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  1. Oh really...I did not know that. Thank you something to consider. Most thing I read people said they ride rougher.
  2. Yeah and with those springs, I have just heard they ride noticeably “rougher” when unloaded. Which is something I can do without out and only pulling a 8800lbs trailer I don’t really need that day to day.
  3. Trying to decide on 2500 or 3500. Also 6.75' and 8'
  4. Oh wow, so you ordered in March and they are not slated to start building until 8/10, or is that the targeted week for it to roll off the line?
  5. I don't know what TPW is sorry. Can you explain? Thanks.
  6. Is the U1D feature included on the SLT. I just ordered a SLT with all the bells and whistles, and the tire pressure sensors, but on my build sheet I do not see the U1D package anywhere? If I have the SLT Convenience, Technology, Driver alert I & II, Premium Plus, Preferred and X31 packages will I have this? Not sure if U1D is for Denali specifically or not. Thanks.
  7. The guy also told me they don't give out the build # anymore for you to track. Do you have know knowledge on this matter? He said I would call every 20-30 days and he would look it up, but I would love to be able to look it up myself whenever I want.
  8. Spoke with the salesman I worked with in ordering my truck yesterday, and he said everything went through as far as he can tell. So I think like the other guy in her said it depended on what you were having built. He said when I mentioned this, that it did, because they cut off body styles and colors that they are no longer going to have in 2021 earlier in the year.
  9. Just read an article about how GM lost $802 million in the second quarter, sales down 34%. It also said that in May and June sales were only down 20% rebounding again already. The pic in the article showed tons of trucks just sitting at the plant. I hope they will be motivated to give larger rebates to flush out the 2020's left in prep for the 2021's...
  10. I would love to get a Denali for $67263. There all $70-$73K here with discount.
  11. https://www.gmfirstresponderdiscount.com/build-and-price/
  12. So its the same as the supplier pricing you say. So I just ordered a truck and that price is great, like about $6000 less. So if I go back to the dealer and tell them I can get the First Responder price they have to honor that on a on lot truck?
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