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  1. Well in looking at the front of my truck, the RED GMC just stuck out soooo bad. I am sure that's why the designers do just that. I used PlastiDip to cover the few chrome badges on my old Ford and had some still laying around. So this weekend I took on the challenge. I think it brings the look of the front end, with the black around the for lights and the black lower grill. What do you guys think? I just wanted to try it out, I know they sell a black inserts kit, but it comes with front and the rear tailgate, which I removed.
  2. Quick question. No interference with the 4x4 emblem on the side? When I ordered mine the guy at the place seen my X31 badge and said “hopefully there won’t be an issue with that.” It looks close but not hitting? If there is, I can just remove it beforehand. Thanks.
  3. The eraser wheel was a life saver. Wife says she don’t like it but I like the clean look. Sierra and SLT may be next.
  4. When you removed the GMC emblem was there a lot of adhesive left on the truck? Just watched a YouTube video and after the guy removed the chrome and red part there was a large black backing that held it on. If so how did you remove it?
  5. How does one go about polishing up the factory, I think aluminum, wheels. I have several spots that look like this, unfinished I would call it.
  6. Just ordered my Leer XL today. They said 4-6 weeks...wowzeers. This is the first canopy I have ever bought and they sure don't give these things away...Pics when it arrives.
  7. Oh really, I guess I will have to check. thanks.
  8. I agree, my 2017 F150 came with a funnel for just this reason.
  9. Are you able to use the multi-pro tailgate? Without opening the rear window? Can you still use the remote tailgate opening? Thanks looks great, hope to order one this week.
  10. yeah you may want to contact the dealer, mine always goes to whatever the last screen I was on and it the factory 8" navigation, is that what you have too?
  11. Thank you for the info. As we know though, the AT4 comes with a 2" lift.
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