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  1. You're definitely the closest comparison so far. I've got a 2018 Phoenix 721. Only difference is my tundra never got that good of gas mileage when stock. I was 16.5 on the highway, 10.5-11 towing the boat. I leveled and went to 33's and dropped to 15 and 9. I didn't know they had the trailer check feature, that's pretty cool. My driveway makes a 90 degree turn into the garage so when I hook the boat up it's at a big angle. I can hit the brakes and signals and see the light off them in the mirrors in the dark so I don't have to do a walk around, but it's still old school. How does your Silverado stack up to the tundra stopping your Phoenix?
  2. By long box I meant standard 6'6" bed. I should have clarified. My buddy's dad has a 6.2 trail boss. It's fun to drive but I could take or leave the exciting smile factor. I'm more into getting the job done and in comfort these days.
  3. Hey all, I'm currently in a 16 tundra but around the end of the year/first of next I'm looking to possibly upgrade. My 2 options are the unreleased 4th gen tundra, or an AT4 with the 3.0 duramax. So my question is, has anyone made the swap from tundra to GM? And what do you like/dislike about each. Even better would be the exact swap I'm looking at. The biggest reasons I'm looking towards the at4 is daily mpg, the torque for towing, updated interior tech, crew cab with long box, and they just look damn good. For reference I drive 60 miles a day round trip for work, tow a 21' bass boat 60-120 miles most weekends, and haul a 26' camper a few times for up to 300 miles during hunting season. I currently average 14mpg throughout the week, 9 with the boat behind and 5 with the camper. Any input or first hand comparisons are greatly appreciated.
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