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  1. Well after they bought back my 2015 Yukon Denali at 80,000 miles I went ahead and bought a new 2021 Denali with that PIA 6.2 L engine ! It’s had two engine failures during the first 8k miles and lucky me it just happened again at 9300 miles. They keep saying it’s valve guide failure but after research and being told by my GMC service dept it is Rod failure caused by the cylinder deactivation system and it’s going to keep happening until they address it and change the rod design. Anyone else having this nightmare ? thanks Steve
  2. Well after GM buyback folks gave me $70k for my 2015 Yukon ( many many problems ending with a blown engine ) I went ahead and bought a new 2021 Yukon Denali. Even after advice from some of my family and friends I still pulled the trigger! After 2200 miles i heard a muffled knock at low and higher speeds.which got louder and more consistent after a couple if days. Ran it down to dealer and they thought maybe it was the air compressor for the air ride suspension. But i pointed out it feels like a miss or a stumble when I hear the knock. Low and behold after a blown engine in my 2015 YD this 2021 model has a faulty lifter(s) and it caused one of the rods to bend! Damn thats two 6.2L GM V-8’S that had/ have faulty valve springs. I’ll give you an update when i get it back PS.I love everything about this rig especially the smooth air ride suspension and interior quality but dang I cant believe my luck with their 6.2 engines! Oh and the sound system is a 10!
  3. Hello All..Mars Denali here. Well since GM was good enough to buy back my 2015 earlier this month I’ve been torn over buying a 21 Yukon Denali or move over to the Tahoe High Country. I have to order it since I want the air suspension and none of the ones I can find have it yet. A few questions for all of you fortunate to have bought a new Yukon Denali : 1) how bad do you miss the up and down shift buttons that were on the stalk or is it no big deal? 2) does anyone have the air ride and if so does it make a big difference in ride quality ? 3) would you recommend to your family or friends to buy a new Denali now that you drive one yourself ? PS..after my last experience with the 2015 Yukon Denali they bought back I’m a bit hesitant to buy another one but I love the styling. Interior and the 6.2 L engine , even though mine did blow the engine ! Lol thanks Steve
  4. Yes T I agree I’ve always kept all of my receipts in an accordion file just in case. Lesson learned is make friends at the service dept and use them for most repairs. Old saying you get more bees with honey then vinegar. Also don’t be intimidated by like you said no customer service dept. If not happy with the first person go to another. I never mentioned an attorney but would have if needed. I was told that it cost GM $250k to Litigate each case when attorneys brought in which I believe after getting letters from firms specializing in that. Also takes Xtreme patience but at the same time persistence haha that first gal at GM was sick of my voice mails and emails. But I’m retired and bored so that helped the cause! I hope anyone in that positron stay strong and remember the hard earned money you spent on a vehicle that was just a bad one it happens to all manufactures . Take care and happy holidays!
  5. Hello yes I did and was very satisfied by it all ! After many calls , tremendous patience and writing so many emails I can’t remember them al it happened. One particular email I listed all of the GM’s I’ve owned (14 in all) to give them an idea of my brand loyalty ,. Heck maybe it helped I don’t know but also received immense help from my dealers service dept showing all of the repairs and days in shop. They just took my Yukon last week and wrote me a check for $70,391.00! It had $88k miles but in excellent condition in and out. So kudos to GM and their customer support team I was blown away! Now what the heck do I buy a 2021?
  6. Thank you all very much for sharing your own experiences. Knowing how they treated the price of the new vehicle really helps if they come up with something else! I find that discussing our “lemons” with your friends and neighbors can be a bit embarrassing especially when they own the competitors truck or SUV! Like ya ok it was made on consecutive Monday’s what can I say lol Thanks again sure glad I joined the club!
  7. Thanks for the info ..so In your instance it was better getting cashed out then making a deal for a new Duramax? I Assume it would be better letting the dealer know I want a new Yukon from them and applying the buyback proceeds , basically a trade, then just a buyback? Did you let them know you wanted a new one right off the bat ? Thanks ! PS maybe it doesn’t matter ?
  8. Thanks Mandalorian! I’ve been wondering through this whole process what happens if GM and I can’t come to an agreement for a 2021 or they come in with a low buy back offer or it’ll take months to find one equipped like mine? After all Is said and done mine has had a lot of work done to it with the main thing being the new motor ...so it’s not the worst thing that I wind up keeping it ! Lol
  9. Thank you very mich for the link! The letter GM sent over said I had two Options 1) I could agree to a formulated price and they buy it back 2) find a same as new YD and make a deal using the lemon law formula. They have been nothing but cordial and it’s been a positive experience . The Dealer’s service dept has been very helpful through all of the issues and I would recommend them to anyone so hard to be upset with any of the people I’ve dealt with so far. I’ll take my Yukon to the dealer and see what GM offers me for it and the price for a new 2021. I’ll keep you posted. PS. Was curious has anyone received a lemon law letter from GM like mine and what option did you take ? Thanks
  10. Hello All..well after owning a GTO , Corvettes, Camaro 2SS and 5 Tahoe’s I finally bought my first GMC A 15 Yukon Denali. A definite sweet ride with good looks and great flowmaster sound! But damn it’s been a lemon with the latest expense a brand new GM 6.0 liter motor . She has 86k miles and is perfect in and out. After many repairs and over 30 days in the shop over the 5 years I’ve owned it GM has offered me a Calif Lemon Law buy back. I just received the letter explaining my options and am curious has anyone out there been through this experience ? I’m a loyal as all get out GM owner so one bad one out of so many apples isn’t that bad ..at least I tell my wife and friends that when it’s in the shop! Lol
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