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  1. This is getting interesting. We have a truck (theft recovery) and changed the door and ignition locks, keyed the same as another truck (same year) we have. Reprogrammed the Passlock, key works fine. Tried to add that key to the other truck with the same key cut, truck did start but display says 'Passlock Fault'. Starts once but will not restart. Going to scan it and see what the code is.
  2. 2012 uses Passlock III. The key does have a transponder activated by the immobilizer module in the steering column when starting.
  3. That is the plan, a new key and cylinder cut the same as the other truck.
  4. Is it possible to program a key to work in 2 different trucks (both 2012 Sierra HD's)? Key is cut the same. I have been told that once a key is programmed to a particular vehicle it won't work in any other vehicle. Can't find that mentioned in the service manual.
  5. Next year the L8T 6.6L will be available in the 5500 LCF trucks. They have a GVW of 19,500#'s, so I think it will be fine.
  6. I think a 10 speed will be a worthwhile upgrade for the L8T, even though I personally have been doing fine with an L96/6L90 for the past 10 years. As has my employer. I am just glad GM saw fit to use the 'Allison' 10 speed instead of the 8L90 or 10L90 in the HD trucks. Now that GM has a base gas powertrain that is fully competitive with Ford's 2023 6.8L/10R100, I wonder if GM will come out with something competitive with Ford's gas 7.3L/10R140. There were rumors some years ago that GM was working on an 8.0L+ gas engine that was to be shared with Navistar, but I think that program fell victim to the whole Covid/supply chain fiasco (if it ever really existed).
  7. I am hearing that the 2023 MY for these trucks will be short and the 2024's will be out 2nd. Quarter. Also hearing rumors that there will be some significant new options.
  8. Funny, when I look at 'Ford-truck.com', it seems most of the forum posts are from owners having problems.
  9. Found some interesting information of the 2023 Silverado 4500/5500/6500HD's. Looks like those models will also have a short 2023 MY like the 2500/3500 HD's. While 2023 MY production of the medium duty trucks is scheduled to start 01/03/2023, the final order date is scheduled for 12/02/2022. Again like the 2500/3500's, the 2023 medium duty trucks were almost completely unchanged from the 2022's, perhaps we will see some updates for the 2024 MY.
  10. GM actually did put the Allison 1000/2000 behind the L96 6.0L, but only for Isuzu and Freightliner. I don't think the Allison would have made a difference in the HD pickups, it's still a 6 speed like the 6L90.
  11. Information on the 2024 Sierra HD should be out by the end of the week.
  12. Was hearing from multiple sources more info on the 2024 Silverado HD was supposed to be released Thursday or Friday. Did I miss it or is it coming next week?
  13. Just watched (I mean suffered through) the great long-anticipated 2023 Super Duty dog and pony show. Farley is such a tool. Anyway, Ford's restyle looks pretty good and they are going to offer 2 gas engines, a new 6.8L base V-8 derived from the existing 7.3L, which gets a H.P. and torque increase. There is also a more powerful Powerstroke coming. I wonder if GM is considering a more powerful gasoline engine option. There were those 8.0L rumors a few years ago......
  14. Should be AAM. 9.25HD in the front, 11.5 in the rear. Eaton makes the GovLoc locking differential.
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