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  1. Based on your post I assume you would qualify for the Military Discount. If you could find a dealer currently accepting it that may be your best bet for any discount. If my memory serves me correct it should be somewhere around 5-7% off MSRP before rebates. But like the previous post said, it’s pretty tough dealing right now and some dealers aren’t honoring all discounts.
  2. Could you send those to me as well? I have yet to see them in an HD. Thanks
  3. Thanks newdude. I was basing the assumption that they were welded on the installation instructions for the 6 inch rectangular model. The instructions say the HD comes with 12 M8 bolts while the 1500 comes with 16 or 2 bolts per bracket. After looking at an exploded view for replacement end caps and treads and such, I can see you are correct and they show the brackets bolted. That makes it easy enough to remove the 4th bracket if need be but I'm still curious why GM doesn't utilize that location on the 2500. Thanks for your help.
  4. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why some of the OEM steps available for the 2500 share a part number with the 1500 part and utilize four brackets, while others have different part numbers and utilize a different number of brackets. For example the "Sport Step Assist Steps" are the same P/N for both 1500/2500 and four brackets which I believe are welded. On the other hand the the "6-Inch Rectangular Assist Steps " have different P/Ns for the 1500 vs the 2500 with the 1500 having four welded brackets and 2500 having three. Further more, the installation instructions for the second exampl
  5. This is exactly the situation I was in and I started tracking inventory in December. On the first few months I had a few options but I wasn’t really ready to pull the trigger. I decided to order but then that turned into a mess with allocations and constraints. If I weren’t in need of a 3/4 ton before camping season I probably would have waiting until this blew over and the market returned to normal. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. Agreed, definitely spray in but I can see how it may look like some type of drop in that’s either chemically or thermally activated to bond. It has a smoother, shinier finish than my LineX in my last truck. My truck is white and they didn’t spray up under the bed rails very well so when installing my tonneau it was obvious that it’s a spray in.
  7. @BrentH I may decide to make the conversion down the road as my truck already has the 250A alternator since I have the snow plow prep package. It’s more of a nice to have at this point and if I find myself boondocking a lot then I can add it later.
  8. Thanks Brent for all your work on this. I spoke with my dealer about installing the second battery and they were ultimately stumped on how to do it since there is no kit to convert it. I thought it would be nice for off grid camping to have a battery on the vehicle and a be able to charge it while driving between fishing or hunting spots. I ultimately just bought a parallel battery for my camper and will use my suitcase generator.
  9. Yes, wait for the actual purchase for the authorization code, but I would tell the dealer I am using the discount and make sure they are honoring it. Agree on the price after military discount but before rebates since those could be different by the time of purchase.
  10. Picked it up yesterday and yes I’m relieved that this is over. Things just got crazy with the wait and constraints and not knowing when the truck would be built. I’m glad I made the call to cancel my order find a truck in route.
  11. I was able to use the supplier discount yesterday. Even though we had agreed to the terms before the truck was delivered, it was still accepted by GM. So unless it is a regional issue, GM isn’t the issue.
  12. That's great, Congrats on the beautiful truck. I just found out mine arrived yesterday, is going through PDI today and I'll pick it up tomorrow.
  13. I put a deposit on a Sierra 2500 SLE last week using the educator/supplier discount. Before that I spoke with 7-8 dealerships throughout the northeast and only 2 were not honoring it. With that said, those were dealership decisions and not GM. I hope my signed work up and deposit hold up, the truck is due to arrive on Friday.
  14. I've been searching the forum and I've found a few pictures of 1500's with these steps but wondering if anyone has them on their 2500 and could share some pictures? I like that they fit tight to the rockers but I wonder if it's a high step given how tall these trucks are. My wife is 5'2" but I don't like steps that hang down and get snagged or bent.
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