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  1. This is a follow up on my post on page 41, I had a shudder at 1500rpms, Black02Silverado posted (bottom of page 40) to send Amsoil for a complete fluid flush to see if that would take care of the issue. I took my truck in for the shudder and they did a flush and filter with the Amsoil. I waited awhile to post my results to see if it would come back. It has not Now 60 days later and 2000 miles later everything is perfectly fine, shifts great! so the Amsoil flush worked great for me thanks to Black02Silverado for supplying the fluid!!
  2. I had a shudder issue on my 2015 8speed and he sent enough for a complete flush. I love amsoil its the best and he is the best!! He is a great guy. If you need anything he will definitely get you the best price he is very nice!. I never used Amsoil till now and im hooked for life thanks to Black02Silverado
  3. i have a shutter but only when maintaining speed around 60mph you can feel it come and go randomly only for a second at a time. also when it up-shifts while not accelerating (coasting/downhill) it shifts very hard into 3rd, other gears are not as bad, same with downshifting but it happens in random drive-cycles, some days it will be fine and then next day on my way to work BAM slams into 2nd and 3rd going down my hill.. it does worry me as i just bought this truck with 80,000 miles on it. very clunky trans but seems to run smooth when mildly to hard accelerating.. i try to baby it while driving but that seems to be when the clunking and hard shifting happens most. shifts great when i get on it hard
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