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  1. I keep the usb outlets covered with tape when not in use; as you can see it gets a little dusty sometimes. The heated seat buttons have plenty of room, I put the key fob antenna next to it, the left side outlet fits tight, and the right side piece is fairly large so would only fit tilted. Jump seat came out of a 2016.
  2. No, I replaced the console with a jump seat so the sub was just left out.
  3. 5100's for me. I had 4600's on my 08 2500HD and was happy with the control although the ride was fairly firm. Switched to 5100's and had an immediate improvement in ride with pretty much the same control. The 4600 dampening is the same compression and rebound and the 5100 has slightly less compression than rebound. For comparison the stock Ranchos on my 2020 2500 that I replaced with 5100's at 4000 miles had almost no compression dampening and very little rebound dampening; crazy amount of bobbing when pulling!
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