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  1. Price Update These wheels are available - they are new take off's - no tires - just the wheels . $800 for 4 new (70 miles) OEM AT4 18" wheels.
  2. My past experiece has been 1.5 - 2.0 mpg loss going up 2" - the move up of the front and imact to areo is the biggest impact on mpg. I just sold my 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro - 6.2L - here is a photo of my "life of use" mileage - About 45% of time I was towing - half of that was enclsoed 24' trailer at 7,000 - 10,000 lbs. Towing mileage in and around S.Cal hills was 6.2-6.5 mpg - got about 8 on flat ground and 4.5 +/- on hills. I had 2.5" BDS lift with stock Duratracs - great truck - but with 24 gallon tank and poor mileage - had to stop 150 miles or less for gas with enclosed trailer - so just jumped up to HD and diesel motor. Loved the truck - but was not the right tool for towing!
  3. I have a few of these on trailers and a new one in the box for my new trailer - I just took a look and I would say it is not the camera is no water friendly best bet would be to run it up over top of the boat - and put on top of motor - if you have outboard or on back of boat if you don't - but you would be taking it off everytime before you launch.
  4. Have lease pay off this month of $55.3K - have offers in hand - $58K from Ford dealer on trade for Super Duty - $62K via KBB buy it now program (3 active dealer offers , $63K from my local GMC dealer (yesterday) - straight purchase. Best was $65K from Car Max - this one was a bust - they appraised it Saturday, went in last night to sell it to them - I have certificate from them that says price is good for 7 days - they would not buy it due to being a lease - they then showed me a sign they put up on Monday at front desk that says they "cannot" buy any vehicles from GM that are leased - GM will not allow them to purchase. More likely Car Max is owned by the worlds largest GM dealer network and they decided it was best to just funnel all those cars back to GM versus competing with each other. Nothing in my lease restricting pay off or who it goes to, but they tell me for them they cannot buy it from me and I can "only" sell it to GM or GM dealer or I have to pay lease off and have title in my name for them to buy per GM. So that may delay things a bit if I have to pay off, to sell, as it will take some time to get title. But can do that if I have to. We will see what my local GMC dealer says, as they don't face the same restrictions. GM is not doing themselves any favors with me and any other lease customer who gets this road block put up, so they can try to take advantage of market at our expense!
  5. LOL - I have owned most trucks for a longer than 4 months - in 2019 I sold my 2014 Raptor with 100k miles - for $45k - loved that. Before that I had a 3500 4WD SRW diesel Chevy from 2008 - 2014. I leased a new AT4 Carbon Pro in July 2019 - but did not get tow mirrors. I started towing more after I got that truck - in August 2020 I saw an AT4 Carbon Pro with tow mirrors - emailed dealer GM - he called - over the phone he agreed to take my truck back and lease me new one with $0 drive off - my lease payment went down $50 a month and I got a new truck with tow mirrors and added cameras - so it was an easy decision and a win for both. Fast forward 11 months (to now) and I bought a new toy box, which will weigh in at about 9.8k or a bit more when towing - that is on the outside edge of tow rating for my AT4. Market for used stuff is crazy - so I have $7k - $10k in equity in my lease - so if I can find the diesel I want or order it and apply that equity to the next truck - that best meets my needs - well that is just taking advantage of an unusual market situation
  6. I would go up to 2,000 miles to get what I wanted for 3500 AT4. Bought 2019 AT4 in Phx - so 565 miles away, in 2020 bought AT4 Carbon Pro in N. Cal - about 500 miles away. No issue going elsewhere to get something that is very close to what I want, if the price is right. RIght now no benefit to go any distance just to pay ADM, pretty much everywhere. I put gave my dealer what I wanted to order this week, 3500 AT4 loaded - they called me and said - have 1 AT4 on order ahead of me, took 3 weeks to get picked up by GM. In my case they were not as hopeful as there was hold on AT4, hold on AT4 premium package and a separate hold on the Technology package. They checked with rep - he told them expect it to get picked up as official order in 3-8 weeks and delivery in 3-6 months from that date - so best case that puts in me October. So I am looking at a 2021 Ford Tremor that will arrive at dealer in two weeks that is not sold - want $5k ADM. But truck has everything I need - missing a few wants, but they are not must have's. Dealer offered to order me a 2022 with new 12" screen and tech package and said it would be 10-12 weeks for delivery. So that also puts me at Sept/October. So no good GM options which is my preferred truck. Tremor is a nice truck also, 2021 is now, which is great - the 2022 has better tech, screen etc. But similar delivery to AT4, so if I did order I think I would just wait for AT4 and hope it does not push out to December. I have a 2020 1500 AT4 Carbon Pro loaded, BDS/Fox suspension added etc. Local GMC dealer offered to buy it from me for $62K, and Ford dealer offered $58k in trade. Going to Car Max Monday to see what they will do. KBB and Nada for trade in are higher (KBB $65k - $68K and Nada is north of $70k). It is leased and payoff is $55k. Values are great and if I can get offer at $65k, I get $10k of equity to throw at the new Tremor, which takes care of ADM and gives me back money for suspension. Decisions Decisions
