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  1. You should be safe. I guess the dealership needs you to blow the motor completely up. Maybe crack the block so all the oil and antifreeze will leak out, then just keep driving it untill it locks up. You will then get a new short block.
  2. Prove it? I have read many experts say that the 50k to 70k trucks have 20k of profit built into that price. My 2021 silverado was built in Dec 2020 by factory workers that make 2 to 3.00 an hour. I mean really 2 to 3bucks an hour. Then I see GM post record or near record profits as their sales slow. And that's after paying all the warranty claims of fixing all the problems under warranty. Then they have been using billions to tens of billions to develop ev vehicles, all from the portion of the big GM trucks/Tahoe platform. I honestly think it's even more than 20k, now that people are paying sticker price I'm thinking around 25k in profit. I used to work at a huge construction company, and they would buy the fleet trucks through one if the biggest fleet companies. We could get a 38,000 f150 for 18k no questions asked we would get hundreds of them. Ford was the cheapest during the time I worked their. That's 20k off a single cab work truck 4x4. And Ford builds all their Trucks in The USA at union wages and they could drop the price 20k off their cheapest truck class. So GM paying 10 times less ca do the same or better.
  3. Was a Big GMfan here. Bought 8 gm vehicles in my 40 ish year lifetime. No more. The way I have been treated by last 3 dealers and GM. I'm done. Spend 50k on a truck and they wouldn't give me a rental car for 9 day repair. Not even a ride home. Considering gm makes at least 20,000 in profit per truck. They were willing to roll the dice and not give a loyal customer a ride home from the dealership when his 8 month old truck needed lifter/engine rebuild. They wouldn't even pay the 44 uber ride to try to keep the promises they made to me. As free shuttles, free rentals when breakdown requires 24 hours. Nope never again will I spend my money on a GM. It had the least reliable motor I've ever owned 5.3, and the most jerky transmission I've ever owned 8 speed.
  4. EI'm sure it's way higher than 1 percent. The chevy dealer I bought mine from said they had half a dozen silverados in front of me for repair. The problem is so bad the dealer and General Motors absolutely refused to give me a loner vehicle because of there were more needing repairs than they had loaner. They didn't even have a shuttle to give me a ride home. After emailing GM a d dealer owner on this uber ride home, asking for a vehicle to get to work. Dealer again said way to many trucks with lifter failures to provide rental to them all. GM wouldn't even respond to my email. So after buying 7 GM vehicles I'm will never spend a dollar on the brand again. The new GM is all about big bonus for Mary and her Friends and dividends on the stock holders. The couldn't even send a free email to a customer that bought a 51k truck.... also I know most hate facts and truths, but their are Magazines out their saying the failure rate is over 4% per year on these motors. I was a chevy fan, these junk motors are why I'm not anymore. There is a problem...
  5. I completely agree if you just say it's the AFM/DFM and several bad batch of lifters. I don't think the oil has anything to do with it. I seen cars with 400k that ran on 0w 20. Gm is making a huge mistake in my mind by not steeping up to three plate. The 21 silverado I owned was made in Mexico for probably 20 to 25 grand. They sell it to me for 50k. The lifter problem is known by 99 percent of silverado owners. Why don't GM at least give rentals to the ones that need repairs. Stand behind their products with a 100k powertrain warranty for anyone that has lifter problems? I mean the silverado/Tahoe are GM cash cow, they would be out of business without them. How many thousands of loyal customers like me are done with the brand because of the lifters? The first recession might take them out, because their pushing all their loyal customers away by treating them like crap.
  6. Yea. I bought 7 brand new chevys. So I did my part. My Silverado was made in Mexico. I'm going to try a Tundra now. 2021 made in Texas, designed in michigan. My last Toyota had only $100 in repairs in 120,000 miles. I'm hoping for the same. And yea I understand the engine was not made in Mexico, im just saying it's wrong to lay off American workers making 25 bucks an hour with good benefits. Then turn around and start building trucks in mexico for 3.00 bucks an hour. And just keep the profits and give them to the rich investors and ceo's and higher up bonuses. Maybe they should have used the extra money on fixing the 8 speed trans and lifters.
  7. They won't. I'm done with GM. They treat customers like crap. All 5 chevy dealerships near me proved it to me. My dealer made me pay for a F'ing uber to get a ride home. Gm didn't care, both dealer and GM said not our problem you need a ride and a rental when your 50k truck has lifter problem. They said because of the chip shortage no rentals available. They had 30 used cars on the lot. The CEO and company motto is to always put profits before customers, the shareholder always comes before the customers. It doesn't matter if we loose 1,000 of customers as long as we keep giving profits to our investors. After being a lifelong chevy customer I'm done. I should have never bought a truck that was made in Mexico with workers that make 3.00 bucks an hour and the ceo gets $25,000,000 a year. It's just wrong.
  8. I would have stayed on the Silverado bandwagon if they stood behind their product with a lifetime lifter warranty. Or even a 8 year 200k one.
  9. I tried negotiating a shuttle ride home. Dealer said No rides, owner of dealership said because of covid. Owners of dealership said no loaner cars available. I asked why couldn't any of the 30 used vehicles they has for sale couldn't be a loaner. They didn't reply anymore to me. I really tried to be a lifetime GM customer. But have had two lemons, then have been treated very poorly by four chevy dealers near me I'm just done. I just hate being lied to by dealers. They promised me shuttle rides and loaners. Got neither. When I bought a Toyota they had me sign a sheet of paper explaining everything. One of them said Toyota does not pay for loaners/ rental cars. At least their honest up front. All dealers are sleezy, but dont lie to me.
  10. 2021 Tundra. I also see GM is saying brand new trucks sitting at the dealers need to have there lifters replaced before they are sold. So there are m a many bad batches.
  11. Well I got the truck back, they only replaced half/ one bank of the lifters. I asked them if the cause is a bad batch bad of lifters what do I do when they other side of the motor fails. That said if it's under 60k gm will pay if it's after 60k I will have to pay. Well after driving my truck 800 more miles it now burns over a quart of oil in those miles. The antifreeze went down over an inch. Several of the underhood clamps/ parts were missing or broke on the side they worked on. The big wire harness plug by the airfilter was just bouncing around because they broke off the clip. After all that the dealer and GM refused to give ne a rental vehicle. They also refused to give me a shuttle ride hone from dealer. I know gm would hate to dip into shareholders earning or CEO Mary Barra 23,700,000 pay to retain customers by treating them with dignity. So After buying 8 GM vehicles over my lifetime I'm done. Truck has been traded in. Never again. Goodbye to GM. Good bye and thanks to all the helpful forum members. Hope GM treats your guys better.
  12. A month is outrageous. I thought it was outrageous that they wouldn't give me a loaner, or a ride home. But I took the truck to them on a Monday without an appointment and they had it fixed Wednesday about 50 hours after I brought it to them.
  13. Gm official extended warranty, and ALLY would be the only two I would trust. But you need to read the fine print. Like both won't cover any repairs if you use your vehicle for work. Seen a guy pay 3k for chevy warranty, only for them to deny any work because they knew he used his truck at work.
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