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  1. https://www.knfilters.com/chevrolet/silverado-3500-hd/6.6l-v8-diesel/2020/ I believe you have to turn off the air filter minder in the dash, but here is the filter straight from k&n.
  2. Well, like others have said, if your truck really has adaptive cruise control you are posting in the wrong forum. The 1500 is the only truck that has it available, if you post in the 1500 forum you will probably get better responses on how to use it and if you do have a 2500/3500 then you don't have adaptive cruise control. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  3. If you want to stop having steering and suspension issues don't go ford. I am trading in my 18 f350 after multiple issues of death wobble. The truck can't track straight worth a damn, sometimes it pulls left sometimes it pulls right. I am coming back to gm after a few years away with a chevy 3500 drw on order that should be here next month.
  4. I don't have my 2021 3500 yet but I do know that beamtech led replacement bulbs work great for the $30 they cost. The chip is closer to the center so they don't just spread the light everywhere and blind people, they are directed like the original halogens. I have them on my 18 F-350 and they made a world of difference and will have them ordered for my chevy before I leave the dealer lot.
  5. They do mail order trucks now? I just ordered my truck over the phone and email with the dealership that I will be taking delivery at. I didn't think there was any other way.
  6. If your order isn't right with no fault of your own, I would go back to the dealer showroom on a saturday at a busy time and start complaining how they ripped you off for a thousand dollars. You will get slightly more of a response out of them then. I had to do this one time when my wife's 2016 ford edge was12 months and 3 days old with only 5,000 miles on it and the windshield cracked on the inside only for no reason. They originally told me that the glass warranty ends at 12 months, I left there not realizing that I was only 3 days out of that. I went back in on memorial day weekend when every sales person had a customer with them and started calmly complaining to the manager with my very loud, half deaf construction worker voice where everyone in the building could hear me and I was told it would be repaired before I could get my second sentence out.
  7. My dealer said about 8 weeks and I ordered mine near the end of october. A different beast though, I ordered a chevy 3500 wt with the duramax.
  8. It still comes up for me, its listed as GM-Trucks.com if you want to try with the right capitalization.
  9. Hopefully they take care of everything for you, I would hope they replace the exhaust there and at least sand and paint the frame where the rust is.
  10. The 21's have the steering wheel audio controls and xm as an option. I should be getting my 21 3500 wt duramax dually in december. I am also a costco member so with rebates it should be around 50 ish.
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