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  1. I thought the Sierra 2500 changed for 2019? So, is it actually 2020? I sure can't seem to find pics. . I have a 19 on order and was wondering what it will look like but maybe it's the same, hahahaha!
  2. What does it look like? I have always bought black but this last one was white and, I gotta say, I am loving not having to wash it. Like, ever. hahaha!
  3. Thanks! Dealer just got back to me and told me it's almost 2 grand for the colour, so I'll just stick with Summit,
  4. Hey all Just ordering a 2019 and I really haven't researched it at all. I figure it's probably pretty much the same as my '16? Anything I need to know? What colour do you recommend? I was going with Summit but just saw White Frost Tricoat . . . .is that a new colour? Or the one I used to see once in a while--looked a little yellow-tinged? Stick with the Summit? Oh, it's a 2500, gas, crew, 4x4, SLE
  5. I watch people doing it in lots with NEW cars!! they don't care at all that they are dinging their own doors as well. They just slam 'em open, right into the vehicle next to them. The worse is people with babies. They slam their doors open and then climb in to put the baby in, the whole time, jiggling that door more and scraping up the other vehicle. I hate people. Way too many stupid people around.
  6. My dad claims the GMC is better quality, lol. But that could have been "back in the day" . .. my GM dealer refuses to sell me a Chev, saying "I only sell the best". He hasn't elaborated on that . .. so I am still unsure why the Sierra is better than the Silverado . I've had a black Sierra since 2000. Now I have a white one, haha.
  7. I just picked up my '16 and the first thing I noticed was that the steering wheel felt weird--I can turn it a bit right/left without anything happening, seems loose. Then, in the parking lot at work---I have to use a pass card to get in the gate---it really jumps out at you then, like you're not sure if the truck is going to go the right way (it does) but it is suddenly that much more loose . .as if braking makes it worse. It's weird. Anyway, only driven it a couple times, we'll see how it goes. My last truck was great, much tighter. I notice my dad's has a bit of play in it, as well . .not as much as my new one, though.
  8. Trying to remove the chrome exhaust tip on my trade-in vehicle---cannot get it off no matter what I try. Any tip . . .or maybe it is just stuck forever
  9. trade in colour?

    Taking possession of a white one next week! I suspect I will always miss my black, lol. Oh, well. It will definitely be easier to keep clean. And it will look good with my red horse trailer
  10. Are the power folding tow mirrors finally available in 2016 models and, if so, please tell me they are not just on the SLT. Because that's all I've seen so far . .. . Fricking GM.
  11. trade in colour?

    That's nice! I am really trying to make myself think of the white as nice, haha. Not much choice, apparently. I always like mine to be factory builds, too . .. oh, well, can't have everything and I think it's the right time to trade. This white one has only been on the lot since the last week of October, so . . it hasn't been sitting long which is also nice. Now---do I get chrome boards or leave the black ones it currently has?
  12. trade in colour?

    Well . . .he found one in white with everything I need . .. except the bucket seats, lol. So . . ..I guess I'm getting white. I wonder if it has chrome mirrors? Hmmmmm
  13. trade in colour?

    Going to drive by the dealership in town today. See the colours. I'll just have to make myself like whatever I get since I can't get black, haha. Going to be tough. Wonder if I can find a blue one . . ..
  14. trade in colour?

    Yeah, I got one from Quebec once upon a time . .. I dunno why he's only looking within 500 km. . .maybe I should bring that up, too. I really would prefer black!
  15. trade in colour?

    My dealer can't find one left (within 500 kms) in black . Every single one of mine have been black. He can find silver (ugh) and white (also, ugh). I didn't ask him about blue as I never really thought that was a nice colour for a big truck. Kinda car-like, hahahaha. But, I do love blue. It might grow on me. I asked for the iridium color but I guess he can't find one (I don't think I'd be happy with grey, anyway).

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