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  1. I spoke to about 6 different dealers around me, both Chevy and GMC. All of them ran me prices with the discounts. The dealer I went with was my local Chevy dealer which gave me a price $500 under supplier but didn’t make me actually apply the supplier discount (no authorization number and verification etc). They told me when talking that they were required by GM to accept the discount and weren’t allowed to pick and choose. That’s just what I was told.
  2. I hear you here and I was on the fence for a long time but when you start doing an honest calculation that payload gets eaten up quickly. For a 8k trailer, that's 800lb of tongue weight, my young (and growing) family is about 450lbs and add in my 75lb dog and all of a sudden we are down to under 600lb of actual payload before you put anything in the bed of the truck.. Add in firewood, coolers, bikes, kayaks on racks, etc and it just made more sense to go with the 2500. The OP may be a little better off with the lighter TT, but personally, the difference in price and gas mileage to go to the 2500 isn't worth running it that close every time we go camping.
  3. I saw your other post and I was in the exact same position. My 2013 1500 with 5.3 was rated to tow my 27' (32' total) Starcraft trailer (made by Jayco) and while there were plenty of times that I needed more power, the biggest complaint against the 1500 was how it handled due to maxing out the payload and wind/trucks pushing/pulling me all around. That feeling that you aren't in control of your load even if only for a split second, is troubling. I think the added weight of this truck and the extra payload/suspension capabilities will make a huge difference plus the extra power and torque will be nice.
  4. Wow..... only $2K of lost value for 2 years of use, apparently I need to trade more often!
  5. I can't really provide any insight based on my own experience, but I have been on this forum for a few months now and my needs are very similar to yours. With that said, based on the input of many others around here, I ordered my 2500 gas a couple of weeks ago. My basic needs were hauling a 27" TT loaded to 8-9k, plus a family of 4 and a loaded truck bed. Around here elevations may get to 4-5K in the White Mountains. We camp 10-12 times a year and I put roughly 12k miles a year. I think the gas engine will be more than adequate for my needs, let alone your lighter TT. I would say that the exhaust brake is not necessary for such a light load and if tow/haul mode does not adequately shift and use the engine for downhill braking, I would just put the truck in manual mode and downshift so the engine could help slow me down. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. Have you ever been worried about your truck TPMS sensors when you are backing into the ramp or going through a deep puddle?
  7. I was looking at the LT w/leather package but they stopped orders due to the chip issue so I went with the LTZ. They quoted me 8-12 weeks but the thing with gas right now is the allocations are way down (maybe another issue related to the chips). They told me a couple weeks back that the plant was only building around 150 gas trucks a week, split among how ever many dealers across the country. I just couldn't justify the diesel for the extra cost and my usage, so I will be waiting and I have my 1500 until then.
  8. I realize this is on the L5P board but another data point for those interested, I just ordered a 21' white 2500 LTZ CCSB L8T gas here in Maine. Dealer inventory is non-existent, you either need to order or buy a truck in transit because they aren't making it to the lots. If you find anything on the lot, they aren't dealing and dealers aren't swapping inventory (I searched within 500 miles) due to demand. I qualified for both Supplier and Educator discount but the dealer ended up undercutting that discount by an additional $500 and was the best trade value around as well. MSRP: $57780 Dealer Discount: $3846 Factory Rebate: TBD at delivery
  9. This one is where he mentions his Magnum rack install. And here he discusses taking the power feed hidden near the 3rd brake light to power a lightbar. After looking at it again, there's only one picture showing mostly the lightbar, but you can see the top of the rack just over the cab. I PMed him and asked for more pictures if he didn't mind. Also I called Magnum again and this time they assured me the 2020 and any newer GM are designed with the extra height because of the cameras. It must have just been the rep I spoke with last time.
  10. Thanks for your response, I had no idea that Backrack made custom racks. I like their louvered model and I will reach out about whether the stock unit would interfere with the camera and if a custom made unit would be needed. My intention is also to be able to add a spreader bar and rear rack to carry an aluminum boat or kayaks so I will confirm the load rating.
  11. I also spoke to them a few weeks ago and I would say they were less committal to me for some reason. In either case, I came across some other posts from user @Major Tom where he mentions that he was able to mount a Low Pro Magnum without interference for the camera and even shows a few pictures where he mounted a lightbar and shows the rack.
  12. Thanks for your quick response. My current truck has a bumper mount 20" bar since the grill area was too tight for install it there, I agree that I much prefer them to be hidden in the grill. With that said, I suspect that even if I were to lose some output due to the grill, 2-14" bars would still be on par with my single 20" bar at a minimum. I've found a few vendors that offer either 16" or 17" lights with higher output, looking at your pictures it appears that there should be adequate clearance for the slightly longer lightbars, would you agree? Thanks again.
  13. I've seen a few examples on here but I was wondering if anyone else could share their experience with installing a headache rack and which ones they have used. I live down the road from the Magnum shop and was thinking of getting the Lo Pro model since I don't want the rack to stick up over the cab however I have concerns with it potentially blocking my 3rd brake light and my rear view mirror camera.
  14. I placed my order with the dealer yesterday for a 2500 crew LTZ gas. When I went in a couple weeks ago they had just filled their gas engine allocations for the week and they didn't get any for last week. They called me to come in and finalize the order because they were hopeful for a gas allocation tomorrow and were holding the next slot for me. We will see what happens from here. As for timeline, they estimated 10-12 weeks for my build but said some models are up to 26 weeks, which I assume means they won't be available until the new model year.
  15. Mike, I'm just wondering overall how happy you are with this set up and the was it casts light through the grill? I looked at the extremeLED site and are those the 14" lights? Thanks.
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