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  1. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    In general are the 2018s better? Or same stuff just different year?
  2. Mine is a 6 speed. i have the same transmission downshift clunk from 3rd to 2nd pretty consistently. It it depends how fast I am slowing down. The dealer has reset the learning parameters twice and flushed the transmission fluid once. nothing has worked.... frustrating!
  3. I have had a 2015 8 speed, and 2016 6 speed and a 2017 6 speed. All have had clunky gear changes, banging into lower gears at least a few times each time I drive them. Several relearns etc. I am glad to hear some good reports of the 10 speeds.
  4. This is interesting. Maybe there aren't enough 10 speeds out there to complain about, or GM actually built a good transmission!!
  5. Any clunky downshifts or upshifts?
  6. So who has the new 10 speed in their 2018 Yukon Denali or 2018 Escalade. How do you like it? Does it downshift better than my 8 speed and 6 speed? let us know what you think!
  7. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    I didn’t push it too hard, but I definitely had fun.
  8. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    No I wish I could. Car has 900 miles in that pic 😊
  9. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    Picture of using my 1LE.. congrats on yours!
  10. Actual clunk noise. Audible over the radio.
  11. Apparently so! Since I have had a 2016 and 2017 GMC Sierra SLT with the 6 speeds, I have come to a few interesting conclusions. All 6 speed (even though the same truck in an assembly line) are not created equal. My 2016 had a clunk downshifting but it was never as pronounced as my 2017. However, my 2016 had a weird shift from 2nd to third and my 2017 never has that issue. I always feel the v4 /v8 transition in both trucks though
  12. I acknowledged that there are good working trucks in my post, you clearly chose to remove them from your response. Please see yourself out of my thread.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Will give it a shot.
  14. I had a 2016 with the 6 speed with similar, but somehow different behavior that I changed the trans fluid at 5000 miles to the same factory fluid. I had no change in the activity of the transmission. I was specifically asking about a change to a different brand or full synthetic etc.
  15. Always love the "mine is perfect... blah blah blah..." It is great that you have a "perfect" one, or more likely just don't notice it because you listen to the radio or are deaf, or just aren't in tune with what your vehicle is doing. I have ridden in great trucks, but I have also ridden in service loaners that are brand new trucks similar to mine that also exhibit the same behaviors mine does. Was curious if there was any new news on the 6 speeds, seems like the 8 speeds have gotten all the attention. Chiming in with the "mine is perfect" crap doesn't help. To be more specific, I get a clunky, audible downshift from 3->2 and 2->1 at least once every time I drive my vehicle. It doesn't happen often when it is cold, usually when the temp of the trans is 120 degrees and above. As the transmission temp increases, the viscosity of the transmission fluid will change which lead me to hypothesize if changing the transmission fluid to a different type might help, because my truck never clunks right when I start it and get up to below 120 degrees

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