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  1. If it's leaving stains on the ground it sounds like the frame rails had water in them. Truck very well could have been sitting in water. Might have to go for a buy-back. BTW- oil pressure probably is normal, the L8T has a variable displacement oil pump. Don't know what to tell you about the engine temp., that does seem a bit high.
  2. That's the stuff. It does come off easy, but is supposed to protect steel to a certain extent even if it's wiped off. The advantage to it is that it is available in aerosol cans and is easy to apply.
  3. Surface rust on wax-coasted chassis parts. All you (or the dealer) needs to do is touch it up with Nox-Rust. I guess the HD frames are still wax coated? There was some talk GM was going to E-coat chassis.
  4. Is the 2020MY going to be extended later in the year? I noticed the 2021 order guides are not up yet. usually the next year is up at the beginning of May.
  5. I have been noticing on some of the Ford boards that a few 7.3L owners are commenting that their trucks tend to hesitate accelerating from a dead stop with a heavy throttle. Some Ford owners have been able to eliminate the condition with aftermarket throttle response controllers such as Pedal Commander, but it seems that the real solution is to read the owner's manual and use the proper octane gasoline! Ford recommends at least 91 octane in the 7.3L gas, and with the right fuel there is no hesitation in most cases.. I find that interesting considering the GM recommends nothing more than 87 octane for the L8T. I suspect this is a benefit of direct fuel injection.
  6. I am hearing rumors that GM and Navistar may be planning a larger joint venture medium truck, one step larger than the Silverado 6500. If it happens, it would likely offer air brakes and 22.5" wheels. No word on any details.
  7. That's right. A little tough to get out, but easier if you have the rail off. Look in the slot around the top (vacuum hose) end of the regulator. Internal snap ring with 2 holes. You will need a good pair of snap ring pliers.
  8. I think one of the reasons Silverado medium duty trucks are E-coat paint because upfitters don't like the messy wax. I bought a 1993 GMC C2500 brand new and it seemed like the frame got the wax dip twice. Truck smelled like crayons and when it got hot the first couple of times some of that goo melted a made a mess in the street. Truck is still on the road and the frame never rusted.
  9. I think E-coat usually involves dipping as well. But yes, the wax dip protects the inside of the boxed frame rails very well. That's why GM trucks didn't break in half like Toyota's did!
  10. Someone told me GM has changed or is about to change the frame coating from the wax-based NoxRust to an E-coat. Don't know that I believe that yet. Anyone know for sure?
  11. The front ends are so tall on all these new heavy duty pickups because they have to be sized to accommodate these ridiculous diesels and all the coolers and plumbing they require.
  12. Injector failed open and caused hydraulic lock?
  13. The L96 6.0L is going to continue in certain Isuzu, Fuso, and Freightliner trucks, but it looks like the L8T will replace it in most applications, including the Express/Savanna vans. What remains to be seen is if GM will offer the L8T in the Silverado medium duty and larger LCF commercial trucks. They need a gasoline option in those models.
  14. Nice. The company I work for took delivery of a few 2 yard dumps, like the so much going to order some more with utility bodies and small cranes.
  15. Looks like the Ford 7.3L is getting off to a great start: https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1614898-delivery-hold-for-7-3s.html In all fairness, the problem is probably limited to a few trucks.
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