  7. I was in today for service - they mentinoed the recall - said it took 30 minutes - they were done with truck for recall and putting a rear shock back on. I was wondering if this was a national recall or just a Calif. emmissions thing. California wanted to stop the recalibration as it was not "emmission/CARB" approved - so I was concerned it might be related to that and they were going to give us reduced benefits, due to milder tune. On my shock - rear - top shock bolt backed out and fell off - 12k miles on truck. I heard some rattling and got under there and shock was laying against rear cross bar. I had not bolt, so I pulled it off and drove home - went to dealer next day - no shock bolts - had to be ordered - took a few days to get. 10 minutes and back in business - but I have never had or heard anyone who had a shock bolt fall off before! I have 2020 AT4 - minimal offroad - just towing to and from - use RZR for real offroad stuff - so baffled me for sure.
  8. Yep - 4.5" lift - no spacer up front! I think the label it that way to tell you what the lift will be "over" what you have - but it is a bit confusing! I see you are Long Beach - if you do a lift locally for GM truck Oultaw Offroad is great to deal with.
  9. You will love it - when time is right the 2.5 adjustable coilovers are well worth the $ - Look forward to seeing how it turns out!
  10. I have 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro - I have BDS 2.5" coilover lift (so 4.5" over stock 1500) with fox adj. 2.5 fronts and fox 2.0 rears. It is not cheap, but the shocks are worth every penny - improve the ride - make it a "real" offroad truck - capable of high speed on rough terrain, similar to a Raptor - not as good, but close. It also makes for a great ride on road and with adjustments to the fronts you can dial it into your liking. The only downside is you drop the front diff as part of the lift, so in my case I lost 2" of ground clearance in the front, as the front diff dropped 2" as I stayed with OEM tires. If you went to 35's you would maintain factory ground clearance. Also note with the BDS lift - if you have OEM 18" wheels - you can't use them - as the tie rod sticks out and will hit the wheel - with 20" wheels the tie rod will be inside the barrel of the wheel and work. If you stick with 18" you need a -12 mm to 0mm offset wheel (ideally) or 12 mm or less and spacers and/or lug extensions. So might as well get -12 offset or 20's if you have to get new wheels. The NX shock in the kit you are looking at is a good shock - but I would at least upgrade to fox 2.0's - not that much more but a much better shock. BDS will do that if you ask. Also take a look at Zone - made by BDS but a lower cost option - They also offer an option to select Fox 2.0's for $117. Link: https://zoneoffroad.com/products/4-in-ifs-suspension-lift-kit-2019-2021-chevy-trail-boss-gmc-at4?variant=39431884505176 As you stated you want the 4" lift (which gets you 6") to meet your target of 35's with ease - as long as you have the right wheels you will be all set.
  11. Aren't the Rancho's a monotube shock - I know they are on the 1500 AT4?
  12. My buddy moved on to a Ford F250 Tremor Mine measures 80" (6' 8") from ground to top of the shark fin (high point on roof) with OEM Goodyeaer Duratracs 275/65/18's and 2.5" BDS coilover lift - if you went to 35/12.5/18 Duratrack you would add 2.6" of diameter (32.2" vs 34.8") - (BFG KO2's 35x12/5x18 are 34.5", so you save a little height)- so that takes you to 6' 10 1/2" to top of shark fin, with my 2.5" lift - add another 1.5" to go to 4" lift on AT4, which would equal a 6" on stock truck - you are now at 7' 1/2" - so need to remove/relocate or cut down the shark fin to make 7' or go with a smaller tire - a BFG K02 34/12/5x18 is 33.5" - so that would get you just under the 7' threshold. So on 35's it will be tire dependent - if you look up tires on Tire Rack - go to the tire size you want - pick a tire and open it up - then click on specs and you can see the measurements - if you click on "see all tire sizes" after you open the spec box - you can see the specs for every tire size they make - for that particular tire. Good luck finding a fit!
  13. Did you have to run spacers with those wheels or worked ok with +18 with no spacers?
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