them. We had 3 Sequoia's (first two with TRD superchargers) and all three went 125,000 miles with virtually zero issues. We are living in a time of great products and we have lots of good choices - I have gone to leasing, so new truck every three years from now on - can't wait to see what I can get in 2023!
  15. No question the truck looks better without the tow mirrors - the standard look better. If you don't tow that would be the way to go. I agree as stated above the tow mirrors do provide blind spots when looking forward. If you tow the tow mirrors offer a significant advantage over the standard mirrors. I traded my 2019 AT4 Carbon Pro with standard mirrors for a 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro with tow mirrors because I tow and the standard mirrors do not allow any visibility down the side of a 24' enclosed trailer. The Tow mirrors offer great rear visibility when towing and the cameras in the mirrors also offer another level of visibility when towing, that make towing much safer with the tow mirrors. If you tow get them, if you don't or tow small open trailer don't!
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