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  1. I've really enjoyed browsing all these great looking trucks over the years. So many classic stock looks as well as creative and eye catching customizations. I think I'm ready to add mine as I finally got the last big item on my wish list, tires. This is my 2017, Z71, LT, double cab. Mods include 2" under strut level, custom LED bed lights, reverse reverse/unlock diode mod, LED footwell lighting, Westin Pro Traxx 4" oval steps, and I've swapped out my color matched parts (door handles, door trim, mirror caps) for chrome as well as swapped my black window trim for chrome. I added chrome grill inserts, grill and tailgate bowties and exhaust tip as well. (I just heard about half of you groan). I enjoy a little gleam on my ride and was going for an LTZ style exterior look. Finally, I added 275 70 R18 BFG KO 2's and I am really pleased with the results of all the efforts. Many of you here have helped me along the way (advise, trade partners, tech help, mod ideas), so I thank you.
  2. I know this thread is kind of slowing down with these trucks now being the "older" models but I figured I'd post an update as I have FINALLY gotten some new tires to complete my wishlist (see the header pic in my bio for a before look). I have a 2" spacer level in the front and am now running BFG AT KO 2 DT's - 275 70 R18. I know this has been covered as nauseam but, I have no rubbing what so ever. I am really pleased with this look and overall setup. As a side note, is anyone else running the DT model of this tire? I went back and forth on whether to go with the regular or DT (DT stands for different tread compound - for more durability in theory). Now for those not familiar, the DT tire gets a 50,000 warranty from BFG but loses the snowflake rating. I elected for the milage rather than the snowflake rating with the idea that I dealt with these midwest winters with my stockers (with three trucks) over the years; I have to think that the DT's will be better in the snow than stockers.
  3. Looks great! And for what it's worth, I'm "pro-chrome". Really good looking truck.
  4. Not coming to Illinois anytime soon by chance, are you? EXACTLY the trade I'd love to make.
  5. Sorry, handles and mirror caps are sold. I appreciate it, but I have acquired the chrome trim.
  6. Hey all, I am just wrapping up my footwell lighting and have come to a point where I'm unsure how to proceed. I have my power wire t-tapped to the grey/grey wire in the BCM and the ground attached to a bolt that attaches to the body just below the BCM. I've run all my wire and lights to their positions and they light up as they should. The question I have is how do I handle the power and ground "pigtails" coming off the the opposite side of the last light in the line. Can they just be capped or do I need to ground the ground as I did the initial ground? What about the hot wire? Thanks for any input! Jason
  7. I have some OEM take off pieces for sale. Parts came off a 2017 Silverado. - Front grille mounted bowtie in standard gold w/ chrome trim - all tabs intact - Tailgate mounted bowtie in same color scheme - All four body side molding trim pieces for a double cab in summit white The tailgate bowtie and molding pieces have some tape residue from removal and would need new tape for reinstall. All pieces in very good condition. Make me an offer if interested!
  8. Hey all! I'm looking to add some footwell lighting to my '17 Silverado. I plan to tap into the grey dome circuit which I think I have a pretty good understanding of how to do. I am looking to color match the light to my domes as best as possible. So for my questions: What size wire tap will I need? What lights did you guys who have done this use (links if convenient - hoping to keep it under $40)? Where and how did you mount the actual pods/strips under dash/seats (I have a double cab)? How did you hide wires running to backseat (I do not have full console)? Thanks for any thoughts and ideas! Jason
  9. I did already make the trade. Hopefully you'll find a partner on here. Good luck.
  10. Wondering if anyone has any chrome double cab body side molding take offs that they are looking to unload. I am looking to add some chrome to my color matched summit white truck. Reply or PM with any interest. Thanks!
  11. Unfortunately, I do not believe the handles are compatible with the new body style trucks. Congrats on a really sweet truck though!
  12. Here is an attempt at a close up. When I zoom tightly on the pic, it looks to me like the vast majority of the scratch is surface with a spot or two where it may be a bit deeper.
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