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  1. I didn't notice any difference in going to the 10 speed from the 6 speed or 8 speed with regard to gas mileage. Having said that, the 10 speed shifts much better than the 6 and 8 speed. It also handles not jumping to the higher gear better, it holds gears longer when needed and shifts up in a more reasonable way instead of lugging the engine as much as my 6 speed and 8 speed did. I like it a lot.
  2. We need to track Brian Jones down and give him his luckiest guy in America award right away.
  3. This thread is insane. By this logic I should take the 6 piston Brembos off my ZL1 and install some crap calipers from a 1990 civic for track days to save money.
  4. anybody else having problems connecting to the GM marketplace or and apps store?
  5. I still like my truck too. Multiple software updates, trailer brakes freaked out and caused a CEL/service ESC etc in the cold, four trips to get the rear window leak and the rear top light leak fixed. Brake recall caused a Brake System Failure but I was parked. Got the new update for that today. Honestly this truck has been a piece of crap. Still like it though.
  6. I forgot I even made this thread. I still own this truck. It has been in the dealership for several software updates, leaky window, clicking noises (that it still does, its the brakes). And several recalls. Overall I still like the truck. Thinking about trading it on a Sierra Denali.
  7. I’m thinking I wish the GM performance exhaust was a little quieter on the highway. It’s not bad but it does have some drone. Is there something easy that can be done.
  8. So when the Borla went in did they cutout the adaptive valve or was there not one on our trucks
  9. Does the GM performance Cat Back maintain the adaptive valve? Where is it located?
  10. Thank you. The 1LE was a great car too, though. I had a lot of fun autocrossing it and taking it to track days.
  11. I don't think it will work with my bed cover anyway. It covers the area it latches down to.
  12. My 2018 1SS 1LE had to find a new home this year. And I just ordered the borla exhaust from GMC Accessories for my truck.
  13. Hm. Just one huh. Sounds kinda fishy to me.
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