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  1. 2500 limited, test drive them both don’t get fooled by the fancy Ram interior- i did lol!
  2. Mine has been nothing but problems a big disappointment.
  3. Just picked up my new truck after trading in my ram limited with only 15,000km. The interior in the ram was very nice but the overall ride and power train in the GMC I’d definitely more refined.
  4. That sucks, well what can we expect we’re only spending 100K lol!
  5. My new Denali 2500hd should arrive the first or second week of February. I’m trading in my 2019 ram 2500 limited with 14,000km although i love the interior except the lack of room I’ve had way to may issues with it from electrical to water leaking from the roof speakers, When i ask the service advisor regarding the water leak he said “sorry to tell you they all leak”. In my opinion they are lacking quality and customer service.
  6. I order on December 1, got accepted dec 10 with a build date the week of Jan 18.
  7. Yes hold the start button down for a few seconds and you’ll hear the pump cycle, do this a few times. Do not press on the brake that would cause the engine to want to start.
  8. My is scheduled to be built the week of Jan 18. I traded in my 19 ram 2500 Cummins limited with a bunch of issues.
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