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  1. Fingers crossed. Hopefully they don’t have to replace it and the reseal does the job. I’m dreading taking it in. Noticed a couple of beads of water one time after a decent rain, but nothing since. Might wait it out if/when it gets worse.
  2. Keep us posted on the window leak fix! I'm hoping they solved it once and for all.
  3. Looks dope man! What kind of bed cover did you end up going with?
  4. Below is an example on why I love this color. Looks different depending on the lighting and the angle. First shot was on a gloomy, rainy day. Looks like a charcoal gray. Next one was overcast and clear. You can see hints of a blue-ish gray.
  5. Nice, thats where I picked up my Trail Boss. Great dealership if I must say!
  6. I'm highly observant. This looks like Day's Chevrolet in Acworth. Am I right?
  7. You can now add me to the ever growing list. Been raining off and on for the past couple of days here, and noticed 2 small beads of water on the inside of the rear window, passenger side. Headliner is dry, so I'm assuming it is the rear window and not spoiler bolt related. Does anyone know if they have to take down the whole headliner if they're just replacing the rear window? Pretty discouraged, really. My truck was literally built 3 months ago, on 11/11/2020. Been a Honda guy for the past 20 years and decided to give Chevy a shot because I needed a truck. Hoping this is not a sign of other issues to come. Not a good start, Chevy. Not a good start lol.
  8. Looks great! Did they do 15% on the 2 front? I've seen mixed reviews on here. Some say 20% is closest match, and others say 15%.
  9. Love the truck man! Yeah the rear window does seem to be a tad lighter than the rest now. Might have to go take it back in and see if they can match that LOL
  10. Took the TB in today to get tints on the front 2 windows. I really wanted to try and match the rear windows as closely as possible. The installer recommended 15% in the front, due to the amount of light the windshield brought in. He said it would be as close as you could get to a match without doing all the windows. See pics below. I think it came out pretty darn close. Looks identical from the outside. On the inside of the cab, I can notice that the fronts are a hair darker, but passengers probably wouldn't even notice it unless I pointed it out. They used the standard "traditional" 3M film. Hope this helps anyone on the fence about what percent to get!
  11. Yeah my wife has a 2019 black Honda Odyssey. ****** is a pain to keep clean. Its only 2 years old and I notice the swirl marks already up close.
  12. Thanks man. I actually would've bought a Satin Steel Metallic as well if they didn't have any other gray's on the lot. I tend to lean towards the grays when it comes to my rides. My local dealership had 4 TB LTs on the lot. The SGM, a couple of white ones, and the black one. Almost pulled the trigger on the black because I thought it was either that or the white one. But of course he tells me theres another color "out back". I was surprised they were hiding this thing out back and it wasn't in the front of the dealership LOL. Maybe it was a good thing as no one snatched it up before me.
  13. Here’s mine since we’re on the topic. ‘21 TB LT 5.3L.
  14. The new Silverado definitely converted this life long Honda owner over. Honda doesn’t make a real truck, so I knew I had to look elsewhere when I was in the market for one. Could’ve went with a Tundra if I wanted to stay with the “imports” but didn’t like the look of them and quite frankly they’re crazy expensive for a nicely equipped one. Out of all the domestic trucks, the new Silverado stuck out as the better option, in regards to looks, price, and reputation. Just my 2 cents, and that’s coming from a truck world outsider.
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