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  1. I have the same problem with the camera. Has happened a few times. I think the camera uses a software to change the bubble to a surround type view. And sometimes it doesn't kick in correctly. I am thinking a software update will fix it pretty easily.
  2. DougFl 2019 Silverado

    Congratulations! I hope you are liking it as much as I am enjoying mine
  3. I like the non power adjustable pedals on my 2019 great because the pedal doesn’t flex. I love the adaptive cruise control it doesn’t have because lights and sunshine don’t freak it out like my dads Mercedes and QX80. Have a nice day.
  4. Ok I stand corrected... when did you get your 2019 Sierra /Silverado delivered?
  5. I would. I’ve owned a 2015,2016,2017 and a 2019 GMC Sierra and driven countless loaners. The 2019 fixes all the issues I had with the previous generation having clunky drivelines, transmission clunkiness and backlash/driveline slop. I always love when people comment on a truck they haven’t even owned like their opinion has any merit.
  6. Just get the 2019. It’s better in almost every way. Wait another 6 months for some more discounts and get a higher optioned 2019 if you need to.
  7. Thank you, I do love that Camaro. It’s a hell of an autocross car.
  8. I wanted to post some pictures of my blendmount install and wiretap install for those of you that may have questions. I used the blendmount for a 2018 GMC Sierra and the wiretap for the same. The plastic mirror shroud is easy to get into. Just pull down on the center section with the air louvers with a pry tool. Then the outer area you can just slowly move it around the wires even with the windshield. Don't pull it down, pull it such that it is equidistant to the windshield. The wiretap has a red and black wire on it as expected... so I plugged those into the wiring harness on the passenger side of the mirror -- red to red and black to black. It turns off and on with the truck.
  9. And got my console organizer in.
  10. It is much smoother than I thought it would be. This truck starts smoother than my last 3 trucks have. However, there was one time the truck tried to go into auto stop mode and I released the brake and the truck simultaneously tried to start the truck as it was shutting off and it made a terrible noise as if you were starting a car that was already started. I usually just turn it off when I start the truck now.
  11. Got my blendmount and wiretap installed.
  12. Yep - don’t know how to start the truck with it though

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