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  1. Common on any aluminum head engine with iron exhaust manifolds. Fixed dozens on various LS engines over the years, and it's MUCH easier than doing the same repair on a Mod or 6.2L Ford (they do it too).
  2. True, injectors by themselves will not do anything. If he has the Flex Fuel injectors they should be more than enough for whatever other reasonable mods he does. Non-Flex injectors are still probably good enough.
  3. If your 6.0L is Flex-Fuel, the stock injectors are high flow. The Flex Fuel injectors are 50 lb/hr Delphi's, and they are what a lot of people upgrade to. Check to see if you have these injectors: https://www.lsxceleration.com/delphi-gm-50lb-hr-ls-truck-flex-fuel-injector-12613412/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp7612&sc_intid=7612&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9yJBhDTARIsABKIcGYYLD5sUYNpQ-IJ7Tmv-4LV6FyucxCU4MEXVrzEDmdaLP0nCAGCeVIaAivwEALw_wcB
  4. Welding that is a bit tricky, the center section is a casting and the tube is steel. The tubes are held in by a plug weld visible within the circle you drew. Anyway, if the tube has not moved (looks like it has not) you might try draining the oil, cleaning the area thoroughly with brake cleaner and running a bead of silicone around the tube. Let it dry for a day before you refill the oil and drive it. Might work. Another axle is the best fix.
  5. UPF63R is the 'Ultraguard Gold' high performance filter. It's as good as any of the aftermarket high performance filters. PF63F just means it comes in a 'Fleet Pack' box of 12, you are still getting a PF63 filter. The E-core filters were recently redesigned and no longer have the 'E' suffix. The seal is better and the got rid of the fiber end caps and went back to metal. I figure now they are step up from the standard Fram and other bargain oil filters.
  6. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/08/future-medium-duty-chevy-truck-to-use-hydrotec-fuel-cells/
  7. https://public.spheracloud.net/Pdf/2358462_1_1139168233.pdf
  8. Phillips appears to be what's coming in the ACDelco bottles, what the dealers are buying in bulk may be different.
  9. It looks like most of the ACDelco lubricants are supplied by ConocoPhillips. I was looking at their MSD sheets and noticed that the ACDelco Dexos full synthetic 5W-30 comes in the same bottle as Phillips 66 Shield Valor 5W-30.
  10. New bulletin from ACDelco on oil filters: https://gmserviceinsights.com/new-acdelco-oil-filters-deliver-enhanced-performance/ Looks like the 'E-Core' filters are being replaced, new filters retain the nylon center tube but go back to bonded metal end caps. No word if the bypass valve psi rating has changed.
  11. The new Big Block rumor was or is supposed to be for medium duty commercial trucks anyway. It is being reported that the 2023 HD refresh will include powertrain upgrades, but my guess is 10 speed for the gas engine and an output boost for the Duramax. Maybe the frame coating will be changed then?
  12. I think the wax on the newer trucks is about as messy as it's ever been, but it seems that it's applied a little thicker. Seems after a couple of years it hardens up a bit. I still think it does a better job overall of protecting the frame than paint, and it is easy to touch it up if it rubs off in places. There were rumors that GM was going to start E-coating the frames of the HD's.
  13. Great, hope it works out for you! I liked those old TopKicks, we had a brand new '93 4 yard dump with the 3116 Cat in it.
  14. You best bet might be to have a dealer look the pump up. It's probably not available anymore but you could search for it by part number and have a better chance of getting the right one. There were many different pumps for those trucks, some were steering only and some were for steering and Hydro-boost brakes. I don't remember if the pumps changed in 1991, but I do remember they sold 2 different types of TopKick in 1990, the new generation and the old Caterpillar 3208 powered version..
  15. And I take it the Stabilitrack light does not come on when this is happening, right? Only other thing I can think of is the weight of the trailer pushing on the truck while braking is causing the suspension to move to a toe out position. Alignment is good?
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