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  1. I thought the bodies, including hood and tailgate, were all steel on the 2020 HD's. Andre get that wrong?
  2. 6.6 gas

    And I think 3.73 gears will be just fine.
  3. 6.6 gas

    Wow, over 400 ft. lbs. @ 2000 r.p.m..
  4. Interesting, thanks for posting. Looks like the chassis is about the same as the GMT900/K2XX HD design.
  5. Electrical Gremlin

    Battery cables good?
  6. Stock size wheels/tires? Speedometer reading correctly? Could be a problem with accelerator position sensor or throttle body out of range but not failed completely. Had a good GM guy scan it, not just check for codes.
  7. Exhaust Manifold Crack?

    Not a problem, they are supposed to break there! Allows for heat expansion. Many of the newer 6.0L manifolds are saw cut in the same spot between the 3rd. and 4th. bolt.
  8. A recalibrated L8T set up to work with an Allison transmission (not sure which one) is rumored to be in the works for the Silverado 4500/5500/6500. It may be introduced halfway through the 2020 MY. Likely the 6.6L gas will also show up in the LCF 6500 and the Isuzu FTR as well. Not much is known about the 8+L V-8, but speculation is that it is for an upcoming truck larger than the 6500.
  9. 2020 wheel offset

    Some of the trucks in the spy photos appear to have the same wheels as the current models. There were pictures of a 2500 reg. cab WT and it appeared to have the GMT900 17" steel wheels on it.
  10. You are absolutely right! I work for a big fleet, and all the new diesels with SCR and DPF's are trouble. Expensive trouble. We are going to CNG, and they are much better. Almost no repairs, much less routine maintenance. That is what Ford's 7.3L seems to be designed for. At least that's what Ford is emphasising, a gas engine for medium duty F series trucks. I think GM's 8+L engine will likely be used in larger Internationals, bigger trucks than Ford's F-650 and 750. Interesting that Ford will offer the 7.3L in F-250 and 350 pickups. The 7.3L replaced the 6.8L V-10, and that engine has not been offered in pickups for 9 years.
  11. How did a thread about the upcoming commercial gas V-8 degenerate into sniveling about interiors? Honestly, I think the interiors of the new GM trucks look a little boring, but the fit, finish, and quality of the materials seems to me to be as good as Ram and better than Ford.
  12. A truck spring shop hight be able to fab it up but it will take time and be expensive. Other option would be convert it back to leaf spring. Might not be too tough it you can find a donor truck in a wrecking yard.
  13. I was just looking around and I don't think it's Hendrickson. Hendrickson was the OEM supplier to GM on the TopKick, but I think what you have there is aftermarket supplied by Monroe: http://www.monroetruck.com/PDF/ProductManuals/05090311TruRideManual_Ver2.pdf You said the truck was a 4X4, I don't think air-ride was a factory option on 4X4's, on;y 4X2's. Monroe wasn't any help?
  14. Probably available aftermarket, I think Hendrickson made that suspension for GM. Try a heavy truck parts place.
  15. Remember that direct injection is the reason the compression ration could be raised without have to retard timing too much or increasing NOX emissions. DI is an enabler. I think the Ford 7.3L will be a big improvement over the current V-10, but it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of power Ford gets out of it. They still have not said, and the talk of how the engine runs at stoichiometric fuel/air ratios 'all the time' has me wondering. The interior views of the prototype engine show some good, but some bad too from a performance standpoint. Since this engine is destined for larger truck applications only, I think it may very well end up like the Ford 6.2L, an engine with little aftermarket high performance support. I don't see it having the wide applications the LS/LT engines do.

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