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  1. Thanks Voided3! I’ll ask for the same thing you got and see if I can get anywhere with the dealer.
  2. Well you can chalk me up to the others who have had a lifter failure. Mine was on the #7 cylinder at 23k. I thought I had made it and it wasn’t going to be an issue for me. All the typical things which others have described happened to my truck. The dealer was great with the repair. Where I am having the problem is I want to get my power train warranty extended. The guys at the dealer said it had to be done through GMC customer service. GMC customer service says they don’t do it and it has to be done through the dealer. I keep getting the run a round. My question is if you did get your warranty extended who did it? Dealer or GM? This kind of customer service sucks and I can tell you if this is how GM and GM dealers handle customer service they are terrible. thanks I’m advance! Jay
  3. Because of what they charge. $1000 seems a little steep for undercoating. And in hindsight maybe I should have, but how do I know their products wouldn’t have done the same.
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the problem I have now since this is all over my frame? should I spray the wax back over it? Or will that make it worse?
  5. Thanks newdude. I guess I have to order some of that wax to fix it. They should really put it on the can that is petroleum based and don’t use on was coated frames.
  6. Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t say it’s petroleum based anywhere on the can. It says it’s lanolin based. I would have never used it if it is petroleum based. It also doesn’t say on the can not use on a waxed frame or specify not to use on GM frame. If it makes the wax deteriorate in anyway one would think they would have it on the can.
  7. Hello all, I wanted to post a picture of what has happened to my frame. It’s on the passenger side behind the tire. The coating is gone right to the bare frame. I put a coating of PB Blaster Surface Shield over everything under the truck about a month ago for an undercoating. This is the only area of the frame where this happened. My first question is do you think the undercoating did something to the frame wax? Second does undercoating the frame and under carriage void the warranty? Third…. Am I screwed? Is this going to happen over the entire frame? has anyone seen this before? sorry about the pic being upside down. I can’t get it to upload correctly Thanks
  8. I don’t think they make black Elevation emblems. I am going to Hyper Dip mine. They make a flat black. Check out you tube on it. It looks great after they emblems are done.
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