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  1. Sierra Tailgate

    Only power down.
  2. Transmission problem?

    That is active grade braking. It is supposed to do that to hold itself back and minimize use of the brakes.
  3. Software Update

    This update just popped up for me on Friday. Install took about 10 minutes with the update requiring the truck to remain off. Don't see any changes, as many software updates are.
  4. T1 6.2 letdown?

    Well I have one. So I actually have experience driving one for several thousand miles. And the 10 speed in my newest GM truck is far and away better than any 8 speed I have driven in the last gen GM trucks, including my own 6.2 8 speed and all the service loaner 8 speeds I had to drive while mine was supposedly getting fixed. You just seem to like to be negative about vehicles you have no experience driving.
  5. T1 6.2 letdown?

    Running errands in my 2019 6.2L and 10 speed today. All I could think was..... damn this thing feels 0.3 seconds slower in the quarter mile. GOD DAMN IT. I would gladly take my old truck back with its awful 8 speed transmission clunk and rear end slip yolk clunk noises and the vibration issue just to get back that 0.3 seconds. By the way, if anybody wants my 2017 it is up at Laura GMCs used lot. It hauls ass.
  6. The front end of the Silverado still looks much better than the ford in my humble opinion.
  7. GM Floor Liners

    What is your 6.4 referring to in your signature?
  8. GM Floor Liners

    I replaced my GM floor liners for the front and sent the others back for a refund. The new set does fit better, nowhere near as much movement under my left foot. I must have just been shipped a weird set in the beginning.
  9. T1 6.2 letdown?

    I have also owned both 6.2 with the 8 speed and 10 speed. The power and 0-60 times feel identical in the butt dyno, except the 10 speed doesn't clunk when I slow back down to a stoplight.
  10. Button on left side of the steering column by the other light switches. They turn on and off with the bed lights
  11. Install was easy. A pry tool easily took out the black inserts. Plugs into the plug that houses the light for the tailgate buttons. I thought about putting them on the outer sides but felt that the wire might have been stretched to do so. I prefer the center because that is where I would try to step up anyway. The light does encompass the edges of the step though. Just dimly
  12. Added these lights from GMC Accessories to the tailgate step.
  13. Sorry to hear that. 8 speed or 10 speed.
  14. Spray In Bedliner

    Mine came with the factory bedliner. I had LineX in my last truck. Seems very similar. The LineX I did the upgraded UV protection one, I think it was a bit shinier than the factory bedliner. In my new truck with the factory bedliner I also have a couple spots of overspray. I don’t think it’s worth trying to fix. Most of mine are along the edge near the cab.

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