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  1. wireless charging upgrade

    It's not a TSB and GM won't pay for it. They simply redesigned the charging module that sits inside the armrest cover. The kit includes the updated module and a harness adapter as the plugs are different. Basically you remove the plastic cover on the inside of the armrest, unscrew 4 screws and unplug the module. New module goes into the exact same spot....adapter plugs between the existing plug and the module. Tighten it up and put the plastic cover back on and you are finished.
  2. wireless charging upgrade

    There is an upgrade available for 16 and 17 trucks. The upgrade also fixes the iPhone no charge problem as well. GM part number 84526978. Includes the charging module and an adapter for the harness. Runs $60-70 if you shop around. Takes less than 15 minutes to swap out the module.
  3. Hop on the internet and shop around. Two of the biggies that sell the GM Factory Warranty are Dennis Fichtner out of Idaho and James E Black out of PA. Both are substantially cheaper and will happily sell you the warranty on any GM vehicle as long as it meets the criteria (in service less than 3 yrs and/or 35K miles). Do note that some states - notably Florida, consider Extended Warranties to be financial tools and as such cannot be discounted or incentivized or sold by someone who is not licensed in the state. It's a toss up as to whether it makes sense....I bought from Fichtner for my '17 Silverado and am glad I did. The truck spent a large portion of the first six months of it's life in the dealership service bay. Already, the warranty has paid for almost $700 worth of heater hoses (considered a wear item and ridiculous that they should have worn out on a 14 mo old truck) and $1100 worth of A/C Condenser (long discussed here about Condenser issues.) Given that I only paid $1800 for the warranty (an additional 3 years and/or 80000 miles on top of the 36/36) I'd say I'm pretty close to break even at this point.
  4. Squeaking gas pedal

    I had the same issue....had the bracket replaced....was better for awhile then came back. When it was in there last week they said the bolts had loosened and they retightened it. Sounds like a common and annoying problem.
  5. We have an 08 Tahoe with 168K...original transmission and it shifts perfectly. My 17 Silverado 6.2 is a different story. The transmission and torque converter have been a mess since day 1....up until when the TC finally failed at 54K miles and took the transmission with it. 7 days later and a complete rebuild it drives better than at any point in time since I've had it. Here's hoping it's finally fixed for once and for all.
  6. I had the windshield replaced in my '17 Silverado LTZ about 3 weeks ago. Safelite did the recalibration as part of the replacement process. Only caveat was I had to have the replacement done at the shop....apparently they don't have whatever they need to recalibrate it on their mobile trucks. Works fine now.
  7. Had mine done by a local shop that's been around 30 years. Owner drives a 17 Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2 Was able to listen to his before I plunked down my $$. I did a Magnaflow and deleted the resonator. Perfectly bent pipe that exits exactly where the stock pipe was. Added a powdercoated tip for good looks. $325 out the door...took about 90 minutes. Worth every penny.
  8. Best Wipers

    I've had the best luck with the OEMs. My dealer will match any of the online GM parts places which means I'm paying between $16-$18 apiece. They will also install them for free.
  9. Another Bilstein thread

    No issue at all. I park in a garage at work every day.
  10. Another Bilstein thread

    Yes.... I did exactly that on my truck. 5100s on the second notch....about 1.25" lift in the front or so. Definitely need to perform an alignment after the install.
  11. Quotes for exhaust

    I've got a Magnaflow with the flapper deleted and it exits exactly where the factory pipe was. All in - including a black powder coated tip, was $350 out the door.
  12. I’m on week 3 waiting for another TC. They are apparently on national back order.
  13. 6.2L Muffler Question

    I have the Magnaflow with flapper and resonator delete. Only a minor "chuggle" in V4 mode. It took a week or two to settle in, but it sounds great now. $350 out the door including a black powder coated tip.
  14. Mine makes the noise when you open the drivers door. Pressurizes the fuel system to make it easier to start.
  15. I have them....no popping noise.

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