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  1. Had mine done by a local shop that's been around 30 years. Owner drives a 17 Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2 Was able to listen to his before I plunked down my $$. I did a Magnaflow and deleted the resonator. Perfectly bent pipe that exits exactly where the stock pipe was. Added a powdercoated tip for good looks. $325 out the door...took about 90 minutes. Worth every penny.
  2. Best Wipers

    I've had the best luck with the OEMs. My dealer will match any of the online GM parts places which means I'm paying between $16-$18 apiece. They will also install them for free.
  3. Another Bilstein thread

    No issue at all. I park in a garage at work every day.
  4. Another Bilstein thread

    Yes.... I did exactly that on my truck. 5100s on the second notch....about 1.25" lift in the front or so. Definitely need to perform an alignment after the install.
  5. Quotes for exhaust

    I've got a Magnaflow with the flapper deleted and it exits exactly where the factory pipe was. All in - including a black powder coated tip, was $350 out the door.
  6. I’m on week 3 waiting for another TC. They are apparently on national back order.
  7. 6.2L Muffler Question

    I have the Magnaflow with flapper and resonator delete. Only a minor "chuggle" in V4 mode. It took a week or two to settle in, but it sounds great now. $350 out the door including a black powder coated tip.
  8. Mine makes the noise when you open the drivers door. Pressurizes the fuel system to make it easier to start.
  9. I have them....no popping noise.
  10. No comparison the ride is better. The truck bucked like a bronco over freeway expansion joints, speed bumps, etc... with the Ranchos. The truck has 39K on it. The tires went on at 35K....and the shocks went on about 1000 miles ago. Too early to tell yet on the wear. I did have the front end aligned again after the 5100s were installed.
  11. Mine are on the middle (1.25") notch. It's - for me anyway - the right amount. I'm staying stock on the tire size and I tow a 6000+ boat regularly so I was concerned about squat if I went up the full 2". Ride is waaaaay better over the Ranchos.... Looks like this.....
  12. BakFlip MX4

    Not to pile on, but I'm disappointed with the customer service from BakFlip as well. I bought my cover from 4WP last September....when I opened the box to install it one of the bed rails was bent. I reached out directly to BakFlip and they FedEx'ed me a new set of rails. Fast forward 10 months and the cover is falling apart....the outside finish is pitted and peeling. I sent pics to BakFlip again and was told that "I need to video myself removing and destroying the cover before they will send me a new one." ????????????? I asked them if that meant I was supposed to drive around for a few days with nothing while they shipped me a new one and they said "yep". Not happening.......
  13. I"m in a similar situation....I tow a 6K boat with my '17 LTZ Z71 6.2. I went with 5100s all the way around and set the fronts on the center "ring"....gave me about 1.25" lift in the front. I'm left with a tiny bit of rake and I can drop the trailer on it and it's still level. The ride and handling are much improved, as well.
  14. Same problem. The stock Bridgestones are disappointing. I did get GM to pay for two and I paid for 2 so I had to go through the dealer to get them. My choices were either another set of Bridgestone RT H-S, Alenzas, or Michelin Defenders. I went with the Michelins. I miss the aggressive tread, but the truck rides better on the highway.
  15. Another vote for 5100s. Just swapped mine out for them. The bucking bronco ride over expansion joints and uneven pavement is now a thing of the past.

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