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  1. Jesus, did the dealer say how the hell that happened?!
  2. You make some really solid points. Not going to lie, I was hesitant buying a GM product after only owning Hondas for close to 2, headache free, decades. I needed a full size pickup, so naturally needed to look outside of Honda . The Tundra's reliability and bullet proof reputation is what first led me to look for one. I had my heart set on a TRD Pro, but god, those are so hard to find (even in a big metro area where I live), and when you do find one 100 miles away, they're asking full MSRP with no discounts or incentives. So naturally, I start researching the other major truck brands. I think out of the Ram, F-150, and the Silverado, the later seemed to have a "better" reputation as far as reliability went. So I took the chance and pulled the trigger on a '21 Trail Boss LT. I love the look of it, and think it is one of the most attractive full size trucks right now on the market. And the price was right, was able to get close to $10K off of MSRP when I bought in January (before the chip shortage). I am cautiously optimistic about my purchase, and at this point just trying to drive and enjoy it, without the constant worries of "what ifs". Now that being said, if it ever has to go in for major warranty work (transmission, the lifter failures we are hearing a lot about now, etc), I will most likely end up getting it fixed, and then selling/trading it in for a Tundra. I have no regrets giving Chevy a chance to earn my trust. But all they'll get is that one chance
  3. Oh yeah, Rick Hendrick. He's got a bunch of dealerships around me in Metro ATL. Almost bought my Trail Boss from their Chevy dealership down here. Surprised at the type of service you received. His automotive group is a juggernaut in the industry.
  4. This is totally unacceptable!! Wtf, they need to overhaul their service department. What is the name of the dealership? Or at least what area its in. Could potentially help other owners in this forum avoid them in the future for this type of warranty work.
  5. Never thought if it that way. I do know these "disabler" tools have been out for some time now. And a good amount of Silverado owners use them. If, as time goes on, it is shown that they are detrimental to the health of the engine, I'll be taking it out without question.
  6. How has your truck been running since they replaced the lifters? I've heard some people mention that the DFM could be to blame for the pre-mature failure. I actually purchased a Pulsar LT which disables it, among other things, so hoping that could potentially prolong the life of the engine.
  7. Honestly, having never owned a full size pickup, I just assumed a V8 was the way to go. I didn't want to go as big as the 6.2L, simply because I did not plan on towing anything major, so didn't see the need. Reliability is definitely important to me, and I think for everyone else too. I took a chance with Chevy, simply because I assumed with automotive technology getting better each and every year, I thought reliability would too! Again, I may never have an issue with this truck, just an observation lately with other owners experiencing these lifter failures.
  8. I hear ya. Definitely not trying to imply that that the Tundra is perfect. But for me personally, I can deal with issues ranging from electronics, leaky rear windows, suspension parts, etc. I would draw the line at engine and transmission issues. An issue that could potentially leave me stranded somewhere, in a brand new $50K truck, doesn't sit right with me. No matter what faults the Tundra may have, I hear nothing but positive about their bullet proof engine! Some of the mileage claims on those trucks honestly makes me jealous. I would truly be happy and satisfied if my 5.3L in my TB LT lasted to 150K miles without major issues.
  9. Wow, this is some great information! So it appears the 10W30 would be the best bet for this engine. What does GM recommend for it? I haven't had the oil changed yet, so wasn't sure.
  10. Thats a great suggestion, especially just to have the piece of mind!
  11. I absolutely adore this truck. One of the nicest looking vehicles I've owned. But I will say, coming from years of headache free and reliable car ownership (owned nothing but Hondas before buying this truck), I simply will not accept major engine/transmission issues from a truck this new and this expensive! Fingers crossed I never have to deal with it, but if it ever has to go in for major warranty work, will most likely have the repairs made and then get rid of it for a...gulp...Tundra.
  12. Have been noticing a lot of buzz on the FB Trail Boss/AT4 groups about people having lifters failing. All really low mileage too. Has me a bit concerned about my purchase! I always heard the 5.3L was a "tried and true" motor for GM. I know people tend to go online and complain when they have an issue, but damn. Been noticing a lot of the "failed lifters" posts lately, from different people, complete with audio of how the motors sounds. Are these motors just a ticking time bomb, waiting to ****** the bed? Even if just 25% of 5.3L owners experience this at some point, I would consider that too high. Thoughts?
  13. Looks like my wife, father, mother, and sister are getting one too then
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