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  1. I want to see the GMC's. I figure the Denali will have a different front end that the regular Sierra's, if the Chevy's are any indication. So we will have 4 different HD's to choose from!
  2. 2020HD Wish List

    "Death Wobble' is a characteristic of a SFA front axle on leading arms. Possible, but far less likely on and SFA on leafs. Death Wobble happens on brand new trucks if the alignment isn't perfect or there is a production tolerance buildup on certain components. Leading arm front suspensions are basically fragile and very touchy. Lift kits and larger wheel/tire combinations are nothing but trouble, particularly if the wheels have a different offset than stock I don't mind SFA's, even though there is a ride and handling penalty. I won't own a truck with leading arm front suspension.
  3. Silverado HD revealed

    I like it. I think the 1500's front end just looks 'O.K.', but this new HD looks agressive and contemporary.
  4. Silverado HD revealed

    Grill is a little odd, but the rest of the truck really looks good. The question now is what will the GMC look like.
  5. Speaking of V-6's and large gasoline engines for trucks, there was this other V-6 GM built years ago: http://6066gmcguy.com/
  6. The 6.2L has an aluminum block and is tuned for high performance in passenger cars and light trucks. The new 6.6L, much like the L96 6.0L, has an iron block and is turned for commercial service. Engines in commercial trucks spend a lot more time under load at high throttle, and are built and tested accordingly. Even though the 6.2L makes more than enough horsepower and torque for a medium duty commercial truck or large pickup, it may not be reliable in those applications.
  7. Frame Coating

    Nox-Rust was identified in a TSB covering the issue: https://gm.oemdtc.com/3827/wax-coating-on-frame-peeling-metal-shows-corrosionrusting-2011-2016-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc
  8. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    He was they guy that was showing pictures of the old 7.3L Powerstroke claiming they were of the 7X. They guy is entertaining......
  9. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    You talking about Shane-O?
  10. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I will be surprised if Ford's 7X has over 500 ft. lbs. of torque. In fact, I think it's numbers will be pretty close to the upcoming GM 6.6L gas engine. From what I understand, it's an all new design not based on the current Ford 6.2L, it's OHV not OHC, and it's designed for large pickups and medium duty trucks. There will be no 'high performance' versions, and it's not going in the Mustang or Raptor. As far as AFM or Dynamic Skip Fire, I have not heard anything definitive on that one way or the other. However, I have a hunch that it will have some sort of modulated displacement. I also think that it will have direct injection, but may incorporate Ford's combination direct and port design. Know what else? I think 7X will be good, but GM's 6.6L will be better!
  11. Frame Coating

    The original coating is available in aerosol cans: https://www.daubertchemical.com/store/product-list/corrosion-prevention/nox-rust-x-121b It's really pretty good stuff if it stays on, GM has had issues in the past with it not adhering. Have to say I see less frame corrosion on GM trucks than Fords. It seems to harden a bit over time.
  12. Exhaust manifold bolts?

    The factory bolts come with anti-seize applied and they are are grade 10.9. That's what I use. Torque in the proper sequence.
  13. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I think Dynamic Skip Fire is going to be fine, but I am not sure if the new 6.6L will have it. Direct injection is a given, it's pretty much required for emissions now.
  14. Another low oil pressure thread

    Could also be the relief valve in the oil pump is sticking. Thing is with that many miles a new engine wouldn't be bad idea.
  15. 2020HD Wish List

    I hope we get a good look at the 2020 HD's soon. I hear they will look quite a bit different than the new 1500's. Rumor: 9 speed Allison.

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