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  1. I’ve looked through previous posts and see that the factory hard fold tonneau covers don’t have the best reputation. It also seems like perhaps the quality has changed recently versus the older revisions of the cover from previous posts. Anyone one the factory hard fold and have good luck with it? Minimal leaking and reliability? Or, are they all pretty much garbage? Dealer is offering a pretty good deal on one when I pick up my truck but curious if I should just get an MX4 for not too much more. Thanks!
  2. Yep, of the 27 or so dealers I called most were selling at MSRP. 2 offered 1k off as their listed price and 4 added 2-3k over msrp.
  3. I finally got one 1400 miles away, after calling more than 37 dealers where all the listed trucks were customer ordered or someone had already put a deposit down. Perseverance and a lot of it and you can find them. Just get comfortable with a long drive. I put do win a deposit truck should be there within the week. Looks like I can get a plane ticket for $150 and enjoy a 2 day road trip to break it in.
  4. Thank you. I’m fairly confident the 1500 and 2500 share all the same interior and this forum is a bit more active than the 2500 mod forum so I posted here hoping to get a quick response which I did. Thank you. I just wasn’t sure if they had a kit that allowed for that little storage door in the backrest but it looks like they do. Thank you.
  5. Seeing as how I’m having a hard time finding an LT 2500 with leather, I was wondering if anyone could confirm that Katskinz makes a kit for these trucks with the seat back storage for the second row. I used Katskinz in my 17 f150 and loved it so I know they make a great product. Thanks for the input.
  6. Does anyone know and what frequency the Chevrolet inventory search feature is updates with new trucks? Is it real time, once a day, once a week etc? I keep finding myself a day late and a dollar short in being able to find an available 2500 despite expanding my radius out to 1,000 miles. Now I realize some of these are customer ordered or something g similar but 5 trucks in a row now I’ve been told if I had called an hour earlier or so I would have had the first opportunity to purchase and I’m tired of being behind the curve. Any insight on the update schedule so I can hopefully get a truck sometime this year?
  7. Thanks for all the input. Sounds like console is the way to go. I might have to bite the bullet though. In a 1’000 mile radius the only ones I’m finding have the bench. Hopefully I’ll be able to swap it in at a later time or just embrace the simplicity. Maybe they make some nice floor consoles to hold stuff? Trying to be positive. Thanks again.
  8. So I think I found the perfect truck I've been looking for given the current limited availability. 2500 LT Gas. All Star Package, Midnight Edition, Convenience Package 2, Leather package, sunroof, auto up down tailgate, z71 package. The one thing missing are the bench seats. On one hand the convenience of having a 6th seat could come in handy sometimes but I have always had a console and enjoy the extra storage and USB ports. Any input from those with or without the console that enjoy have a pros vs cons list? Any regrets with the bench? Should I hold out to find one with a console? Looking for any inputs.
  9. That’s what I was afraid of, last month it was showing 3-4K off of a gas LTZ (not that I could find one) now $500. And only a $250 rebate. Talk about pulling the rug out from under you. Bummer
  10. I noticed the military discount site as of May no longer allows you to build and price a vehicle. All it mentions is the $500 rebate. Is the discount t officially gone? Anyone had any luck? I realize a lot of dealerships are no longer honoring it due to supply but in the off chance I find one that is. Does it still exist? Also, the educators discount site, is it doing the same thing? My wife qualifies but I’m not going to have her go through the process if it’s the same thing. Thanks for your time.
  11. Thank you all for the info so far. I definitely have a bit of pressure on me due to having only a single car for the family right now and a packed camping season planned. I appreciate the advice to not settle but damn is it hard to get trucks right now. I’m definitely going to think hard before making a decision. But, A month in, I’m getting less picky.
  12. Hello everyone, I’m in the market for a new Chevy 2500 for towing my travel trailer. When I set out I was looking for a gas LTZ loaded with the tech package and everything below. Seeing as we live in 2021 this has been near impossible to find. As a result I am considering an LT with the All Star package, z71 Sport package, convenience 2, auto up down tailgate, and leather package. I’ve found a couple of these in transit to my local dealers. My question is what am I going to give up by downgrading. From my research the big items are fairly easy to see such as HUD, rear view mirror camera, 360 cameras, cooled seats, memory, power passenger seat etc. not to mention the safety 2 package items. I like all the tech options but since none of the safety tech is active on the GM trucks and only passive, I don’t feel I’m missing out on too much. I wish I could get the cameras but I can live without them. I believe by getting the z71 sport and leather package I will still get the LED headlights, and center armrest and rear seat storage in the back which is important to me (my last f150 had halogen lights and they sucked!). Are the LED headlights the same as the LTZ or “lesser” versions like the ram big horn vs Laramie? Am I correct that I will get the rear armrest? (why truck manufacturers feel that a rear armrest should only be available in high trims still baffles me). With all that being said, is there anything else am I missing? Some random USB ports or anything like that which can be easily overlooked?Going from the console to a bench besides storage volume, am I missing anything? Last truck I bought I settled in an XLT f150 instead of lariat and regretted it. Big things I missed were led headlights, keyless aka push button start, and dual zone climate control which I know this model would have but I don’t want to overlook something that may not be as obvious and regret it. Sorry for the long ramble and I appreciate the help.
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