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  1. Ford isn't dropping their 6.2L from the F-250's and 350's, so maybe the thinking is the new 6.6L will compete with the Ford 6.2L and Ram 6.4L, with the larger engine going up against the Ford 7.3L for larger trucks. I think the 7.3L will be somewhat rare in the 250's and 350's, most HD pickup buyer going with gas power want to keep the purchase price low and get the best fuel economy possible.
  2. 6.6 gas

    Do we know that 4:11's will not be available in the 2020's? When I bought my 2012 3500, seemed that all the 6.0L trucks on the lots were 2500's with 3.73's. I had no trouble ordering a 6.0L 3500 with 4:11's, and it pulls fine. Gas mileage is what you would expect, but I didn't buy it for fuel economy.
  3. 6.6 gas

    No, 103.25mm (4.065") bore, 98mm (3.858") stroke. Looks like the 6.6L has the standard LS deck height.
  4. RCSB sighting

    That's a nice looking truck! I personally do not care if Chevy offers a RCSB or not, but that Sierra is a looker. I would buy one even if it only came with the 4.3L or turbo 4.
  5. These frames are dipped, so there isn't too much concern of them rusting on the inside. The wax coating can be damaged on the outside, but it can be easily touched up. The factory coating is available in aerosol cans. newdude raises a good point, some 'anti-rust' coatings can damage the factory coating. I use the factory coating, and touch it up from time to time. This TSB has information on the frame coating: https://gm.oemdtc.com/7624/service-update-14002-underbody-appearance-2014-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra
  6. 6.6 gas

    Notice the engineer said that E85 capability was not available at launch. Might mean that it is coming, just not in 2020.
  7. We don't know the whole story yet, but some of my observations so far: Looks like GM simply when with an enlarged Gen. V version of the current L96. Other than increased displacement, the only new features appear to be a forged crankshaft and direct injection. The horsepower and torque figures are impressive and should be more than adequate even in a medium duty truck. The engine has nothing in it that has not been in other LS engines for years, and should be completely reliable and as durable, if not more so, than the L96. The Ford 7.3 is a completely new engine platform unrelated to any existing Ford engine. Ford had to take this approach supposedly because the 6.2L was unsuited for medium duty truck use. The 7.3 is not technically advanced and is strikingly similar in some regards to the LS. It's bore spacing is a little larger than the LS. Since Ford was not constrained using an existing engine's tooling, they probably figured what displacement they wanted and sized the block accordingly. Ford has not released H.P. and torque figures yet. I expect the 7.3 to have a little more H.P. and torque than the 6.6, but I think the 6.6's direct injection will largely make up for its smaller displacement. I also think the 6.6 will be more fuel efficient. And, I think GM spent a lot less money to develop their new engine.
  8. Allison 10-speed

    AFM is not mentioned in any of the interviews or GM press material. Also, if you look closely at the cut-away display engine, it does not appear to have AFM..
  9. 6.6 gas

    Good point about DI and compression ratio. That's why I think the 6.6L will ultimately be close to Ford's new 7.3L in H.P. and torque. And with better fuel economy and lower emissions.
  10. 6.6 gas

    Looks a lot like a Gen. V block, except that it's iron. Both bore and stroke are larger than current 6.0L. Can't see any AFM parts. Interesting they are staying with the 6L90 transmission, but no question gas engines do not need as many gears as diesels do. Now, compared to the Ford 7.3L.: The Ford is all-new, looks large, no horsepower or torque numbers yet. Ford didn't go with direct injection. Might make conversion to gaseous fuel easier, but I think Ford might run into problems in years to come with emissions. My guess? Ford will have a little more power, but will likely be less fuel efficient.
  11. Allison 10-speed

    Yes it has! The L96 is available with the Allison 1000 and 2200 transmissions in Freightliner van chassis and Fuso medium duty trucks. But not in any GM trucks.
  12. If that's true the Ford 7X must be a real POS, because it's been hyped for 2 years and there is even less information out on it than the 6.6L!
  13. 6.6 gas

    Navistar has been testing it in medium duty trucks for well over a year.
  14. Allison 10-speed

    The engine oil fill certainly isn't where it was on older Duramax diesels. BTW- wild rumor: I have been told that Ford's upcoming new 10 speed in the 2020 Super Duty is going to be same transmission. Trying to get verification of that, not sure I believe it just yet.
  15. Allison 10-speed

    I don't know for sure, but it looks exactly like the brown dipstick/cap on the new Freightliners (Allison 3000 series) I have at work!

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