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  1. I took a pic to show you the clearance, I didn't measure but it's not allowing me to upload it for some reason. But from my pic its really not all that much closer.
  2. I do not really remember and I have since upgraded to a 2500 Duramax so I can’t look either, sorry.
  3. Huh, yeah weird Toyo AT3 and no rub at all lock to lock...
  4. I believe the other guy has after market wheels with high offset. This truck, the white one in the pic has the Kryptonite stage 3 with Fox 2.0 and stock Denali wheels. I have 0 rub..
  5. It's a 29' TT it's about 10'6" tall that weights in at about 7700lbs + passengers+150lb of dogs. It was from Oregon to Montana so there was a bit of mountain towing. Don't recall too much wind.
  6. Not the best pic, but this was right after she was done, and I was dropping the old tires off at the old mans for him to give to a friend..NO rubbing, NO cutting/bending anything..
  7. Not a AT4 I know, but first thing I recommend in replacing the Rancho shocks. I went with Kryptonite stage 3 with Fox 2.0 shocks. Ride is still a 3/4 ton but 1000x's better then stock..and Toyo AT3 35x12.50R20 on the stock rims.
  8. Oh also the 6.8-7.2 MPG sucked towing. I expect the Duramax to do much better...
  9. Its the Cougar 27RESWE so its about a 29' trailer in total. The truck had the 6.2l with 10 speed. I say had, because after crunching the numbers, with truck, canopy, passengers, dogs and trailer tongue weight I was about 500-600lbs over the payload of the truck as it did not have the HD package. Long story. We took it from our home in Oregon to Flathead Lake in Montana and the truck had no issue towing the setup, I am just a worry wort, and didn't want to give the insurance CO any reason to deny a claim should anything happen. Stepped up to a 2020 2500 Denali. So that setup was do able, just not for me.
  10. Well I am also sticking with the factory wheels, and I dont really want to bend or cut anything on my 5 month old $80K truck. Just picked it up and I love the look and stance. Happy with what I got.
  11. Well, I pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and ordered the Kryptonite stage 3 kit, get it installed tomorrow. Going with the Toyo AT3, in 35x12.50, guy at the shop said he didn’t think 37” would fit, and that they day I called they were doing an AT4 as we spoke w/35” and they were going to have to do quite a bit of cutting to get them to fit, but it was with after market wheels. I will post pics when I get it back.
  12. What Wheels are those? They look nice. Clean.
  13. You can always try and make a case with the dealer/Chevy. Not loosing a customer just frustrated over misleading info..
  14. I would say, for some reason Chevy is putting that on all their window stickers, misleading people. Because this says right on their website, not available..
  15. Did you check to make sure the VIN on that dealer uploaded window stick is the same on the actual truck? It’s just some IT guy doing that and mistakes happen. If it is, there had to be a monetary value to getting LED over halogen so GM or the dealer have to make you whole. I would think it your option to return it too based off false advertising, as you put deposit and purchased base off what you thought to be accurate information about the truck from the manufacturer/dealer. I 100% agree. Same but different situation with a a trip to Maui I just had to cancel. The place we were gonna stay put, on their website, the wrong info about the cancellation policy. Took a few calls, but I was finally able to get them to realize it’s not my fault as the consumer if they put wrong info out there, they have to honor. Glad I ptintered it before they changed it like you did. Maybe if you put that whole window sticker up for us to see and make sure your reading correctly.
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