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  1. Replaced the chrome lettering on the tailgate with black, which is how the trailboss should've come in the first place.
  2. They just keep pushing the availability date back 2 week at a time. I wish they'd get them in stock already. Wanting to buy one.
  3. Getting ready to jump ship if they keep screwing up the site.
  4. What the heck happened to the forum post displays???? Any thread with multiple pages, the numbers are now listed vertically. WTF ??? Not my browser, because it was displaying the same effed up format on different browser at work.
  5. There is a market for something like that. It's just GM's marketing dept. is dead from the neck up.
  6. Phil, I think you have to get to 5 posts.
  7. Welcome....new here too....got my Trail Boss 2 weeks ago.
  8. Interesting...saved the link to WAMS, for a possible future upgrade.
  9. What is a good place to buy the Pulsar LT from ?
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