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  1. In California there is a place called P.T.O. Sales, they have found a lot of oddball P.T.O.'s for me over the years. They have a few locations.
  2. TYC and Depo seem to be the best. Some of what you see on Amazon are really bad 'offshore' knockoffs, last about a year before they start fogging up.
  3. Usually the rear harness runs along the inside of the left frame rail.
  4. See if it has an upfitter decal on the door pillar Chariot was a company that did van conversions for many years but later did motorhome conversions of large trucks like TopKicks and Freightliners. I think they got bought out some years ago: https://www.truckconversion.net/forums/f96/chariot-7232/
  5. Sometimgs a bent axle housing will do this but that is rare. .
  6. It looks like a 88936176 crosses over to a Rassini 5762B. Does this look like it? https://www.mylittlesalesman.com/gm-cast-5762b-hub-9698029
  7. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to towing......
  8. A 1995 windshield should fit a 1999 2500HD or 3500HD, but not a 1999 Silverado/Sierra 1500 or light duty 2500.
  9. So far, it seems the following changes are certain: Redesigned front fascia/grill. Redesigned interior/dash for higher trim level models. H.P./torque increase for Duramax. New ZR2/AT4X off-road models These changes are rumored: H.P./torque increase for L8T 6.6L gasoline engine. 10 speed Allison transmission available with L8T gasoline engine. E-coat frame. Any more?
  10. My experience is that TPMS sensors usually last 8-10 years at which time the battery in them dies. On my own vehicles I replace all the sensors when I need new tires and the truck is over 8 years old. I see the dealer's point about not wanting to warranty a sensor that was damaged when the OEM tires were replaced, but the sensor did last quite a while after the tires were changed so I doubt is was damaged. I think that sensor runs about $75 and if you figure #125/hr. labor it will be a $200 job customer pay.
  11. Should be a GMT-400. Yes, they made them. There is even a picture of a crew cab short bed dually in the 2000 GMC Sierra sales brochures, Someone in my neighborhood had one too. Yes they are rare, 2000 MY only. Before that some were converted by aftermarket companies.
  12. The door actuator for the driver's side is the one on the bottom of the HVAC case, the passenger side is on top behind the air bag if you have the dual zone option. When you change an actuator always check to make sure the door moves freely. Otherwise it is posible you have a bad HVAC controller.
  13. I think the scheduled 2023 HD refresh has been delayed until the 2024 MY.
  14. The manual is best because it also has a component locater section which will show you exactly where the grounds (and other connectors and components) are located. You might get lucky on the web but I don't know of any specific sites.
  15. My first thought would be to check all the grounds in the dash and front end. Also, if you replaced the cluster, did you have it programmed to the truck? Best place to find a wiring diagram is in the factory shop manual, you might be able to find one reasonable on Ebay.
  16. These problems are industry wide at this point. Ford and Ram are having the same issues. I know it's no help, but that's just the world we live it at the moment.
  17. The seat position sensor is only on light duty 1500's with 2 stage driver's airbag. If your truck is an HD not sure why you are getting that DTC. Was the BCM changed?
  18. Some late model vehicles actually do have an ECM setting for AGM batteries, but it doesn't matter in the older trucks. Rule of thumb is if the truck has a charging amp sensor (clamps around the positive cable near the battery) it might need to be programmed for AGM batteries. Always check the service manual.
  19. Yeah, that's the thing, I wasn't in a hurry! Amazon has AGM type batteries because there is no problem shipping them, but I don't think they carry wet cell type.
  20. I put a couple of ACDelco 48AGM batteries in my 2012 3500 last year. Got a good deal on Amazon.
  21. There was a kit available at the dealer that had everything you needed to install. Lights, harness, headlight switch and instructions. The relay and dash harness should be in the truck already.
  22. Did you try contacting Chevy Customer Assistance? They might be able to help, or will at least keep the dealer honest. Sadly with all the supply chain issues I have been seeing this with all makes now. That pump you need is probably made by TRW and is no doubt used on a lot of trucks the size of a 6500. So, no matter what make you have if there are no pumps that's it. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
  23. I have a 2008 at work and it has the tube style on the body crossmember under the radiator. Exactly like the lower picture.
  24. Probably worried about cylinder 'barreling'. Note he also welded up the cooling slots between the cylinders and O-ringed the heads.
  25. Very impressive using a stock block and crank. Really shows how stout the L8T is, and supports what I have heard about the cylinder wall thickness. Incidentally, Brian Wolff' had to fill the block on the 7.3L Godzilla in his effort to make 1800 H.P. with one.
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