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  1. I use Clazzio seat covers, they are made out of pvc they do offer leather too. They don't move at all. Most people think I have factory leather. They go over the top of my cloth seats. Have been great so far. I slide my 6'2" 270 self out of the truck all the time no signs of wear and no movement of covers has been noticed.
  2. Over 22,000 on my 2021. I'm might catch some of you guys. I'm going to be driving around 40k a year. So in 5 years I'll have 200k
  3. I work in construction. A T-shirt should not leave a scratch, but a zipper or anything metal or plastic will. A construction vest will too, plastic zipper, metal ect. My co-worker has a Black 2019 and he has said the same thing to me it scratches easily, he did admit it was his first new truck and he never really cared about his other trucks.
  4. I have same issue. Hard downshift into first. Dealer couldn't it to do it on test drive. It only does it one day out of 12 days. They said GM will not do fluid change because 21 have new fluid. Plus they say it has newest software installed. If it gets worse I'll bring it back. The 8 speed has complaints for over 5 years, so I knew what I was getting into.
  5. I'm scared of these new features. My 17 impala had emergency brake warning. It would not apply the brakes but would beep and flash red lights on windshield to warn you to hit the brakes. Out of 4 years it was only correct in going off 3 times out of maybe 50. If the car would have automatically hit the brakes I would have got rid of the car. I don't trust these features work that well.
  6. I think its a combination of GM paying a smaller amount for warranty work. Then like most dealers the owner of the dealer is more worried about putting millions more in their bank account, instead of paying more and getting the best techs/ mechanics they can find. Mechanics that are good at their job and have motivation can make alot more than a dealer will pay them.
  7. I can sometimes barely feel the lugging when driving at a constant speed. I assume this I'd the DFM. I have an average of about 20 mpg for 20,000 miles so far. I do idle an hour or two everyday at work. I get 22 to 24 mpg on trips, even got 27 mpg on flat roads going 60mph. I got the 5.3 4x4 crew cab. In my last 3 work trucks were v6 not ecoboost single cab 2wd f150 I got 12 to 17mpg. So considering I have a crew cab, v8, and 4x4 and always beat the mileage that I would get in v6 ford I would say DFM works pretty well. I estimate I will save over $8,000 in fuel costs going from Ford 3.3 to che
  8. I hear it in auto mode the most. It seems in auto it opens and shuts alot more. This is the loudest blend door I have ever had on any of my cars. It's just louder than I'm used to.
  9. I think the steering is perfect in normal mode. It tracks straight. Nothing to complain about. 20,000 in last 6 months. Nothing I would change. It's a 2021 crew cab lt 4x4 standard bed.
  10. My set of chevy all weather floor liners have the same gap your talking about.
  11. It will speed up the fan in auto if it's to warm, then as the temp is reached it will slow the fan down so you don't get cold. Or as it opens/ closes the outside vent door the air resistant affects the fan speed.
  12. Have not heard of this. Pics would be helpful to show us so we could help more.
  13. I would be afraid they would take my truck out on the road beating on it like a redheaded step child, then pull it into the bay and redline it for 3 minutes then check the emisions, and I would regret my decision....
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