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  1. Side mounted bed storage

    Still no news on the GM side mounted bed storage? Seems odd since they were a big hit at the truck reveal.
  2. Serice Steering Column Lock

    I also have it. no software fix as of yet. GM has a service bulletin on it, dealer said a fix is on the way but not yet only happens when remote start on my truck.
  3. Yes I will. I just can’t figure out how to get behind there yet.
  4. Well crud. That’s the part I can’t figure out. Any chance you could ask the them how they got behind the dash? Where all the screws are (and how many) to remove the black trim piece that encompasses the climate controls etc.
  5. Any chance you could show us how you got behind the dash to wire it into the factory stereo? Does your truck have the center console?
  6. How did you wire it in? Did you have to take the center dash out?
  7. 6.2L Yes or No

    I have had three 5.3s and 2 6.2s. The 6.2 is worth the extra money. Don't even question it anymore.
  8. I noticed this too. This truck has a much better transmission tune that holds the gear better when pushing the throttle and letting off the throttle instead of just constantly shifting into the highest gear in every instance which made for some frustrating driving in areas that are not perfectly flat. I really do love this 10 speed so far.
  9. I just asked for those at the dealer and they printed them out for me. When you tear yours apart will you make a video I can follow. I’m having a hard time with mine.
  10. Got the schematic from my dealer -- not sure how much it will help me honestly -- I can't figure out where there might be a missing screw or bolt - here are the pictures in the following posts
  11. I tried twice, and couldn’t bring myself to pull any harder, actually the hardest part is finding a reasonable place to start pulling. If anybody has access to the exploded schematic that would be excellent! Just to make sure there isn’t a hidden bolt somewhere

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