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  1. I felt the same thing in my 2015 and 2016 6 speeds with the 5.3. I was happy to get rid of them.
  2. I have noticed my 6.2L 10 speed does not like if I am extremely light on the brakes. If I have my foot on the brake with a moderate pressure it downshifts very smoothly. If I just barely touch the brake coming to the stop (or "ride" the brake) it gives a jerk on the downshift.
  3. If you want ride quality, go Denali no question. It is the best riding pickup truck I have ever been in, including the new Ram.
  4. I just took my 2020 Sierra Denali in for my drivers seat moving side to side on hard turns. It gives a small creak noise and the seat bottom moves a bit. Then when I turn the other way, it slides back a bit. I took it in for warranty work to get it fixed and it is still doing it. Anybody else had this problem? What did they do to fix it? Thank you
  5. Well I am just an idiot. That stem does move, it just took way more force than I was giving it. I was afraid of damaging it. Thanks. Radar detector is now pointing directly forward out the front of the truck. Thank you for the help
  6. That is how I have mine also -- so in my truck that piece of plastic does not move. So the radar detector is pointing toward the passenger side of the truck instead of directly forward. Is that true for you too
  7. would you mind taking a quick picture of how you have yours clamped for me please.
  8. mine is also flat with the world... but it is pointed to the side of the truck because the blendmount attaches to the piece of the plastic on the mirror that is immoveable? Isn't that how yours is?
  9. Hey guys that have a blendmount on the camera mirror in your technology package Denali or AT4 Have you noticed that since the camera mirror doesn't move like a standard mirror - your blendmount is slightly angled toward the passenger side. What are you doing to fix this if anything? Have you figured out a way to straighten it up somehow?
  10. Does anybody know where I can order a new tailgate cover panel for the tailgate of my Sierra Denali with multipro tailgate. I can't seem to find one online anywhere. It is the inside cover of the tailgate or #16 in the picture. Thanks
  11. I used it in my truck this past weekend and it worked perfectly. What dont you like about it?
  12. Denali rides way better than the AT4. There isn't really a comparison.
  13. I didn't notice any difference in going to the 10 speed from the 6 speed or 8 speed with regard to gas mileage. Having said that, the 10 speed shifts much better than the 6 and 8 speed. It also handles not jumping to the higher gear better, it holds gears longer when needed and shifts up in a more reasonable way instead of lugging the engine as much as my 6 speed and 8 speed did. I like it a lot.
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