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  1. Found this link from GM.com to re-create your trucks (and any other GM) vehicle's window sticker. Just replace the "[COPY YOUR IN HERE]" with your actual vin number. https://cws.gm.com/vs-cws/vehshop/v2/vehicle/windowsticker?vin=[COPY YOUR VIN HERE] Enjoy!
  2. FYI they just restocked if anyone is looking for a set Spec-D Tow Mirrors | RealTruck.com
  3. Took some photos of a friends truck this weekend. He wanted a shot with both of ours. Sadly this made my truck feel like a mini-cooper. Here is his page if you're interested: https://www.instagram.com/jatt.dna/
  4. Looks clean man!! I've been thinking of getting a 6" lift.
  5. Did a photo shoot for a friend's truck. Parked mine with his for a few shots. Made my truck look like a mini-cooper.
  6. Might be cheaper to just get some ditch lights added https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/chevy-squadron-pro-a-pillar-light-kit-chevy-2019-2021-silverado-1500/?page=1&vid=152887
  7. My AWE exhaust for my 6.2 is all 3" https://awe-tuning.com/collections/chevrolet/products/awe-0fg-exhaust-silverado-sierra-1500-62l?p=1&s=best_match&seed=244901&iuf=true
  8. I got two! For me, I really needed a tool box that would still allow for a regular tonneua cover. They hold quite a lot of tools/off road gear. Its nice that they swing out as well so you don't have to open the cover. There is also lock on the toolbox if you dont have a cover or its up. Link here: UnderCover Swing Case
  9. I went with Retrax (Link here). I originally had the gator hard tri fold but I needed the whole truck bed more and more and 2/3 wasn't cutting it. It did cost more but imo was worth it.
  10. Appreciate the kind words. This is my first truck and when I was shopping for it, the bigger bed just made since as it was about the same price and added more storage. So far, I've never had a setting that I wished I had the short bed (still fits in parking spots, malls, fits in the garage still, etc).
  11. Thank you!. They are -12 (fueloffroad Block D751 wheels (18X9, -12 offset))
  12. For my silverado, there was already two hole that I feed the drain pipes into. Cant confirm for seirras.
  13. Starting off the new year with some new rollers
  14. I did have to remove the front mud flaps and the bracket behind them. Got someone else to drive the truck so I could finally get some rollers of it. Whathcha think?
  15. Mainly depends on your budget. Did you have one in mind? These are the two I've had. I started out with the gator one but needed more and more of the truck bed so switched to the retrax one. Both work with the tailgate and are waterproof (especially since I'm in Seattle, that was a must). Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover RetraxPro XR Tonneau Cover
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