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  1. O.K., is the hoist pump mounted directly to the P.T.O.? If not and there is a shaft, see if the shaft is turning when the P.T.O. is angaged. Sometimes there is a shear pin in the shaft coupling, it might be broken..
  2. Allison transmission with electrically shifted PTO? If so, most have overspeed control which will kick the PTO out if engine r.p.m.'s go over a certain speed. Usually, there is an 'overspeed' warning light and if it's on the PTO will not engage. On most of them as soon as the engine R.P.M. comes down the light will go off and you can shift the P.T.O. again. Could be something is wrong with the P.T.O. control or the TCM. Is the 'Check Transmission' light on?
  3. Relatively new plant and GM is not done expanding it. Looks like a major ramp-up of 6.6L Duramax production is coming. https://www.daytondailynews.com/local/general-motors-buys-53-acres-in-brookville/X5A6TFCVNFAB7IDYQSNTCHXPAA/
  4. As I said Freightliner uses the L96 6.0L with the Allison 1000 series in their MT chassis line: https://www.fccccommercial.com/chassis/mt/ Isuzu as well in there NQR, which is also availabe from Chevy dealers: https://www.isuzucv.com/en/nseries/class_5_gas I believe Powertrain Solutions International did the setup and markets the Allison-compatible L96 to other OEM's. The Freightliner MT with the L96/Allison drivetrain seems to be UPS's preferred chassis for package cars these days. No question about it's durability.
  5. That makes sense, but somehow they got the L8T in the class 4 Isuzu LCF's for 2020. The transmission could be a factor as well, the LCF's get the 6L90 but I would think an Allison of some sort would be desireable for the Silverado medium duty trucks. Some Isuzu LCF's continue with the L96 6.0L teamed with the Allison 1000 6 speed. That combination is used by Freightliner for stripped van chassis.
  6. I have heard that the heat rejection of the L8T is high, and I have been wondering if that's been keeping it out of the Silverado 4500/5500/6500. Then again I see that the L8T is now in some of the Isuzu based LCF's with GVW's approching 15,000#'s, so one would think the L8T ought to be O.K. at least for the Silverado 4500's. BTW, I have a hunch that the heat rejection of the L8T is at least better than the Ford 7.3L Godzilla.........
  7. I missed that! I hear you can't get air brakes on the 7.3L F-650 because they run so hot it damages the brake lines.
  8. Most Escalade's and Denali's have 'memory' mirrors which means they are controlled through the BCM. The front windows are as well. The driver's window/mirror switch has a module in it that needs to be programmed to your truck so the BCM can communicate with it. The dealer should be able to help you with this as long as the driver's switch you have is compatible with your Suburban. If it is not, you will need a different switch.
  9. I ordered my 2012 Sierra 3500 HD with RPO NZZ skid plate package. That option included a heavy ribbed steel plate under the front diff. and engine oil pan and a small plate under the transfer case. Not bad for OEM, but even with the option the truck still had the angled plastic 'splash shield' under the radiator between the first and second crossmembers. I always figured that part to be worthless for anything beyond keeping mud out of the fan and belts, and it tends to break around the bolt holes even with normal use. There are plenty of metal aftermarket replacements, but all that I have ever seen are missing the transmission cooler line clip and Duramax lower radiator hose brackets the stock plastic shield has. Also, a lot of the aftermarket shields have obnoxious logos embossed on them anyway. Fortunately, it looks like there is an OEM solution to this problem. 2017-up HD's with the All-Terrain package have a thick aluminum plate that replaces the plastic splash shield and has the proper transmission cooler line clip bracket on the top. Since the chassis of 2011 through 2019 HD's are very similar, it appears this shield will work for many 2011-2016 HD's. There are 2 different parts numbers, 1st. design 23269406 and 2nd. design (late 2017-2019) 23388753. As near as I can tell, the only difference is the position of the Duramax lower radiator hose bracket. The transmission cooler line clip bracket is in the same place on both shields, so it appears you can use either shield part number for 6.0L gas engine trucks. There are a lot of pictures of both shields on the net, so if you would like to try one I would suggest carefully checking the bracket locations particularly if you have a Duramax powered truck. I installed a 23388753 on my 6.0L truck and it fit perfectly, I was able to use the existing bolts and the transmission cooler line clip bracket was in the right place.
  10. Some pretty reliable sources are reporting that the 2023 Silverado/Sierra HD's with the L8T 6.6L gas engine will be available with a 10 speed automatic transmission. I have been wondering which 10 speed it will be, either the 10L80 or the 10L1000. Anyone know for sure? My best guess is it will be the 10L1000. Reason is the 10L80 is the transmission co-developed with Ford, and Ford does not use their version in the Super Duty. Even with their 6.2L gas V-8, the Super Duty gets the 10R140 TorqShift.
  11. GM needs to make the L8T available in the Silverado 4500/5500/6500. I hear it's eventually coming when they pair the L8T with an Allison transmission.
  12. Word from 'gmauthority.com' is a regular cab short bed model will finally be available with the 2022 refresh. They are saying it will only be offered in WT trim. I still want one!
  13. Word from 'gmauthority.com' is a regular cab short bed model will finally be available with the 2022 refresh. They are saying it will only be offered in WT trim. I still want one!
  14. It needs to go back to the dealer. Could be a wheel sensor, ABS, or maybe a problem in the transfer case. Still under warranty, right?
  15. A lot of the newer E85 trucks use the EVAP system to determine the percentage of E85 in the tank. There is a pressure sensor on the fuel pump module (that's why the pump part # is different) and the ECM reads the vapor pressure. The older E85 trucks did have higher flow injectors, but I think they are all the same now. I have run E85 in my Yukon for years, only downside is the fuel mileage is worse. Sure keeps the combustion chambers clean. I pulled the fuel pump at 110,000 miles just to look at it and it was also very clean and had almost no wear.
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