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  1. I need that chrome tailgate. Where did you get it? Online
  2. Whats up guys, for a while i was debating whether to switch out the white mirror caps and the black grill for chrome and i just did. I am so glad i did. The truck looks way better in my opinion. What do you guys think?
  3. Hello, i have a 2017 silverado lt and i was just told i needed a new front set of strut assembly, basically both strut and spring. I want to replace the strut assembly while also adding a leveling kit. I’m just a little confused on how the leveling kit works. The truck is 2WD. Does the leveling kit only go on the front 2 wheels of the truck? I see that the front end is lower than the rear end, is this what the leveling kit does? Level the front end with the rear end? Can anyone please advice me on what kind of strut and spring assembly would benefit my truck while also advising me on which leveling kit to choose that would go hand in hand with the trucks new strut assembly. I want to replace the strut and springs while leveling the truck the same day, im sorry but im a newbie to all of this. Is that possible? Also i plan on 20-22 inch wheels with 35 inch tires. Will those fit? The new leveling kit? I really dont want to trim. My truck has 17 inch wheels on 31 inch tires.
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