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  1. My problem is not as bad as yours but, about every 20 trips, my satellite radio refuses to load and does not work. Like you, I have to shut the car off and wait before I can restart and it resumes working. Even worse, the Apple CarPlay does not connect to my phone about every 5th time. Again, I have to play games to make it work. This is a real PITA. I recently rented a Lincoln and it worked first time, every time. The software in this GM radio is the pits.
  2. My 2021 Suburban does the same thing. My solution to connect wirelessly is to have the phone connect to the vehicle WiFi. Then, CarPlay works wirelessly. I don't have any data service for my vehicle WiFi so, when it connects, it says something like "in low data mode" but it works. Unfortunately, you have to go through this process every time you get into the car. I have rented other new vehicles (e.g. Ford) and CarPlay worked wirelessly every time with zero effort on my part. I don't know why GM can't seem to get this right.
  3. Yes. I get some occasional radio weirdness. I have seen presets on the big display somehow get out of sync with the dashboard display. Also, once in a while Serius/XM doesn't work (I think it says "loading"). I have to shut the car off and restart for it to work. Apple CarPlay definitely needs refinements; it behaves oddly now and then.
  4. Another successful installation. As noted by b0hr above I used part number 84786496 for my 2021 4WD Suburban LT. I also installed the TRL Autostop Eliminator at the same time. Everything works great!
  5. I found the autostop eliminator: https://www.autostopeliminator.com/products/2021-2022-chevrolet-suburban-autostop-eliminator
  6. b0hr, what is the auto stop eliminator and where do you get it? I can guess what it does but what does it look like and how is it installed?
  7. My 2021 Suburban controls do not have the hill descent button. It looks like b0hr found the right part to substitute to get the camera function. But, if I add the button assembly that peterlawl84 used, will I also get a working descent button? Is that plug and play also?
  8. It's a seller's market for trucks right now. If you don't need it, you might want to cash in. However, if you need to go back, you'll pay through the nose.
  9. Interesting. So, I connected my phone to the car WiFi. It warned something like "limited connectivity" because I don't have an account for the Suburban built-in phone. However, wireless CarPlay worked! And my phone still had Internet connectivity (presumably through my phone provider). So, it works after all (if you know what to do).
  10. Today, I used weather stripping to pad the support points for the rear storage cover. The "thunking" is gone.
  11. I experienced more of the clunking noise today. Interestingly, it seems more prevalent when I have something in the back cargo area. I am starting to think it is the hinged door over the rear cargo storage compartment that is making the noise. I put a bunch of towels over the contact areas to see if that dampens the noise.
  12. I've been disappointed that my Apple CarPlay does not work wirelessly in my 2021 Suburban. If I plug in with a cable, it works. Without the cable, I can't make it work (although phone calls work without a cable). By all accounts, it looks like CarPlay should work wirelessly but doesn't. Anyway, last week, I rented a 2021 Lincoln. Apple CarPlay worked perfectly between that and my phone with no cables. Any ideas?
  13. On bumpy roads, I get "clunk" sounds from the back of my 2021 Suburban. It was particularly annoying went I drove out west this summer and drove some highways with closely spaced joints. It was clunk after clunk. I suspect it is the rear window but, upon inspection, I can't find anything wrong with it. On smooth roads, it is quiet. Anybody else experience anything like this?
  14. I have about 6000 miles on my 2021 Suburban. Overall, I am extremely happy with it. My change recommendation is to make the control center "Home" button closer to the display. When I am using CarPlay and want to use one of the regular control center functions (e.g. camera), I have to go searching well below the display for the "Home" button to get back to the regular controls. This is not so easy when you're driving and trying to maintain control. The "Home" button should be right there and very obvious.
  15. In the past two days, I noticed that the radio in my 2021 Suburban was not shutting off when I stopped the engine and opened the door. In one instance, I shut off the vehicle, locked the doors, went into a convenience store and, when I came back out, the radio was still playing. Today, after similar events, I arrived back home and pulled in the driveway (within my WiFi range) and the display said that there was a software update to perform. I let it perform the update and, now, the radio shuts off properly when I stop the engine and open the door.
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