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  1. From what I understand regular cab HD's are constrained for the balance of the model year. HD crew cab production is being prioritized. Demand is off the charts and Covid is causing production delays. 2022 ordering will start early, probably won't see many regular cabs until after 2022 production begins. Oshawa coming on line will help.
  2. Is the new hose hanging up on the internal O ring? Sometimes it is hard to get those type of connections to seat. At the very least you should wet the O ring with antifreeze or use a little silicone grease on it. Usually you can leave the clip in the new hose and push it on the radiator until you hear it snap.
  3. The box in the video does appear to have excessive play. The 2011-up steering boxes are significantly larger and stronger than the 2010 and earlier boxes, and are not known to have common problems. That having been said, I have seen a few where the pitman arm shaft adjuster locknut backed off, causing the adjuster to loosen which can cause excessive steering play. This often also results in a fluid leak on the top of the box. You can easily check for this condition by making sure the adjuster nut on the top of the box is still tight. If it isn't, follow the procedure for adjusting the pitman arm shaft lash. Otherwise, the box could be worn out.
  4. Agree. Maybe in medium duty with a lower compression ratio. Port injection is easier to convert to gaseous fuel, though there CNG conversions of LT 5.3L's. I just wonder what the purpose of this LX 454 engine is.
  5. Yes, the compression ratio is high, but why the 6.0L sized truck intake manifold and throttle body? The engine makes no sense unless it is built for some specific purpose. The high compression ratio would be appropriate for CNG/LNG, but the stated fuel is gasoline. And what does 'OEM Test Unit' mean?
  6. No question the L8T 6.6L is a worthy successor to the L96 6.0L. It is very close in output to the Ford 7.3L and seems to deliver better fuel economy. Nonetheless for the last couple of years there has been persistent rumors that GM is considering an even larger gasoline V-8, possibly primarily for larger commercial trucks and other OEM's. For the last 6 months or so the rumors have died down a bit, but recently something showed up on GM Powertrain's website that has me wondering. What it is is a 454 cubic inch V-8 based on the LS family using the tall deck LSX high performance engine block. Now before you say that engine is old news and is just a high performance (and expensive) crate engine, the engine I am talking about is a different one. This one is a nearly completely dressed production engine that appears to use L96 intake, throttle body, and heads. In fact, the extra row of head bolts on the LSX block are visible but not used as they would be with LSX style heads. Defiantly a truck/commercial engine, and the website lists it as an 'OEM Test Unit' whatever that means. Could this be the rumored larger gasoline V-8?: https://gmpowertrain.com/products/lsx-454-engine/
  7. Here we go again! The stuff is called NoxRust, GM has been using it since 1987, it's probably better than paint if you touch it up occasionally, and yes it can be messy. There have been rumors that GM is going to go to an E-coat paint process on their full size truck chassis, but it has not happened yet. Maybe 2022?
  8. Remember GM came very close to offering a 4.5L Duramax about 10 years ago, but found that it wasn't any cheaper to manufacture than the 6.6L and didn't get any better fuel economy. It just made less power!
  9. A gas option is supposedly coming for the Silverado 4500/5500/6500.
  10. For many years, the Duramax's torque output was limited by the capacity of the 6 speed Allison transmission. Story I hear is the new 10 speed Allison is capable of much more, and we may see higher torque rating with the HD MCE in 2022 or 2023 (anyone know?).
  11. Ford's 'Death Wobble' can be very violent. The 'Chevy Shake' issue is a minor annoyance. They are 2 very different issues, I believe Ford's problem is due to the radius arm SFA front suspension design, as Jeeps use a similar design and have the same problem. I would not at all be surprised if Ford goes to IFS on the next Super Duty redesign.
  12. At least GM follows J2807, I hear some other manufacturers don't.........
  13. I have heard the 7.3L needs higher octane fuel. With that large bore it probably needs dual ignition like the 6.2L Ford. Are the spark plugs coming out of the heads like the old Ford Modulars? I wonder how the head gaskets will hold up on the 7.3L long term.
  14. The L8T/6L90 combination is a fine base gasoline powertrain for the Silverado/Sierra HD's. I do think GM really needs to offer a gas engine option in the Silverado medium duty 4500/5500/6500 and 6500XD LCF as well, and the L8T might not be big enough for those applications. Before Covid there were a lot of rumors that a much larger 8L+ V-8 was in the works for the medium duty commercial trucks, and there was some speculation that such an engine might find its way into the Silverado/Sierra HD's. However, I have not heard anything about a larger V-8 since earlier this year, so maybe the project was dropped or it was just a rumor to begin with.
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