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  1. I bought the kit for $550 and the dealer charged me like $500'ish for the install/alignment.
  2. Thanks, I went up to Snoqualmie pass for some snow photos. Crystal should still have some snow on it.
  3. Technically the kit raises the Front 2' and the Rear 1' (got blocks for the rears). The truck does come with a factory 2" lift but its in all four which still has the rack effect. Which I really don't like (my euro car side coming out). With this kit installed, I am now at exactly at 41.25 inches from the ground to the fender on all four tires.
  4. Got some proper photos of the truck after the lift kit was installed. Also washed it before since it was pretty dirty.
  5. Got some proper photos after the ReadyLift lift kit installed today. After washing the car in like 45 degrees today and super cold water
  6. Most likely going with a set of Toyo Tire Open Country 35x12.5R18.
  7. Just got my ready lift 2” sst lift kit installed today. Had it done at the dealer. Took a few hours. Also got the alignment done as well. Drove it home and it feels good. Can definitely feel a bit bigger ride height and angle. Truck is very dirty so I’ll wash it tomorrow and get some proper photos Before/after Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just got ready lift 2” SST kit installed today. Feels very solid. Also got the alignment done at the same time. Here is some picture from the install but I’ll take some better ones tomorrow after it gets washed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Got the truck back yesterday and they went ahead and resealed the window. Its been raining the last two days and so far so good. Haven't noticed any leaks. I'm hoping this fixes it all but I'll for sure keep checking on it.
  10. I'm also looking into this and I found this that I'm looking to buy once I get the other mods finally done (its somewhere on the list). https://www.infotainment.com/products/2019-2020-gm-silverado-or-sierra-truck-speedometer-evic-instrument-panel-cluster?variant=31759947497508 I watched the install video and it didn't look too difficult. Hopefully someone here has it already installed.
  11. Dropped the truck off on Monday evening to get the rear leaking window checked out. Got it back today and they re-sealed. Truck was also very dirty so gave it a nice wash with the foam canon. After washing, looked for any leaks and its dry! Hopefully it fixed it. They also updated the software in the truck since they had it.
  12. Got the truck back today after they resealed the rear window. Also gave it a wash to clean up all the snow from last week
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