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  1. mine will be missing: power slide rear window , XM radio :(, power outletbox/cab, USB port back seat, hitch guidance, in vehicle trailer app, HD radio, rear seat storage pockets, no HD back up cam, garage door openers When stepping up to the SLT, which my dealer gave me a really good deal to do, I'd only gain, somehow, XM radio and then stuff I totally don't need like leather, I think, and seat memory and such. Totally not worth paying more for. If i had gotten the stuff I'm missing--absolutely, lol. But that isn't going to happen because of that stupid chip. The only things on that list that I want/have always had: the power rear window and the XM. I guess I can live without.
  2. Well, I ordered it. I am trading my 2019 Sierra HD for a 2021. I always order them up exactly the same but this one .. due to unavailability of parts??? is going to be short on some things. I could have upgraded to the SLT but I am trying to get this one actually paid for, so . .went SLE again. I was given a pretty long list of the things i WON"T be getting on this truck because of some chip they can't get?? But, really, all but two of those options must be new to 2021 as I don't have them on my 19 anyway. So . .while I feel like a massive purchase like this SHOULD have all of those things .. I can't really miss what I've never had, right?? The 2 things I WILL miss--sirius XM radio, and the power sliding rear window. Love them. APparently can't have them. Although, if I went with the SLT sounds like I could--which makes not a lot of sense to me. If they can still do it with the higher end truck, why doesn't GM reconfigure things so that the other trucks get those options? Why is it always these stupid packages? I almost didn't order but . .. other factors involved. Anyway--also just noticed that the bucket seats aren't an option anymore for the SLE---seriously, GM??? Geez. I always get the buckets. Oh, well. I ordered white again and since I have dogs and black interiors just suck for hair . .I went with the walnut/slate interior. Man, I hope it's not ugly. Haven't seen it in person, but . .brown? hmmmmm Still no power folding mirrors, either, at least not on this truck. Seriously. for 70 grand?? GM is way behind. Maybe they'll magically get whatever it is they need to build it the way I wanted it . .but sounds like we're looking at something like 2022 before they do. If I didn't agree to it this way, it was not likely to be built. Has anyone else run into this? Oh, and, does anyone know if it's taller? I never asked but I heard it's 4 inches longer . .I hope it's not any taller, lol.
  3. My 2019 2500 says "best 12.6" haha. I drive country highway part way (90 to 100km) , and then in town every day (60km, stop lights, traffic but nothing like the "city") ---have to cross town to get to work.
  4. How long has the 6.6 engine been out? Just this year's trucks? Or? What is the gas mileage difference between a 2500 and a 1500? Not much?
  5. and. . .the 6.2 only available in denali. so .. if i did go with the 1500, i'd be looking at the 5.3 which i didn't want--dad's was 5.3 and I never liked it.
  6. so. Dad always said never buy a new engine til it's been out for a few years . .. . and I've been googling these new trucks--they same to have a lot of problems? Engines and transmissions? Maybe this is not a good idea at all? My dad passed on Jan 1st and I'm using his truck as well as mine to trade, putting me in a decent position so that those payments I was making can come into the farm instead now and help with the loss of pensions my mother will experience. But, to disregard his advice on engines. . .seems like I'd be jinxing myself and ending up in a worse situation if I get a lemon, you know what I mean? yikes.
  7. I have a 2019 2500. For a bunch of reasons and a complicated trade situation, I am looking to potentially "downsize" to a 1500 but am wavering when I see the towing ranges. I have 3 horses, a 6000lb trailer, and farm work. This truck also may need to plow (my own laneway only). That said, it sounds like more work than my trucks have ever had to do in reality. They are generally fairly babied but . .I am also going to be the ONLY truck on the farm now, which is new, so it will work somewhat harder. Yes, I tow, but lightly and usually a max of 2 horses. It has had to move hay wagons out of fields. However, this one will also need to be easy entry for my elderly mother in the winter (short, elderly, icy = need for lower vehicle although we will put winter tires on the van, so . . .). I don't think the price difference is huge between the HD and the 1500 but am waiting on pricing. My guy did say it is a 5 month wait for the HD. One of the reasons I'm looking to trade is to get out of payments so if there's a big price difference and a big wait (5 more months of payments on the current truck), 1500 it will have to be .. . . Just can't make up my mind. And, if I did go with the 15 . .6.2 engine? or 5.3?
  8. So, I think I asked before and didn't get an answer so maybe this isn't a problem for anyone else . .. my truck sings. haha! No, really, it constantly makes noise like the wind is whistling thru somewhere in the front. It's been doing it since day one--been to the dealer who fixed a couple things in the grille that were not put in correctly, just plastic turned up instead of down or whatever . .. it seemed maybe quieter but it's so loud again . .. I always have music on so I try not to hear it, but . .. it happens, or at least I hear it, at 40 to 60 klicks. After that, it's likely still doing it but I don't hear it going faster. I swear it's louder at night but that MUST be because there's less traffic. Anyway . . .is this even worth bringing up to the dealer? Does it happen to anyone else? I feel like it's yet another one of those---gee, sorry, I can't hear a thing---situations if I bring it in. It has to go in soon for that rear window defrost thing.
  9. Not sure if this is the best place for this question, but. . . . .Previously, I towed a gooseneck horse trailer with these trucks and an after market hitch. My 2019 has the OEM set up with the converter kit? Anyway, hooked my trailer just now and I have noticed: there's less clearance (obvious, I guess, since the old hitch would have been a few inches above the bed). I have 7.5 inches. I've read that 6 is minimum. Since I've always had more, I'm just a bit nervous to go with 7.5. Would you guys recommend adjusting the gooseneck?? I think it will go one more hole, giving me a couple more inches, likely. The instructions say the safety chain hooks go behind the ball. However, in my old set up, the chains were in front. Behind . .the chains don't even reach. I have moved them to the front but .. .just wondering why it says to go behind---is this a problem? Also--sidenote---has anyone had issues with a "musical"- wind-blowing-through-your-grill kind of sound? Mine was doing this for months before I got it in to have the grill adjusted--there was a flap or something, that wasn't right. Anyway, it died down, but I swear the noise is back again WTH?
  10. I thought the Sierra 2500 changed for 2019? So, is it actually 2020? I sure can't seem to find pics. . I have a 19 on order and was wondering what it will look like but maybe it's the same, hahahaha!
  11. What does it look like? I have always bought black but this last one was white and, I gotta say, I am loving not having to wash it. Like, ever. hahaha!
  12. Thanks! Dealer just got back to me and told me it's almost 2 grand for the colour, so I'll just stick with Summit,
  13. Hey all Just ordering a 2019 and I really haven't researched it at all. I figure it's probably pretty much the same as my '16? Anything I need to know? What colour do you recommend? I was going with Summit but just saw White Frost Tricoat . . . .is that a new colour? Or the one I used to see once in a while--looked a little yellow-tinged? Stick with the Summit? Oh, it's a 2500, gas, crew, 4x4, SLE
  14. I watch people doing it in lots with NEW cars!! they don't care at all that they are dinging their own doors as well. They just slam 'em open, right into the vehicle next to them. The worse is people with babies. They slam their doors open and then climb in to put the baby in, the whole time, jiggling that door more and scraping up the other vehicle. I hate people. Way too many stupid people around.
  15. My dad claims the GMC is better quality, lol. But that could have been "back in the day" . .. my GM dealer refuses to sell me a Chev, saying "I only sell the best". He hasn't elaborated on that . .. so I am still unsure why the Sierra is better than the Silverado . I've had a black Sierra since 2000. Now I have a white one, haha.
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